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A beautiful dance performance leads to a date.

"So you are a . . ."

I hesitated, and his hand came down on my right tit with a slap that echoed around the theater. I screamed, and he hit me again. "Say what you are! Scream it!"

"I am a slut!"

He slapped my left tit. "And?"

"I am a whore!"

His palm blistered my face. "And?"

"I am a cunt!"

By now, they were all laughing. Not four. Five. Damn.

I squeezed my eyes shut.

"Now that we have established your role in life, we'll see how good you are at it. Gentlemen, secure her legs, please."

Hands latched onto my ankles, forcing my legs apart, as wide as the seat would allow. He knelt in front of me, finally moving into enough light that I could see his face. Handsome and lean, with a wicked, determined look in his dark eyes. He bent his head and began to lick, then suck, then bite my nipples, alternating between them.

The shifts from the soft pressure of his tongue, to the firm pull of his sucking, to the light pain of his bites shot a fire of arousal through my chest and belly, humiliating me further. "Please, stop this," I begged.

Without warning, his hand gripped me between my legs. He pressed hard with his palm, rubbing me.


He sucked hard on one nipple and slid two fingers into my pussy, up and down the swelling folds of flesh. He released my breast. "Your mouth says no, but you have the slickest, juiciest cunt I've felt in a long time. I am so going to enjoy taking you." He paused. "So are they."

He stood and backed away. "Y'all ready?" There were murmurs of assent from around me, and he nodded to one of the men. "Sit on the flat step. The rest of you get her up."

The steps leading down in the seating banks alternated short steps with long flat ones where the seats were. One of the guys, now naked, sat on the step, his erection looking like a rock-hard pole in the bright beam of the flashlight. The others lifted me body, legs and under my arms, and carried me to him.

The ring leader ripped my thong away, and they bent my knees and eased me down. The seated man spread my pussy and guided his cock as they did. I screamed as I sank down on him, landing on my knees with a thud. He grabbed my ass and began to through, biting one nipple hard.

"Shut her up!"

A hand landed on my face, and I gasped as my head was grabbed from behind and another cock shoved into my mouth. "You bite, you die, bitch!" Like the guy beneath me, he began to thrust hard, in and out, apparently relishing the gagging, slurping noise that I couldn't help making around his fat cock.

That's when I felt the pressure from behind, fingers prodding my virgin asshole. I couldn't scream, couldn't protest the pain, and when fingers gave way to the head of a thick cock, the pain rocketed through me, making me buck wildly.

The guy in my mouth began to cum, his hot semen filling my mouth and running down my chin. He pulled out and shot the rest over my face and chest. Before I could swallow and catch my breath, another had taken his place, the throat fucking resuming. The man was larger, and the tip slammed the back of my throat. I gagged and choked, barely breathing.

The two beneath and behind me finished, filling my cunt and rectum with hot sperm and a lot of pain, but they didn't pull out until the one in my mouth finished. He, too, shot most of his load on my face and tits, the spurts hitting my flesh and dripping into long streams. The guy beneath wiggled out, leaving me kneeling, sweaty and covered in cum.

The ringleader put his light in my eyes again, and I flinched. "You want to get out of this alive?"

I nodded.

"Tell me what a cumslut you are. Be creative. Convince me."

I swallowed, trying to catch my breath. My throat was a raw wound and my voice shook. "I like cum. I like being covered in cum. I love being covered in cum. Having it in me and on me."

"So you are a slutty whore who loves being fucked?"

I nodded.

"Say it."

I swallowed again. "I am a slut and a whore, and I love to be fucked."

"Beg me to fuck you and make you cum."

I blinked into the light. "What?"

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