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After the discipline comes the forgiveness.

Mel reached over to the dresser, her hips shifting under me, before resuming her position holding a pill.

"Take this, it'll keep you going. We aren't done yet," Mel said as Sophie moaned breathily, jerking ever so slightly in her gyrations.

I took the pill and lay as Mel stroked my hair and Sophie continued rubbing the back of her body against the front of mine.

In just a matter of minutes I felt the effect of the pill. It was quite remarkable, actually, as I felt virility fill me, muscles replenished and balls tingling, my dick hardened between the backs of Sophie's thighs.

"I want you so much," Sophie moaned, "I want you inside me, deep inside me."

"Where inside you?" I asked.

"Wherever you want," she replied.

Mel shifted out from under me, "well you guys seem to have it under control for the moment, I'll be back shortly." I watched Mel's gorgeous butt swing beneath her her slender waist as she slunk out of the room, closing the door behind her.

Still pushing back against me, Sophie reaches back with one arm to clasp my hip as she continues her motion. "Will you fuck my pussy? Please?"

Of course, I obliged unquestioningly and reached down, sliding slightly to angle my dick into her, her fingers squeezing my hip as she enveloped my entire length, gasping quietly. She rolled forward slightly as I thrust, tipping under me as I reached out to hold myself over her, my torso resting on her back as we slide against each other, her trying to pull herself as far onto me as she can as I rock in and out of her.

"Oh god, you feel so good, filling me up, fuck me, make me your slut," she moaned in a high-pitched voice.

I pulled her up to her knees in front of me as I knelt, still inside her, spanking her sharply before grabbing her ass to hold her firm as I fucked her vigorously. She dropped to her elbows as she arched her back, and now I stayed still as she bobbed her ass up and down my length and I slapped her cheeks, my dick twitching every time she squealed out her enjoyment.

"I'm going to cum soon," I announced in a hurry and she jumped forward and spun quickly, sucking my slick cock into her mouth, and slurping up and down the sides as I begin to moan, "jerk off for me, baby, I want you to cum all over my face," she said as she let go of my member and tipped her head back, her lips slightly parted and her eyes locked on mine.

I beat off promptly, and soon I was groaning as her lips spread into a smile and rope after rope of hot cum spurted onto her face, covering her cheeks, nose and even forehead while somehow missing her eyes, which never left mine. Still cumming I aimed for her mouth as she moaned, coating her lips and tongue as my cum ran down her chin and into her waiting hand.

As I stopped cumming, she leant forward and sucked the head of my dick into her mouth before swallowing all the cum that already filled it, her tongue sliding around me as she began to bob her head, slowly cleaning her lips as well. When she finally had me clean she sat up with a big grin on her face and poured the small handful of cum she'd collected in her hand into her mouth, showing it to me before swallowing with a cute pout.

She repositioned herself as she slurped the palm of her hand noisily, sliding her legs between mine until she lay with her face beneath my groin.

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