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A Proposal is Set.

You're going to get angry, and maybe even jealous."

"Actually, Ginny, I have been thinking of that also. So what is your solution?"

"Sharron is a beautiful blond Billy, and she has lovely perky tits and she loves to have sex with someone who really knows how to satisfy her. She also loves to cuddle, to be touched, to have her boobs sucked, and she enjoys giving head.."

"Really? So what's her problem? I can almost see where this conversation is going Ginny. I think you want me to fuck her, don't you Ginny?" Why?

She's desperate Billy for a man who knows how to please a woman. Since her divorce she's dated many men and has not found one who is interested in pleasing her and loving her, like she loves her partner. He'll fuck her and then he'll want to watch a football game,. The men she's been dating are only interested in quickies! They want sex, not a relationship. I told her how wonderful a lover you are. She's amazed that a high school student could have such caring and be able to perform well in bed, too."

She's aware of my situation. She knows we cannot continue, as usual after your dad returns. It's a win/win for you and her Billy. She's coming here the day after tomorrow, and she will be here a week with us. She will be here on Saturday morning and I want you to spend all day Saturday and Sunday showing her around. Go for a walk in the woods, take her to dinner and a movie, go dancing together, and if the chemistry is right kiss her and show her affection, and if she shows the same affection toward you, then I want you to fuck her and give her oral stimulation too. I want her to leave our house filled with your cum in her pussy, and feeling fulfilled and satisfied as a woman. What do you say Billy? Ginny opened her purse and took three photos out and shows them to me. One is of Sharron wearing a tiny, white bikini, barely covering her nipples, the second one is a nude photo of her breasts, and the last photo shows her wearing a sexy dress and low cut blouse covering only the lowest portion of her breasts. She did look amazing!

"What do you think baby? Can you do this for your sweet Ginny? I know how much you need daily sex and I know and trust Sharron more than any other person on this planet. I know she will satisfy all your sexual cravings. Please be open to this Billy. If after being together for a week you can either decide to keep seeing her or just enjoy being friends together, She can decide just like you. If either of you don't want to go forward, then nothing as been loss. But you both might find each other to be what you've always wanted in a relationship. Will you do it Billy? I really want you to engage with her, I know she will be a good lay."

"Ok, mom, only because I know our relationship will end when Dad returns home. I will be available for the whole week. Where's she going to stay? Is she going to stay in a motel? Here?"

"Oh, baby, I'm going to take all my clothes and bathroom stuff to your bedroom tomorrow, and I'll use the hall bathroom. You're going to have the master bedroom for you and her if you both click!'

"And if we don't click, then what?"

"She'll sleep on the couch or she can stay in a motel."

"I will never understand women. That's for certain. The woman I've been fucking everyday for weeks is setting me up with her best friend so I can fuck her in Ginny's bed for a week! No sane person would ever believe this. Okay, mom, bring your best friend over here so I can fuck her for an entire week. That should give us enough time to decide what happens after the week is over."

"Thank you baby! I know you're going to love Sharron. I love you Billy and I want you to have the best lady I know. She beautiful and sexy and she will be a great trick for you, baby! Take these three photos of Sharron and look at them when you masturbate. Look at those gorgeous breasts. Imagine sucking those tits of hers. I know you both will hit it off and have a wonderful week together."

"What if I want to fuck you during the week Ginny?"

"Baby, you have me now and

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