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Young aunt takes over her college nephew's space.

Then she slid over and leaned up against Jake's shoulder. "Justin needs to learn to ride so whenever he's in town and Laurie wants to go out, he can go along with her. Jakey, she's in love with him and I'm totally convinced the feeling is mutual. She's nearly old enough to be his mother and so doesn't want to get seriously involved. But even though he's from a upper crust Boston family, when he graduates he wants to base here. She claims it's because he's fallen in love with the country. Rubbish! He wants to stay close to her, even though she's trying to push him toward someone more his age. So I think we should help."

Jake put an arm around his wife and pulled her close. His other hand stroked her cheek. "I think my favorite Dominant Bottom should let other people's lives alone-unless there's another hidden agenda at work here. Tell me the truth, Baby, is it just Laurie who thinks he's cute?"

Willow blushed. "Well-he is cute. But I don't think that has anything to do with it. Like you said, I am the Dominant Bottom and I'm just trying to take care of the Service Tops who take such good care of me. So . . ."

She rolled over away from him, kicked off the covers and slowly pushed down her pajama bottoms. She arched her back to lift her ass up, closed her eyes and with a dreamy smile murmured, "Spank me, Jake. Make my butt all red and then fuck me silly. And tomorrow night I'm going to watch you fuck her silly."

Jake's big palm made a ringing smack on her ass, leaving a red handprint. "Don't bet on that. Maybe, I'm going to watch her fuck you silly. It's about time you expanded your experience. This is Horner Institute, after all."

With each resounding spank, Willow squeaked and squealed and shortly her pale bottom was bright pink. Jake knelt between her legs and rubbed her buttocks vigorously, increasing the blood flow until they were bright red. The sight was terribly erotic. It reached deep into some primate portion of his brain and stiffened his cock. He reached down and fingered her pussy. As he suspected, it was swollen and wet. Leaning forward on his hands he shoved his stiffy deep into her. She moaned. Slow withdrawal, trip-hammer thrust, he paced himself drawing it out as long as he could. Willow, for her part, moaned, chirped, whimpered and finally began to wail as orgasm after orgasm washed over her until she reached a state of constant climax. That was where he wanted her. Speeding up, he brought himself to climax, shooting his load deep into her. Pregnant she wanted, pregnant she was going to get!


Laurie slouched in a big, rustic leather armchair grinning mischievously at her friends, her fingers steepled together in front of her face. Jacob returned the grin but Willow looked slightly alarmed.

"No, I don't think you should watch Willow and I get it on," she said thoughtfully to Jake, "Debra asked first so I think she should get 'right of first refusal' as it were. Willow, you should just give her a call and tell her that after thinking about it, you've decided to take her up on her offer and that you'd be happy to go on over and spend the night."

"But-but . . ."

"No buts, baby!" Though Jake was normally the mildest of men, without a Dominant bone in his body, this time he was pushing-gleefully, "If we're going to become a triad it should be an equal one. I don't want to be the center of it all; you and Laurie should get just as much fun with each other as I do with the two of you. Besides, I'll have fun watching until I feel like joining in. Will I want toned or jiggly? Shall I choose one or switch from one to the other? The possibilities are intriguing. Call Debbie. Say, 'yes'."

Willow's wide eyes ping-ponged from one to the other.

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