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Even and old dog can learn a few tricks.

She was afraid she would get in trouble if she didn't put money in the machine as she saw a sign that said no loitering, so she put the ten dollar bill in the slot and the screen turned on.

She told me that a black man was shoving his dick in a white woman's ass on the screen and she was taken back by this sight. My wife couldn't take her eyes off the screen as she was absolutely shocked by the size of the cock that the man had and even more amazed by the fact the woman was taking it all in her ass. She sat for a few more minutes torn between the lust she had for the video and the shame of our neighbor finding her in there. She said that as time went on she began to get really wet and decide she couldn't help herself she had to masturbate.

She confessed that it felt so good to watch that big black cock fuck that white girl's ass as her finger flicked back and forth on her own pussy and clit. She spread her legs and unbuttoned her blouse so she could squeeze her nipple as she rubbed her pussy. She leaned back and started to really get into the movie when she saw the black man pull out in the video and start shooting his white sperm all over the girl's back. She was surprised by the amount of sperm this guy was shooting but not nearly as shocked as she was by the fact a cock just came through the hole to her right and was about three inches from her face.

She hadn't noticed the hole when she first sat down, she was so focused on hiding from the neighbor and figuring out how these booths worked that she hadn't seen the holes in the wall on each side of her. She looked to the left and there was an eye looking through that hole. She suddenly realized she had pulled her skirt up and unbuttoned her blouse and was sitting there totally exposed. She tried to cover up but as she moved her shoulder to sit up she hit the cock that was sticking through the hole on the right.

She freaked as she realized what she did. She got up to leave when she opened the door she saw our neighbor walking down the hall. She quickly closed the door and sat back down. The cock was withdrawn now as he had heard her open the door and must have figured out she wasn't interested. She said she sat there and looked at the screen again and now the big black cock was in the girl's pussy without a condom. The sight was a tremendous turn on for her and she was torn on whether to masturbate or just sit their quietly until the neighbor left.

She didn't know how long he would be there so she decided to wait until her $10 ran out and she could sneak out quietly. After a few minutes more she couldn't take watching the video without rubbing herself so she reached under her skirt without showing her pussy to the guy still peering through the hole. She was so hot and wet she was ready to cum, she leaned back in her chair and pulled her skirt up and really started to get into it preparing for her much needed orgasm when another cock came through the hole on the right, this one was huge and it was BLACK and only about two inches from her face.

She had never seen a black cock before she started watching the video and didn't realize how turned on she was by it. She said she just sat there and stared at it for what seemed like forever as she studied it. The head was a bit purple while the rest of the cock was a lighter brown. She looked at me and started to cry as she told me she couldn't help herself she reached out and grabbed the cock and started to jack it. She felt so ashamed but at the same time so horny.

I shook my head in disbelief and she started to sob again. I told her it was OK and I didn't blame her even though I was really quite pissed. It was hard to muster the strength to pretend I wasn't upset but I did my best and asked her if that was it. It was then that I looked down at her exposed pussy and noticed it was really swollen and some creamy white substance was oozing out of it. I lost my breath as it hit me that must be sperm.

I lost it and stood up and said "what the hell is that

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