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Alice tells how she moves deeper into cuckolding.

So Cal's crush on him wasn't entirely off of Ryann's radar. And of course, Ryann wanted Cal to lighten up and have fun, which she told her. Repeatedly.

And besides, you can't go to the county fair without wearing a little bit of country gear. It didn't matter if you weren't a country person-it was practically mandatory. Which is why the girls were standing in Cal's room, staring each other down over a denim skirt, cowgirl boots, and a stylish red flannel shirt with a belted waist.

"Ry, I'm not a cowgirl. I don't know any cowgirls. Where did you even find this stuff?"

"I'll try not to take offense to that; these are from my closet. Oh come on, Cal. It's fun. Dress up with me, please?" Ryann pouted, just a little. She knew she'd win this eventually.

A deep sigh, followed by "Fine. Hand me the damn clothes. But I'm not wearing my hair in pigtails." Callie pulled her jeans and t-shirt off, tossing them into a hamper nearby. She reached for the borrowed skirt as Ryann smiled triumphantly.

She pulled the skirt up over tanned, freshly shaven legs and buttoned and zipped, noticing that the skirt that wasn't too risqu__ on her shorter friend was definitely sexy on her longer legs. Pulling it down to adjust the length only bared more smooth skin at the top, but brought the skirt to what Cal considered a more appropriate length for a 'friend thing'. The shirt cinched in at the waist with a wide black belt, the bottom hem meeting the top of the skirt so that when she moved, there were glimpses of skin between the two.

She pulled on the boots, and left her light brown hair to fall in wavy lengths down just past her shoulders. "Okay, it's not so bad. You win." She slid on some neutral lip gloss, brushed some mascara on her long eyelashes, and then announced she was ready to go. Ryann reached over and undid one more button on Cal's top, then gestured toward the door.


Michael scuffed his shoe in the dirt of the parking lot, half-listening to what Matt was saying. When he sensed Matt was waiting for a response to something, he just said, "Uh-huh."

"Really? You think it would be best if you gave me your Xbox? That's great; I'll come get it tomorrow." He punched Michael lightly on the arm. "I know you're nervous about tonight, but sheesh. Calm down, bro."

Michael ran his hand through his hair, then shoved his hands in his pockets. "I'm not nervous, okay? It's just, we haven't hung out before outside of work. It'll be fine. No worries."

Matt laughed. "Yeah, no worries? I can see that." He rolled his eyes. "Chill, we'll get a beer, go on some rides. Loosen up, it'll be fun."

The girls pulled up in Ryann's new red Beetle, parking nearby. They met up with the guys, Michael and Cal making introductions before they headed into the fair.

They stopped inside the front gate at a booth to purchase bracelets and game tickets, and then made their way inside, chatting amicably and dodging screaming children and sulky teens.

The first ride they came to was the bumper cars. Cal stopped mid-sentence when she saw them, grabbed Michael's arm and dragged him over, determined to drive them. They stood in line behind a group of loud teenage girls, a few of whom were not-so-subtly checking out Michael as they stood there.

"Looks like you have a fan club, mister," Cal said, elbowing him in the side and gesturing with her head toward the girls. "Should I get their numbers for you?" She goaded him, enjoying the slight blush sliding across his cheeks.

"Yeah, maybe 10 years ago. Should I break their hearts?" he asked, grabbing Cal around the waist and dragging her up against his body. Her breath caught in her throat as she thought he might kiss her. Instead, he nuzzled her neck and dropped his mouth down to right next to ear. He was so close she could feel his breath heat her ear.

Trying to keep steady legs under her and a smile on her face as the line advanced, Cal tried not to lean against his firm chest.

"Is it working?" he breathed,

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