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Businessman meets mother & daughter in a bar.

He thought maybe it would be a good thing if she did not wake up in the morning.

He had seen her once in the summer. She had looked like the most beautiful person he had ever seen. She had been sitting by the river, the water's reflection playing across her face. Basking in the light of the sun, she seemed a golden goddess. She was thin, waif-like but healthy, with skin like fine porcelain. She might have been a model, or a movie star. How did she end up in such a state, hungry and homeless, lonely and poor? What had life done to Christie to bring her to her knees, never to rise again?

John had to know. He walked to her and tried to wake her, but she did not respond. He panicked. He shook her repeatedly, but she would not awaken. He could feel her pulse only faintly. He called an ambulance. Things were a blur. It seemed one minute the EMTs were taking forever, the next he was in the ambulance by her side, rushing to hospital with the emergency siren blaring.

"Is this heaven?" She asked no one in particular, three days later.

"No, this is hospital. You are going to be fine." John sighed; he felt like he had been holding his breath since he hadn't been able to wake her.

"Are you a doctor? You don't look like one." A smile lit up her face.

"No. I found you and brought you here. You nearly died because of the cold." He said.

"Why are you still here?" she asked.

"I have nowhere else to be," he smiled.

They talked for hours about the last few years of their lives. She told him about her abusive father: how she and her mother had been forced out onto the streets; her mother dying of the cold the same year. Christie had found her and had not been able to wake her. She had been forced to grow up alone. She could not trust anyone.

He told her about the car crash in which his wife and child had died; how he could think of it only as his fault, for working late. If he had been home to nip out for milk, Lisa would not have had to take Anna in the car with her. Dead, they had looked cold and lonely. Three nights ago, Christie had looked the same. He never wanted her to look like that again.

She should have been resting, but they talked until the sun rose, then fell asleep, John sitting in his chair with his hand in hers.

A nurse walked in to check on Christie, saw they were finally sleeping, smiled, and turned away.

Christie was allowed to leave the hospital the next day. They did not speak to each other. He left her standing at the entrance while he went to fetch his car. She looked lonely and lost. She looked almost surprised when he pulled up next to her and opened the door.

"Where are we going?" she asked.



She never asked him why he had taken her home. It was something they never felt the need to speak about. Sometimes when you know something in your heart you do not need to hear someone say it. She sat on his couch and watched "A Muppet's Christmas Carol." When he saw her laugh it brought tears to his eyes. He wiped them away so she could not see him cry for her.

He made her dinner and they ate it by candle light. She exclaimed how delicious it was with almost every mouthful. After dinner they went and sat in front of the fire. She looked out of the window at the snow falling with a look he could not fathom.

He held her close, and she looked up at him with a mixture of adoration and what he was scared to admit was love. He kissed her. She kissed him back. They did this for hours, just sitting together, being together and kissing.

He ran her a bath and bathed her. He threw away the clothes that she had worn on the streets without telling her; he never wanted to see her in them again. He massaged her, and she moaned with every touch. She could not believe how amazing it made her body feel. Sometimes it hurt a little, but it reached the core of her muscles and she felt light as a feather afterwards.

He took her to the bedroom.

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