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She's on her way to trade her black stud for a studlier one.

Flicking them off across the room with one foot, she let her legs fall open, the cool air clashing with the heat of her sex, making her moan aloud. She trailed her fingertips over her belly, pubic hair and inner thighs, being careful not to touch herself. She could feel the heat coming from her pussy and it took all she had to reply.

"Think of my tongue licking you head, licking from base to tip."

Inhaling deeply he let his hand finally reach for his throbbing cock, slowly stroking up and down, his eyes closed, thinking about how it would feel to have her lick him like that, thinking about the heat from her mouth, the wetness of her tongue. Groaning in the back of his throat he took his time to reply.

"My hand covering your pussy completely, rubbing just a little."

Her left hand reached down and cupped her sex, feeling the heat, feeling how wet she was, knowing that she could be so much wetter than this. She pressed her hand up to her sex, rubbing back and forth over herself wholly, trying her hardest to keep herself from rubbing too much or too hard. Expertly texting back with her free hand, she bit her lip to keep from moaning too loudly, very aware of her parents downstairs.

"Taking your head into my mouth, sucking gently, swirling my tongue round you."

Letting his phone fall from his hand, he let his thumb circle the head of his member, thinking of nothing but her tongue being there instead. His cock was fully hard, and it took every fibre of his being not to get himself off there and then. He loved these text sex sessions, being told what could happen when they finally met up, imagining her between his legs, toying with him, teasing him. He knew he would have to wait until she said, even though it was the hardest thing he ever could have done.

"I slide one finger down your slit before entering you."

She did exactly what he'd described, her middle finger sliding along her soaking slit, feeling her wetness disappear between her bum cheeks, before slipping her finger inside herself, feeling just how hot she was, feeling her walls squeeze around her finger as she kept from doing too much too fast to herself. She imagined it was his finger inside of her, just lying there, torturing her with lack of movement, wanting so badly to push in and out of herself.

"I take as much of you into my mouth as I can, using one hand round your base, one on your balls."

Using one of his hands to stroke himself fully, he let the other fall between his legs to tease and massage his own balls, the thought of her kneeling before him, looking up at him as her mouth slid up and down his cock, leaving trails of saliva where she had been. He imagined her small hand taking his balls and massaging them softly, gently, sending shivers up his spine and eliciting yet another guttural moan. Reluctantly he took his hand from his cock and replied to the woman he wished was with him.

"I slide a second finger in and slowly push in and out of you, teasing you."

She pulled her finger out, adding her index finger before sliding both back inside of herself. She closed her eyes, and allowed herself to moan each time she thrust her fingers back inside herself, loving the feeling of her heat. She knew his fingers were thicker than hers, so opened her finger slightly to imitate the feeling of his fingers as she lost herself for a few minutes in the feeling of pure thrill.

"I move up your body, completely naked and rub my sopping pussy against your hard cock."

His eyes widened as he saw her in front of him, her breasts dangling tantalisingly close to his mouth, the heat of her pussy above his cock.

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