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An anime-style space opera hentai.

"Marie," I hissed, reaching down to pull her hand away.

She tightened her grip though and I only found myself squeezing her hand tighter around my now awake again, cock.

"Shhh, Daddy. You wouldn't want to wake Mommy, would you?" Marie teased. She never called me Daddy in our day to day life but apparently this fantasy was all part of the turn on for her.

"Go back to bed, Marie, you've got to stop this."

My breath caught in my throat as she loosened her grip slightly on my now engorged cock and began stroking it, ever so softly.

"I love your mother, Marie. This can't happen."

"I love my mother too, Daddy. But, you make me so horny and she never has to know. Did you fuck her tonight?"

When I didn't answer Marie flicked the sheet off of me where it landed across Catherine's bare hip and leaned over me where she ran the flat of her tongue up the length of my rock hard shaft.

"Mmmmm... you did fuck her tonight," she murmured and sounded satisfied.

"Good, you'll last a good long time for me then won't you?"

I looked over at Catherine. She was naked and uncovered except for a triangle of sheet that barely covered her knees. Her breasts were beautiful in the soft light of the room and while I didn't want to hurt her, that was the last thing I wanted, the whole situation suddenly seemed like such a fantasy situation that I knew I couldn't pass it up.

"Go to your room, Marie, and I'll meet you there."

I thought she was going to follow my directions for a moment as she unfolded from her kneeling position and stood beside the bed but as quickly as she stood she squeezed onto the bed next to me, her head at my knees, one leg flat on the bed beside my head to brace herself and the other crooked up and braced against her knee, leaving her shaved bare pussy wide open next to my head.

"Uh-uh, Daddy," she whispered. "I want to fuck you right here. You heard Mommy at dinner. Nothing wakes her on this medication."

And then my cock was in her mouth and involuntarily my hand snaked it's way through the open v of her legs and I felt my step-daughter's soft, smooth pussy for the first time.

I worked hard to stay quiet and as still as possible as she licked and sucked at my cock, having no problem taking almost the entire shaft in her mouth before releasing it slowly and then licking and nibbling at the sensitive head and underside, working her way down until her incredibly wet mouth was sucking my hairy balls deep into her mouth. I knew I must still taste of Catherine's juices and the knowledge that Marie was obviously loving that fact made me harder still.

I worked my fingers into Marie's pussy. She was much tighter than Catherine, of course, and she began moaning as I moved from two to three fingers.

"shhh..." I warned her and pulled my fingers out.

"No," she gasped, "don't stop, I'll be quiet... please..."

Something about the way she begged like that made me crazy.

I shoved three fingers roughly into her tight little pussy and was satisfied with a sharp sigh but true to her word she kept the moaning quiet.

"God, you're so wet." I couldn't help whispering. My fingers were coated with her thick juices.

"Let me taste," she said and released my cock, moving up on the bed and straddling my stomach.

My hand hung off the edge of the bed, where it had flopped when she pulled her pussy off of it and she now grabbed it up and pulled my hand to her mouth.

She looked deep into my eyes as she slowely sucked each of my fingers in turn into her mouth, tongue swirling seductively around each digit.

My other hand moved to her perfect, beautiful tits and began stroking the firm flesh, the harder I twisted and pulled her hard nipples the harder she sucked my fingers. I knew I must be hurting her to some degree but she only squirmed happily above me.

Finally, she released my hand and I grasped both tits in each hand, pulling her toward me, where I kissed her deeply even as I manhandled her fleshy breasts.

She looked to my right and I took the opportunity to bite and suc

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