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Can Alex and Lorelei keep their cool as the cruise heats up?

We learned how and where to sit so we were able to fuck in the back seat of our 'red bug.'

Even though we had agreed when we got engaged at Christmas to wait for at least a year before we got married, Torrie and I changed our minds and decided we were not going to wait. We were married just 2 months after New Years on the last day of February.

In the mean time, our relationship continued to deepen both in our loving commitment and our sexual experiences. We continued kissing, holding, touching, sucking and fucking almost every time we dated. About the only thing that stopped any of our intimacy was when Torrie was on her period and the only thing her period prevented was our fucking. Even during those brief times, we still did all the other intimate things that brought us pleasure.

After our private New Years Eve celebration, 'Life with Torrie' continued as usual until an unusually warm mid-February afternoon. I don't remember what we were going to do but I picked Torrie up in the early afternoon instead of waiting for the evening. It must not have been very important because we ended up driving straight to 'our favorite parking place' instead of 'whatever it was' we were going to do. Since it was daylight and we didn't want to be disturbed we drove deeper into the woods than usual. Finding a nicely wooded area where we hoped we would be alone, we parked. It was such a beautiful, sunny day, Torrie commented on what a shame to have to sit in the car. Her statement prompted my memory and I remembered a blanket in the trunk of my car. I suggested we use it to lie outside on the thick pine straw. I didn't have to make the suggestion twice. Soon we were lying side-by-side on the blanket in the warm sun.

I always found it sexually stimulating (I still do!) to be close to Torrie physically and that afternoon was no exception. I rolled on my side facing her and began following the lines of her body with my finger. I traced every part of her body although I admit I concentrated on her breasts and pubic mound more than the rest. It wasn't long before we were in each other's arms kissing passionately. The longer we kissed the more excited I became. My hands were all over Torrie. She didn't seem to mind as I slipped my hand down front of her slacks toward her pussy. About the time my fingers touched her curly blond pubic hair she pushed my hand away.

"You can't do that because someone might come up." she said.

"Who do you think is going to come up way out here?" I asked.

"I don't know but someone might. Now stop! You're not going to take my clothes off." Torrie replied as I fumbled with a button on her blouse.

"Don't worry. No one will come up. We've never seen anyone out here except the night of the fire. You don't see a fire today, do you?" I reasoned with her.

Torrie looked irritated as she quit discussing the matter. Reluctantly, I rolled onto my back and lay beside her. After a few minutes, she moved closer to me and reached for my hand. Pulling gently, she encouraged me to roll back onto my side and put my arm around her. I knew this was an invitation to resume our (I guess I should say my touching) touching. This time she didn't object when I began unbuttoning her blouse.

"The sun really feels good on my skin." Torrie said as I finished unbuttoning her blouse exposing her chest and stomach.

"It does feel wonderful, doesn't it?" I commented as I reached under her back and found the hooks on her bra. Without saying a word she arched her back so I could get the hooks unfastened. Releasing her bra, I immediately pushed it up exposing her breasts to my eyes and mouth, as well as, the warm sun.

"How does that feel?" I asked as I sucked one nipple into my mouth.

"Which one? Your mouth or the sun?" she asked with a smile.

"The sun!" I replied as I moved until I was kneeling beside of her. "Now raise up and I'll show you what will really feel good." I instructed as I began to pull her stretch slacks and panties down.

"You shouldn't do that.

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