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The team gets to see their TV show pilot.

Then, one by one, he drew each of my legs up to the outer most corner of my bed and secured the other cuff to the bedpost. When he was finished, I was near folded in half with my legs spread wide across the queen size headboard. The air from the fan hit my wet pussy and I shivered. I was more exposed than I had ever been.
"Are you okay?" he asked, gently. I nodded quickly because I was so curious to see what he had in store for me. "There's one more thing, if it's okay," he smiled. I watched him reach into my nightstand again and pull out my sleep mask. "Wear this."
"But then I can't see you!" I protested. Seeing him was part of what got me so orgasmic to begin with. I liked to see the contours of his body. I liked to watch him doing the things that he did to me. It got me off, so to speak.
"Baby, trust me. I'm going to give you a birthday that you will not soon forget. If you let me cover your eyes, you will experience sensations like never before. It will heighten your other senses. So, can I do it?" he pleaded. For curiosity alone, I agreed.
He gently secured the sleep mask to my eyes with the band running around to the back of my head. I was reminded how much light it was able to block out as the entire room went pitch black before my eyes.
My senses were on high alert as I waited for his first move. There was nothing. The room was dreadfully quiet, and I became anxious. Suddenly, I felt his mouth going down on my pulsing pussy. His tongue lapped at me as if it were a dog in a water bowl. He ran his tongue up my slit and back down again. I felt my juices let loose and start dripping. I knew that this was his favorite part of me. He loved it when I was really wet.
Bryan's tongue slid up and down my slit and then dove into my hole. He sucked and slurped my juices which only led me to create even more. He pulled back and used his fingers to rub me while he kissed the back of each thigh. I bucked into his face when his mouth returned to me. His tongue fucked me in and out, in and out, and I was insanely aroused. Since my hands were free for once, I began to tweak and massage my nipples for an added effect. My breaths were becoming shorter and shorter as I felt Bryan's tongue move down to my ass hole. He lapped at the puckered hole and stuck his tongue inside. Having been accustomed to his fingers before, I did not jerk back. Instead, I felt myself grow hotter as his tongue drove deeper and deeper into my ass. My thighs began to quiver and I knew that I was about to cum. Bryan recognized the signs and he shoved his fingers into my wet pussy as his tongue plunged into my ass. I began to shake uncontrollably just as Bryan pulled himself back completely.
"Noooo," I yelped, "what are you doing?" I was whimpering in pent up ecstasy and I heard Bryan move to the side of my bed once again.

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