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Mike makes a choice.

Jennifer knew then that Shannon had a lot of experience at these functions. It seemed as if she knew absolutely everyone. Either that, or she was just very good with groups of people. Either way, she looked magnificent.

Jennifer smiled, content to merely watch the goings-on. Dan's hands felt wonderful on her breasts, and although no one had approached her yet, a number of guys were giving her sexy glances as they watched her boyfriend feel her up. As she looked at each boy, Jennifer tried to imagine what his hard cock would look like...which boys would come like she liked, and which boys would trickle. As she enjoyed her game, she became more and more excited with what might happen.
Lost in her reverie, Jennifer didn't notice a short red-head walking up to the van on Dan's side until she spoke to him. She came back to reality as the girl greeted Dan.

"Hi there...." she said in a voice that just dripped sex. "Either you're new here, or I missed you at the last little party we had...."

Jennifer turned to look at the girl and felt her heart sink. The redhead was absolutely breathtaking. Although short, she was perfectly proportioned, with a gleam in her eyes and a smile that radiated a single statement: "Fuck me...fuck me right here and now!" And it didn't help Jennifer's position that the girl was wearing a pair of skin tight denim cut-offs that clung to her ass like paint. and to top it off, she wore a loose fitting white cotton blouse. The blouse was completely unbuttoned, the tails hanging out and the sleeves rolled up. The mounds of her breasts peeked out enticingly each time she moved. And she was moving a lot....

Dan cleared his throat, his eyes moving over this vision in front of him. The girl didn't look a day over sixteen, although he prayed that his judgement was wrong. He knew at that moment, that sometime before the night was out that this girl would feel his long cock sliding in and out of her pussy. He prayed again that he would also feel those full, pouty lips sliding up and down his prick.

As if reading his mind, the redhead, winked at him and allowed her lips to part. Dan sighed as he watched her tongue poke out and run sensuously over her lips. He was absolutely entranced by her.

She winked again, her smile expanding along with Dan's cock, and she turned to Jennifer. Extending her hand, she introduced herself.

"Hi...I'm Tracy...I hope you don't mind me flirting with your boyfriend here...." Tracy's eyes narrowed as she took in Jennifer for the first time. Her eyes swept over Jennifer's body, from her tits straining against the thin cotton of her T-shirt, to her legs that were exposed to her crotch. Again, Tracy's tongue made lazy circles around her lips.

"Although I think I may begin to flirt with you too...." Tracy said dreamily, "You are dressed to fuck, girl..."

"Actually, I prefer to suck tonight..." Jennifer replied with a smile. "But I appreciate the compliment..." She extended her own hand, taking Tracy's and squeezing it. "I'm Jennifer..." she said, "...and this handsome stud is my boyfriend, Dan..."

Tracy laughed and shook Dan's hand. Jennifer smiled as she noticed Tracy holding on to it as she leaned against his leg. Her eyes dropped to Dan's crotch before looking back at Jennifer.

"Good answer!" Tracy giggled. "And I see what you mean..." Again, her eyes drifted over Dan's bulging crotch. "So tell do you know Shannon?"

Jennifer returned the girl's easy grin, letting her eyes move over her now exposed breasts.

"We go to school together." she replied. "But I really got to know her when I watched Dan here fill her mouth with his cum... I knew that a girl who liked to suck cock as much as she did would be a very close friend...." She looked at Tracy, waiting for a response, but the redhead merely stared at her.

"And my boyfriend here loves to have his cock sucked.

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