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His new mistress seeks his blood.

My skin is feeling very hot. I get up and walk to the waters edge. I stick my toes into the water. I walk further into the water. The water is very cold, but my skin is so hot from the sun. I am deep enough in the water and start to swim. My nipples are hard and erect.

The water feels so good against my nude body. I swim all around. The water is calm, with a few waves. I walk out of the water, and continue to just have my toes in the water.

Suddenly, a man walks towards me. He is in his bathing suit and starts to talk to me. We are talking about all sorts of things, and we are getting along well. He is very handsome. As we are talking, I notice his bulge is growing in his bathing suit.

He asks me if I would like to take a walk over to where he is sitting. I tell him that would be great. We go to the area where I was, and gather my stuff. We walk over to a more secluded part of the beach. He is sitting near a cove.

We sit down, our backs are against a wall of rocks along this cove. We are in front of each other but a distance from each other. He now has removed his suit. He asks me if I would like a beer. I take it, and we start to drink. As we are talking, we find out we are both nudists. We tell each other, that we like to masturbate in front of people.

He tells me that he took a vacation at a nude resort. I tell him that my lover and I have been nudists awhile now. We have a lot in common and the conversation is flowing.

He tells me that his girlfriend lives about an hour away. I tell him that my lover and I live together. We are telling each other stories about our lovers and our lives. We have this interesting connection. We don't want to have sex together, but to mutually masturbate in front of each other is very arousing.

We have now had about 4 beers each. His cock is about 8 inches long. He is clean shaven. He is stroking his cock from his base to his head. He is moving his flesh with each stroke. His one hand is fondling his balls, lightly squeezing them. He then changes hands, and starts to play with his nipple. He is rubbing his nipple between his index finger and his thumb. He is moaning. He is looking right at me, while he is masturbating.

My breasts are firm, and my nipples are erect and hard. My legs are spread, and I am rubbing my fingers along my clitoris. I slowly insert my index finger into my vagina. I have it up to my knuckle, and I am moving it all around. I am moving my fingers in a circular motion around my clitoris. My other fingers are deep inside my pussy. I am very aroused, masturbating in front of this stranger.

Our breathing is changing, as we are both getting each other off. He is stroking his cock faster now. His hands are holding his cock firm as he jerks it. He is moaning a little as he is playing.

I start to play with my left breast. I am pulling on my nipple, and pinching it between my index finger and my thumb. I am moaning a bit, as I insert four fingers into my wet pussy. My fingers are deep within my pussy. I am so wet as I play with my wet cunt.

He is stroking his cock faster and faster. His balls are now hanging, and he is cupping them in his hands. His pre-cum is oozing down his shaft. He swirls some on his fingers and tastes his cum.

I am leaning against the wall of rocks. My legs are now bent, as I am working my fingers faster and faster inside my pussy. I am moaning. I change hands and start to play with my other breast. I am twisting my nipples and rubbing my breast. My fingers are deep within my pussy. I am sliding my fingers into my pussy over and over again.

We then tell each other that we are minutes away from climaxing. He is working his cock fast in his hand. His breathing is now heavy, and his voice has changed a bit. I am working my fingers faster and faster inside my pussy. We look at each other, and we begin to climax. He starts to moan as his cum shoots out of his hard cock. He continues to jerk his cock until all his cum is out of his cock. He then licks some of his cum that was on his hand.

I start to moan.

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