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Her female cousins force her to have sex with them.

Every evening before sunset, I visited him. I beheld his beauty, cherished it, drank it like wine. I looked at his body, shining in my light. The long legs, the large hands, the muscular chest with its thin fur. I listened to the light easy laugh. He was so beautiful. I wanted to possess not only his body but his mind.

So when he slept, I entered his dream. I murmured sweet words in his ear. He did not wake, but he stirred. I blew on his body, and saw the hairs rise. I gave him visions of shapely women, and his penis began to lengthen and thicken. I held him in my mind that way for a long time.

Each evening, I stayed there longer and longer before I left him to resume my circuit in the sky. The mortals noticed that I would rise later and later, and they were afraid. There were times when I did not appear at all. These were the nights I spent with my lover.

It pleased him to have the dreams that made his penis hard, and it pleased me to give him those dreams. So I made them more intense, until he moaned and tossed and turned. And one night, when I could not restrain myself, I surrendered completely to his lust and flooded him with the full force of my love for him. And his penis spat out his seed onto his belly, and softened.

I was trembling -- I, a Goddess! The experience shook me to the core, and I was left helpless. I had, for the first time, tasted lust, and I needed more. And I needed him to give it to me, forever and exclusively.

So I asked Zeus for him. Zeus is a pig. He ruts with any female, mortal or divine. He changes shape to lure them in ... a bull, a swan, a horse, whichever form is most likely to please or surprise or terrify the object of his lust. He breeds gods and demigods as a tomcat breeds kittens. But like any male, he can be seduced, and I seduced him to gain his favor. In the heat of his lust, he promised me one favor, and so I coupled with him. I took the shape of a human female, and he took the shape of a male lion, all gold mane and yellow eyes and great long fangs and a tongue that rasped. Together, we rutted. I took no joy from the union, although I pretended to, to flatter him and make him do my bidding. My only satisfaction was that the son and daughter I would conceive from our tryst would put him deeply in my debt.

Goddesses do not gestate and give birth like mortal women do, not having the impediment of a body made of flesh, and the process is over in a matter of weeks. And I gave him his twins, a female baby and a male lion cub, and reminded him of his vow. He might have done my bidding even without the vow, because it pleased him to think himself powerful and to demonstrate that power, and it was no large task to grant my wish. But I wished to be sure, and so I reminded him of that vow, and he acceded.

And so Endymion fell into a sound sleep, there on the hill surrounded by his flock. I picked him up, and I carried him to the high cave where no men go. The sheep I left, to wander at will until other men came to claim them.

I set him down inside the cave, and removed the sandals and the belt and the tunic. I looked upon his nude form as he lay in the light of my earthly form. He continued to sleep, his breathing soft and easy. He would breathe like that forever. He could not feel hunger, he could not feel pain, he could not die. But he could still dream, and I could enter that dream, and make it mine.

And so I did.

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