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Wealthy heiress, man slaves, and angst. What could go wrong?

We want to fuck with the two of you. Figured you would be alright with it, so we did not give you anything, but we have given her a cocktail of aphrodisiac and a drug to mess her up, weaken her, put her down so we can fuck with her. Want to do it?" she hissed at the end in Rod's ear.

"Sure, why not," Rod answered. "We were going home to fuck anyway, and you excite me, you nasty bitch," he added.

"I like that big man," the woman said, "you talking dirty to me, calling me names. I am a nasty bitch, a cumslut, cockwhore." Then grasping Rod's cock in his pants, she said, "And you have a big one for me. Let's go. Bo and I will show both of you a good time."

Rod excused himself and Jackie from their marina friends, and paid his bill. Meanwhile Jackie sat back down on the edge of the booth seat. The biker woman and her guy sat back in their chairs, attending to Jackie while Rod took care of these details. When Rod returned to the booth, he asked the couple where did they want to get together. Bo answered, "At our house. Follow us in your car. We live near here."

The foursome left the bar. Rod and the woman, who on the way introduced herself as Rose, a name matching the tattoos on the tops of her breasts, supporting Jackie on her wobbly legs. Rod, with Jackie slumped in the passenger seat, feeling her crotch with one hand and mumbling to him about how strange she felt, followed Bo to the their home. Again Rose came and helped Rod guide Jackie into their house. With no preliminaries, they went through the house, out the sliding glass back door and right to a bubbling spa.

Holding Jackie close to her, Rose said, "Let's get out of these clothes honey and into the tub." Bo was already undressing. Rod did too. Rose helped Jackie remove her clothes, then she stripped off her leathers and the bra, unleashing her big jugs, and exposing her hairy cunt, protruding butt, and protuberant belly. Naked, all of them, Rose, Bo and Rod, guided Jackie into the spa, and sat down with her in the water. Rose cuddled up close to Jackie and moved right on to kissing her on the mouth, nuzzling her big titties, fondling them, and feeling Jackie's oozing pussy, slimy even under the water. Jackie just relaxed and let it happen, looking at Rod through glazed eyes as this woman, a total stranger made love to her. Rod winked and nodded at Jackie, signaling his approval to his drugged lover.

Bo came to Rod and took his cock in his hand, massaged Rod's balls, stroked his cock, leaned over him and kissed him on the mouth. So this is the way it's going to be, Rod thought, homosex. All naked, Rod noticed both Bo and Rose were even more covered with tattoos in more intimate, before unrevealed places. Rose had clit rings, as well as nipple and navel rings, and Bo had a ring through the foreskin of his uncut cock, nipple and navel rings.

Bo guided Rod to the edge of the tub, opened Rod's legs and licked Rod's nutsack, kissed, licked, and took Rod's lovestick in his mouth, started sucking it while fondling Rod's balls and fingering Rod's ass pucker. Rose guided Jackie up out of the water too, sat her on the edge of the spa, spread Jackie's ample thighs, and swiped her tongue from the bottom to the top of Jackie's slit, then went down for some serious pussyeating. Jackie leaned back on her elbows, arched her hips up to take more of Rose's tongue in her cunny and just started cumming, over and over, sluicing Rose's red prober with her juices and spraying her strange mixture of girlcum and pee over Rose's face.

Bo worked Rod into a 69 position, and while sucking Rod's cock, pushed his own 10x6" into Rod's mouth.

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