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What's good for the gander, is good for the goose.

It passed in companionable silence as a sister read another passage from the rule. After the meal, Sister Seraphina took Brother Joachim and the Monsignor into her parlour. The Monsignor was delighted to see a large thermos jug of coffee awaiting them. "We do our best to look after your urgent bodily needs also Monsignor" said Sister Seraphina as she poured him a large cup.

"When I was fucking with Brother Samuel, I did so as a normal response to him; but I also felt that I was in some way bridging a gulf in your perception of our life. Was I correct?"

"The Monsignor's face was blank again with astonishment "Do you use such words as 'fucking'?" he asked. "Oh, of course you do not. We use the four letter words regularly here. The alternative is to talk of making love, and we try to do that throughout our life together. To imply that love is limited to physical intimacies would be a great and dangerous distortion of the way we are bidden to try to live. At the same time, fuck and the terms that go with it carry an immediacy of physical expression which is entirely appropriate. So they are our terms of choice in describing our activities at caritas."

"I think I am too old and set in my ways to learn such usages; but I was distracted from answering your original question. The answer to that is probably yes. I have spoken with you and sense your personal existence to a much greater degree than I sense that of your sisters. The speed and fluency of your use of your body to serve Brother Samuel's need as soon as you observed it does, I think, convey to me much more of the way sexual intimacy is made to serve your care and love of each other. But do not ask me exactly what I mean by that, it will take me some time to digest the implications." He turned to Brother Joachim " I told you I could not imagine your state of mind after you had had sex with Sister Anna Dolores this morning. I was further still from any apprehension of your sisters states of mind. Now after Sister Seraphina's demonstration I know that I am in some way closer to understanding the meaning that had for you."

"You seem a very open and perceptive man, Monsignor. You will have a little time to digest as Brother Joachim and I take turns in showing you aspects of our life this afternoon. I must start with the Superior's annual inspection of the infirmary. This is really the opportunity that Brother Thomas, who is our Doctor, takes to press me for additional medical equipment and supplies. We do not leave the House for medical treatment, and Brother Thomas cannot call other medical men and women in here for consultations. He finds the internet a great help for his professional contacts, but it does whet his appetite for arcane and expensive equipment and drugs." "What happens when you need more treatment than can be given here?"
"We die, as all human beings do sooner or later."

"And is Brother Thomas your sole medical resource?"

"No, we have an arrangement with a pontifical university so that someone who has studied medicine here sufficiently hard can be recognised as qualified to practise here. Sister Julia who's main labour is now in patristic studies, has benefited from that and has her secondary labour as Thomas' alter ego in medicine. I expect that she will be joining in much of his pleading."

As they walked to the infirmary, the Monsignor asked "You have no children here; is there any regret over that?"

"I think not. Each of us volunteered to be sterilised before we came here. An eminent theologian ruled before this House was founded that inordinate sexual desire could be a disease, and the Church allows sterilisation as a treatment for disease. Thomas and Julia sometimes give thanks that they do not have to deal with obstetrics and paediatrics as well as all the other ills to which our bodies are subject."

The afternoon passed quickly in the infirmary, in the garden, and in the weaving shop.

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