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Friendship begins with dinner and ???

It wasn't really a lie, but not the true reason I left and from the look on Fiona's face she didn't quite buy it either. She took a seat next to me on the bed, "David, I love you like you was my own. I still remember the first time I set eyes you, you were all legs and arms and looked like a lost pup. You were always such a sweet child, and I think you're still that sweet boy deep inside. What are you are really doing here? You and your dad seem to be on the outs, you run from your brother and sister like they've got the plague, and you seems miles away like you're not really here or wish you weren't."

She reached over and brushed some hair out of my eyes, "I may seem like a daft old woman but I know you aren't happy." She gestured to the nightstand, "that ain't healthy and you don't eat enough to feed a mouse."

I stood up, "If you want me to leave I'll get out of your hair."

"Don't be daft, you are welcome to stay as long as you want. This is your home too!" Fiona looked up at me, "when you're ready, you can talk to me, I know I'm not your real mum, but I like to think I am at least a good runner up."

I took her hands in mine, and lifted her off the bed, and gave her a hug, "thanks."

She pulled me tightly towards her and then just as quickly let me go, "it's past nine, if you want breakfast come down and I'll make you some." With that she bustled out of the room, shutting the door after her.

After breakfast I got dressed and went into the front room where my dad was watching one of his favourite programmes he eyed me warily as I sat down next to him. I waited until the adverts came on before I spoke, "I'm sorry we got this visit off on a bad note..."

He seemed surprised at my words, "I keep forgetting you're a grown man, you will always be a child to me," was all he had to say before the programme returned. I had hoped for more of a conversation but I took the hint that it was all I was going to get and left.

I still felt a bit muddle-headed from my chemical experiment the night before, so I decided on a good walk into town to clear my brain. I found a newsagent's and was just about to go in and buy a paper when Elissa came out of the shop, nearly running into me.

"Are you following me?" she laughed.

"No, it's just a happy coincidence."

"Really? You seemed in a massive hurry to dump me off last night."

"Sorry that photographer unnerved me a bit and I think I overreacted, it was not to do with you at all." I took her hand in mine, "in fact if you're not busy can I buy you a cup of tea?"

"Make it a coffee and you're on," she curled her fingers around mine and flashed me a wide grin.

At the coffee shop she opened one of the bags she had been carrying, "Did you see this?" with that she thrust a paper in my hands, and pointed at the picture of her and I kissing.

I looked at it a moment and could clearly see why John had been so upset when he saw it, it would be very easy to leap to the wrong conclusions. I handed it back to her.

"My niece is going to die when she sees this," she laughed, then she grew serious, "I hope I didn't get you in trouble with your girlfriend."

I chose not to answer that and took a sip of my tea, "what are you up to the rest of the day?"

"My brother and his wife are at work, and Chrissie's in school so I'm free all day. What about you?"

"Nothing planned either."

She finished her coffee before continuing, "how about I take you back to the house and show you my etchings?"

"You have etchings?"

She leaned it very close and clarified, "no silly, I want to take you to my room and fuck your brains out." Then she smiled widely at me and waited for my reaction. I must have stared a bit longer than I meant to because she quickly sat back then started to gather her things to leave.

"This is awkward. Can we just pretend I didn't say that?" she begged.

"I handled that badly, I'm sorry, you just took me by surprise is all." I stood up and took Elissa's hand, "I am very flattered by your offer."


"I'd like to get to know you first," I kept my

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