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Sarah goes to the Prom but Sloane has a vicious surprise.

The hand kept at me for quite a while, merely adding to the disorientation I felt. By the time we stopped, the disembodied fingers were gently caressing my inner thigh, right up next to my sensitive balls. When the car came to a stop and the engine turned off, the hand went away. My cock throbbed and I whimpered my protest.

From the driver's seat, I heard Becky say, "Now, be patient, there's more where that came from... and more!" Wait a minute! The driver's seat? Who the hell had been sitting next to me?

My door opened and a set of hands helped me from the car. A part of me wondered if the whole neighborhood could see me, my cock stiff as a board and sticking out from my perversely opened robe. I wondered what neighborhood we were in? I trusted my wife not to get me into any situations that might be dangerous, but even so, not having the slightest idea where I was made me uneasy.

Becky urged me on, leading me by the hand, and I then felt another set of hands, this one definitely feminine, take my other hand to aid my walking across the grass. Through another door, and down a set of padded stairs. It felt like a basement. It smelled like a basement. My ears told me it was a basement. I heard several people talking in low voices all around the room. I heard the clink of glassware and the pouring of liquid. Apparently, I was being brought to a party. But like this? I was more confused than ever.

My unease at being the next best thing to totally unclothed rose to its highest level yet. I didn't know what I was here for. What had Becky gotten me into? I felt hands untie my robe belt and another set of hands remove the robe completely. I was told to step out of my sandals.

Becky took both my hands in hers and led me to what I assumed was the center of the room. She said softly, "It's okay. Don't be afraid. Believe it or not, you're among friends. Just remember what I told you at home."

I heard tables being pushed across concrete, chairs the same. I heard the soft sound of mattresses(?) *flump*ing down to the floor. Becky now led me again, warning me to step up just before the footing got mushy. Becky placed me where she wanted me, then gave me a quick peck, saying, "I love you," then she disappeared, leaving me standing naked and blind, in - I assumed - the middle of the floor.

From somewhere behind me, a man's voice said, "Down on your hands and knees. Ass in the air. Let everybody say 'hello'."

I slowly, nervously, lowered myself to my knees on the floor, then leaned forward onto my forearms, leaving my butt sticking up lewdly.

I wondered what was going to happen next, when I felt a soft touch on my upraised bottom. I couldn't tell whether it was merely fingers, or if someone had just kissed my ass. I didn't have much time to analyze it, because that sensation went away and was replaced by a definite face right into my asshole. I gasped at the sudden surprise, but then quickly got into it as the surprise was replaced by lust as a tongue started to wiggle into my tight butthole.

Before I could get used to that feeling, though, the face left my rear and was replaced by a mouth on my hanging balls. First one testicle, then the other was sucked into the warmth, and a tongue danced all over them. Well, you can bet I was hard as hell by now. I wanted to tell the mouth to suck my cock, but didn't want to get my warning. I didn't know what else might be coming, and didn't want to botch this up. So far, it was great!

The mouth on my balls left and I was left alone for a time. I could feel someone walking around me. Finally, they stopped, knelt, and suddenly a finger thrust itself into my asshole! I nearly yelped in surprise at the feeling. I don't normally do a lot of ass stuff. Like the guys at work, part of me thinks that asshole stuff is for fags. But I've guiltily done some butt play of my own, even had Becky get in on it with me, help me, but mostly, I leave my ass alone.

Whoever this was, however, knew what they were doing! The finger wiggled around a

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