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A graduation party turns really hot.

Her fee would be $100,000 and a percentage of the final winning bid. If for any reason, she didn't conclude the contract, her fee and percentage would be returned plus a damage fee of another $10,000.

Cass took in a deep breath. She wasn't sure if this was the right thing to do. Who would this new Master or Mistress be? Would she be able to submit as easily as she had with Eric? There were many more questions that were still yet to be answered. What it came down to is that she had very little options at this point. While she was scared and unsure, she'd felt the same way with Eric. Or had she? Looking back, it all felt so right with him. Sure he pushed her limits, but he was always there to catch her, to comfort her. Now she would have to submit to a new Master, would he be as kind, as nurturing and would he be able to turn her on like Eric had. He body hummed as she was called to go onto the stage.

Without allowing time for a second thought, Cass stepped out onto the stage determined to make this work. She was met with a room full of murmurs. She made an extra effort to sway her hips. The high heels she'd picked out made that easy. The gentle sway of her breasts, coupled with the openness of the dress showed her body well. Her pierced nipples abraded on the sheer fabric. They were so erect that they ached. Cass could feel the stirrings of her pussy, something that made her feel at least a little bit at ease.

When she stood up on the block at the center of the stage, her heart fluttered a bit. This was it. The moment when her life would either be taken on a course of new discovery or go further into the abyss. The room was darkened and she couldn't see anyone or anything. The bright lights shone her naked body to perfection. She was instructed to kneel, turn around, and at one-point bend over and pull her cheeks apart to show her open holes. While it was very degrading, she couldn't deny that her pussy was absolutely dripping from the act.

The whole time a lit board flashed the current highest bid. The number was staggering. It started with $1000 and quickly climbed to the tens of thousands. Her mind was reeling. Would some rich person just buy her and put her out to pay for the amount he or she had to spend to obtain her? What if he was a sheik and carted her off to some foreign land. Her mind pondered these questions, but body was on edge. She fingered herself, pulling some wetness from her slit, then softly rubbing her piercing against her sensitive clitty. Her other hand cupped her left breasts and fingered her tight nipple.

Cass noticed the bid had reached $45,000 then it went silent. Then the board flashed $150,000. The room filled with murmurs again, some of the bidders talking to each other, but the board remained silent. Someone had tripled the bid in one fell swoop. She waited just like the rest of them until a buzzer sounded and the bidding was over. The winning bid of $150,000. She was escorted off the stage and into a private room.

There was a card leaning against a vase of beautiful flowers. They were pretty roses. Cass leaned in and smelled them. She picked up the card and read it;


You have been provided a training collar. Put it on. Then climb into your cage and lock the cage door. This will be your new home until I feel you have earned better accommodations. Once that is done, I will enter the room. My intent is to claim your beautiful body right here in this room or if I prefer, back out on the stage for everyone to enjoy.
Your New Master.

A ripple of spasms ran through her body. Did she want to be taken in front of a crowd? The last time she had fucked someone in public it was a complete and utter disaster. Cass opened the box next to the vase and completed all the tasks she had been given. Her final task was done when she climbed into the cage and locked the door behind her. It felt very small. Cass barely fit inside on her knees, but she waited obediently with her eyes down, for her new Master.

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