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Will love find its way?

Penny felt perfect and even enjoyed how the fan's breeze caused her nipples to swell and harden.

Penny continued to explore exotic positions, including hiking up her leg and lacy dress to the very edge of her pussy. As she did this her black lacy garter belt showed her most erotic parts. As Pete continued to coach and provide tips on how to present her sexiest sides, Penny laid back on a concrete bench near the fountain and lifted her knees so that her pussy was fully visible to the camera / Pete.

"Is this position too much" Penny asked, as she propped herself up so that her breast and pussy could be seen clearly.

"I think your husband will be very proud of you, and your willingness to do this for him on this special day" answered Pete. "In fact if you want to touch yourself and show even more I think we could start to capture your feelings and desires that would make him most happy!"

"Are you sure" Penny uttered in a sultry tone, as if maybe Pete is the one who would like to see her touch herself.

"Absolutely" Pete responded quickly, "if you put one arm behind your head to prop your beautiful hair and use your other hand to massage your breast and pussy we could truly see how you feel."

Penny obliged by rubbing her titties, pinching her nipples and then reaching down (With her ring fingered hand) to her freshly shaven cunt and fingering her clit so that the juices that had been gathering spread across the pussy lips and reflected the bright floodlights of the studio. She even slipped her middle finger into herself, shoving it deep inside and working it so that it made a wonderfully wet slopping sound that blended with the clicks and flashes of Pete's camera shutter.

"Penny?" Pete queried, as Penny's eyes had shut while she drifted into orgasm finger fucking her moist jewel before the lights and camera.

"Yes" Penny quipped as she came down from her orgasmic plateau. "Am I doing something wrong?"

"No, not at all" said Pete. "You are doing fabulously, I just had an idea, if you don't mind me suggesting, we have some makeup, that's like lipstick that you can apply to your pussy lips and breast that makes them stand out for the camera and brings highlights and attention to your most important and beautiful area!"

"I guess that would be fine" answered Penny "but I have never used anything like that and don't know how to apply it. And; I was also wondering if I could use a playtoy that my husband has bought me, or would that be too much"

"No Penny, that would be very nice, I will get the makeup while you prepare your accessory." replied Pete, as he went to his supply room for the special effects makeup.

Pete met Penny as she returned to the bench with her dildo in hand and guided her to the same basic position she had with her one arm behind her head and one foot each hiked up on the bench so that her cunt was fully visible and accessible.

"Mmmm, that tickles" Penny giggled as Pete applied the brown lipstick to her nipples. The sensation also made her nipples stand out firm and pronounced and tempting to be hungrily sucked upon.

"Ooooo, that feels nice" Penny groaned as Pete applied the red lipstick to her pussy lips.

"OK" Pete instructed, "go back to exactly where you were and add in your little toy whenever you feel ready."

Penny had got herself worked up pretty good by this time and couldn't help but start to feel like being real naughty. So at Pete's suggestion she picked up her toy and rubbed it on her clit a little, and then placed the head of it at her moist opening with the shaft pointing straight in, and said to Pete,

"I really appreciate you letting me do this for my husband" and as she shoved it as deep as she could she quipped, "I just can't thank you enough."

Penny continued to ram the toy cock into her cunt while moaning and groaning and wiggling the way her husband said that he liked her the best, while Pete took as many pictures as fast as his camera could manage, even getting up real close for shots of just her dripping s

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