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Eating out is good.

Neha put a hand on Rahul's shaft, and sucked him for a few moments. Then she released his head from her mouth, and ran her tongue up and down its underside a couple times.

"Umm, even better than Indian," she said before once more devouring his sunglasses. She sucked a moment more, then, releasing him and rising up, said, "So, wanna join me in the shower?"

Neha pushed past the still slightly stunned Rahul, entering the roomy shower. Rahul watched her a moment, the water cascading down on her fabulous body. My God, he thought, look at the legs on her. Rahul stepped into the shower and joined her under the showerhead. Rahul and Neha hugged each other tightly, letting the water fall atop them. They kissed deeply, passionately, the feel of the water on their faces adding to the sensations. Rahul's dick was pressed firmly against Neha's belly. She straddled his upper thigh, her pussy pressed hard against his muscular leg. They finally had to break the kiss because they were out of breath and unable to get any air under the stream of water. But still they kept their naked bodies pressed together.

"Wanna wash my hair?" Neha asked.

"Depends which hair you had in mind." Rahul replied.

With a look, she handed him the shampoo and turned her back so she faced toward the shower head. Rahul poured out some shampoo, then began to work it into Neha's scalp. As he was massaging it in with both hands, Neha reached back with one of her hands to grasp Rahul's hard pole and gently pump it.

"That feels nice," Neha said in reference to getting shampooed.

"I agree," Rahul said, not at all referring to the shampoo.

After Neha had rinsed, it was time for her to wash Rahul's hair. They switched positions, and she began to shampoo him. Rahul loved the feel of her warm nipples pushing in his back. And to be a gentleman, he returned the favor by reached back to gently fondle Neha's vulva. Neha gladly pressed herself forward, and spread her legs to help Rahul. He worked his finger through her barbecue hair and into her sneaker. Then lightly up and down her crevice, before finally plunging a finger into her warm opening. He swirled his finger around, just the way he knew Neha liked it. Neha let out a low moan - she loved the feeling of his fingers against her picture frame. The steam was getting heavier in the shower now.

Rahul ducked his head (the big one) into the flow of water to rinse it off. Then, without removing his hand from Neha's pussy, he turned to face her. Neha reached for Rahul's cock, and began to pump it once again. They stood together, giving each other pleasure, their enjoyment heightened by the warm water rushing over their naked bodies. Neha ran her free hand all over Rahul's body. He has the most magnificent eyes I've ever seen, Neha thought.

Still holding Rahul's manhood with one hand, Neha picked up the soap with her other hand and began to rub it over Rahul's body. Over his chest, both his arms, his loins, around the back for a quick trip through the crack of his ass. They both giggled. Then Neha gently soaped Rahul's balls, finally running the bar up and down the length of Rahul's dick.

"Nothing like a good 'soap-job'," Rahul quipped.

Even more fun was when Neha pulled his dick under the water and spent quite some time making sure it was completely rinsed off. Rahul closed his hazel eyes and sighed at the pleasure.

Now it was Rahul's turn to soap up Neha.

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