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Masa is sent to train with a new master, not to her liking.

" Coming up with sentences that combined real intellectual discourse with crude street language was amusing, and he found ways to combine relationship questions with words like "swallowing," "three way" and "anal sex."

The hour long session ended up with a huge argument that pitted the husband's porn addiction against the wife's acquired addiction to a certain sex toy that she had thought was well hidden in her make-up bag. Once the couple had finally gone, our therapist had perhaps the most pleasurable jerk off session that he had experienced in years, and enough spank bank material to keep him going for a few days. And on top of all of that, the check cleared.

On the eve of the couple's second scheduled session, the pretend practitioner had decided on a course of treatment that might both rekindle their desires and also provide him with some better stories. She was given the assignment of sitting and watching computer porn with her husband -- and both were encouraged to wank along with the on-line erotica together before attempting any kind of return to the bedroom. Her little buzzing friend should not only be used by her but shared with him as well in a way that the "doctor" did not specify and that the two should decide on together.

Of course the two refused to play along at first. It would be embarrassing and perhaps not sanitary but the therapist held his ground. "Masturbation is organic and natural. You should explore it together." With a bit of coaxing, both agreed to give it a try and left, providing the therapist with a throbbing hard-on and an inspiration.

That evening, in the spirit of sharing healthy and natural masturbation, the therapist shared his cock and cum by by masturbating up a storm while a mousy young woman watched him on ChatRoulette. It was most gratifying.

New week -- new appointment. An unexpected turn of events and a crisis of sorts when it is revealed that the dear husband had "lost" the vibrator in his asshole during their attempt to share the sex toy. The wife, it appeared, had been just a bit too enthusiastic about inserting it into him again and again and she had eventually pushed it up so far that she couldn't pull it out again. The incident had happened just the night before, and the poor husband was still buzzing with indignation as the small toy was still crammed up his ass even as the couple shared the problem with their therapist.

A minor emergency but one that could be fixed without an embarrassing trip to the emergency room as it happened. The therapist just happened to have a supply of lubricant on hand and while he could not touch the husband due to insurance issues over the next few hours he managed to show the wife how to stretch out her husbands asshole enough to push her hand in and grab her beloved plastic vibrator.

It was not a clean procedure -- but not for the reason one might expect. The amount of offensive excrement was quite minimal. The problem was that the dear husband came like a race horse not once but twice during the time he was indelicately bent over the office desk. He left feeling rather raw and tired, but she seemed to have a confidence when they left. Perhaps he really was helping.

The checks from his couple provided enough that evening that he could afford to tip a young couple on webcam to imitate the day's procedure, but this time our therapist could witness it all with his dick in his hand.

On the next appointments, the therapist made steady inroads with this patient couple. By the end of appointment 5, she had sucked his cock twice. (One fellatio session was done at home and the second as part of an in-office observation process.) By appointment 7 he had taken a razor to his wife's out of control pubic fur and then used his tongue and mouth to clean up the area.

Our therapist was not only making a great supplemental income at this point, but had learned how he could grasp his raging cock under the desk duri

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