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My awakening to becoming a voyeur.

I put on a large coat with a hood, leather gloves on my hands, military boots on my feet, metal cock ring and prepared for the fun to come. I knocked on her bedroom door "Come in" she said. I stepped inside.

She was standing there in four-inch black leather stiletto heels a shiny leather corset that stopped before her luscious 34C breasts and before her luscious beautifully shaved cunt. She was wearing arms length black leather gloves.

"Are you ready to begin madam?" I said rather formally.

"But of course" she cordially replied.

There was a distinctive deep clack of her heels as she moved across the wooden floor. It was silenced when she stepped onto the carpet. She looked around at the various BDSM devices I had set up.

Her heart sped up a few beats and her breathing became more audible. She was excited and willing. "Take your pick," I said. She replied, "Let's start with my stripper pole".

I then stood her in front of it and bent her over, lifted her hands backwards over her head and clasped her wrists around the pole. I handcuff them into place and move to her feet. I place the spreader bar between her feet and locked it into place.

Next, I blindfolded her and put in the ball gag. It was such a sight.

I picked up a short leather whip and began teasing her body with it. I stroked her vagina with it and slid it over her asshole. I felt a slight trembling from her skin as I continued this activity. I then grabbed her cunt and massaged it thoroughly. I got her moist and then I walked around and said to her "You have been a naughty girl" I then give her a light tap of the whip on her ass, then again a little bit harder.

I took the ball gag off and asked her "What do you have to say for yourself you dirty little slut."

"Nothing, punish me" She replied.

"Certainly, you do need punishing" I said.

I then patted the whip on her back and then gave a firm smack to her backside.

"I'm going to give you some more punishment," I said.

I undid her handcuffs and removed the spreader bar. I took off the blindfold and lead her to the sling. I removed her corset to leave her in nothing but shoes. She laid face down suspended in the air with her hands raised and secured in place behind her head. There is now a gimp mask on her head. Her legs are secured and spread far apart.

I picked up some purple candle wax, lit it up, and watched as it began to melt. I began to pour the hot sticky liquid, the first of many she would receive that day, on to her back. She struggled as the hot stuff touched her skin. She then relaxed as I continued to pour more onto her body. It dripped down her sides and she enjoyed it. I then used different colour waxes and she moaned in delight.

Her body now began to resemble a Jackson Pollack painting. All that wax was stinging with heat as it began to cool on her body. She had no boundaries, no inhibitions, and certainly no shame. I undid her restraints and removed her from the sling. I lead her to the wrought iron bars by the window. I removed the gimp mask and then put the ball gag back in her mouth. She had her hands behind her back handcuffed to the iron bars. She had only her high heels and the candle wax adorning her body.

I now removed my coat and lifted her up; she gazed at my cock with the metal cock ring around it. I then moved toward her pussy and slide it in.

I heard a loud moan from her mouth as I slid it all in. I slowly slid it in and out and began to build up rhythm and speed. She continued to moan as I increased my pace. She pulled against her handcuffs as pleasurable lust flowed through her body. Her moans of ecstasy permeated through the gag in her mouth.

The unmistakable sound of metal on metal as the handcuffs encountered the iron bars filled her lounge and it continued for quite some time.

It seemed time to finish her off. I removed the handcuffs, took out the ball gag.

"Take off your gloves and your shoes" I said to her. "Head to the shower" I added.

I then removed the apparatus I was wearing.

She stood there outsid

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