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New girl in Vegas gets two for one.

I got up, found a light switch and turned on the light. My panties were lying on the floor next to the bed and as I reached down to pick them up I felt a trickle of warmth run down my leg. I touched a finger to it and then licked the finger. It was salty and tasted like the cum I had sucked out of Barry and a lot of the boyfriends that I'd had before I got married. It had been no erotic dream. A man not my husband had just fucked me and I had no clue as to who he might have been.

My first thought was, "Oh my God, what am I going to tell Barry? That was immediately followed by, "You will tell him nothing! You can't tell him anything. He would want to know why I hadn't started screaming "Rape!" and fought the guy off. I couldn't just say that, "I thought it was you" because the bottom line would always be that another man had fucked his wife and the thought of it would live with him forever. Next came, "Oh Jesus. Barry is going to want to make love to me tonight and I can't let him slide his cock into a cum filled hole because then he would know that someone else had been there first. I stuffed my panties into my clutch purse and went looking for a bathroom. I spent fifteen minutes trying to clean myself out, but without a douche bag I couldn't do a complete job of it. I was just going to have to plead a headache when we got home. I returned to the party and for the rest of the evening I looked at all the men there and wondered which one it could possibly have been, but I saw no indication or got a vibe from anyone of them.

On the ride home Barry was in a horny mood and he kept reaching over and putting his hand on my leg and telling me how much he was looking forward to getting my dress off me. "Just thinking of you in those lacy under things has had me on fire all night."

"Please honey, I'm just not feeling all that well right now."

"Don't worry baby, I know how to get you in the mood."

Barry wouldn't take no for an answer and it just wasn't my nature to say, "Damn it Barry, I said no" so I resigned myself to the fact that Barry was going to get sloppy seconds from me for the first time in his life. All I could hope for was that when he questioned my wetness he would buy the story that before I got my headache I'd spent most of the evening anticipating making love and the wetness was caused by my hornyness. It wasn't much, but it was the best I could come up with. Barry helped me undress and then he stepped back to look at me in my heels and lacy under things and I thanked god that my mystery lover had pulled my panties off instead of just pushing the crotch band aside. There was no way Barry could have missed the cum stains that would have been on that black lace. Barry and I exchanged some passionate kisses and I reached down and ran my hands along his length and had the idea that I would go to my knees and suck him off and that would insure that he never would find anything that could make him even remotely suspicious. I broke our kiss and went to my knees, but Barry stopped me.

"Not here, on the bed."

We moved to the bed, but before I could go after Barry's cock he said, "I want to do you first" and before I could stop him he had my legs spread and his mouth was on my pussy. I couldn't holler at him to stop and I couldn't roll away without causing him to become more curious that I wanted him so I closed my eyes and prayed that he wouldn't notice anything. He didn't, but I sure did! Barry had eaten me a gazillion times, but never, not ever, did I orgasm as fast or as hard as I did that time and as depraved as I knew it was I knew it was because of the idea that Barry was eating another man's leavings. As soon as Barry's tongue touched me my mind went back to the bedroom where a short three hours before a strange man had listened as I told him it felt so good and then had cried out, "Give it to me, give it to me."

I relived the experience as Barry ate me out and I didn't think once of Barry and wh

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