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Embarrassed at the doctors.

After the initial entry he always liked to listen for any signs that the information he received was false or partial so that he could adjust his plan or abandon it all together. No sound. Time to resume the activities.

As he walked down the tan color hall he stopped to admire a picture of his new friend. She was at the beach with her 2 young daughters. If he remembered correctly they were 10 and 6 and would have long been asleep by now. Children shouldn't be up at 1 AM regardless of who your parents are. Her green eyes were reflecting the sun quite nicely in that picture as her dark brown hair fell around her face. She was very attractive and her body was incredible. You could tell she worked hard to take good care of herself. Her perfect C cups still had a perkiness to them and accented her Coke bottle curved figure perfectly.

Now that he knew she was being truthful with her photos he grew even more aroused. He walked past the doors to the girl's room to the Master Bedroom that was cracked slightly. After slipping inside the room he closed the door behind him, careful to not make a sound.

When he turned around his eyes widened as the soft candle glow revealed the naked body waiting for him on the king sized bed. She was blindfolded and sleeping on her side. Her bronze body revealed no tan lines and the only hair on her body was on her head. He loved the sight, smell and touch of a hairless body. Her breathing was heavy. She really was asleep. This was going to make this all the more fun.

Slipping out of his athletic shorts and boxer briefs he made the decision that she was indeed safe and her request to be filled with his seed would be fulfilled. He slipped his t-shirt off and stepped out of his sandals. His manhood stood at full attention and pointed toward his destination.

The hour and a half drive now seemed like a good decision, even if he had to be in class 6 hours from now.

As he stood behind her he let his fingers trail gently making a path from her ankle, up her leg and to her inner thigh. Once there he rubbed her inner thighs and slowly made his way to her waiting lips. She was already wet from what must have been the anticipation of the night's festivities. A low moan escaped her mouth as she woke from his touch.

"About time you got here", she teased.

" talking", he murmured.

She nodded her head in agreement as her back arched. His fingers had worked their way and were slowly moving in and out. She reached for him with her right hand and held him for a moment before slowly pumping him up and down.

It was his turn to let out a low moan. As the moan escaped his throat she leaned forward and took him in her mouth. He inhaled sharply as he felt the warm wetness engulf him. Her head began bobbing up and down taking him down her throat. No matter how many blowjobs he received he never tired of the sensation. It was ecstasy.

He started to get close and decided to stop so that he could have more time to explore the rest of her. Grabbing her by the hair he pulled her from the meal she was making of him and gently pulled her onto her back. He dropped to his knees at the end of the bed and let his tongue trace the inside of each thigh. When he finally let his tongue flick her clitoris she was writhing in anticipation. It didn't take long for her to cascade into her first orgasm. She grabbed his hair and he felt every muscle in her body tighten as she came.

Not wasting any time he stood and flipped her onto her stomach with her ass up in the air.

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