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A case of mistaken indentity and opportunity.

He traced his tongue lightly along her bottom lip, causing her to open her mouth and let him inside. Andrews groaned as he sank deeper into the kiss, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her closer to him. He reached around and stroked one of her luscious breasts. She sighed against his lips as he fondled her, lightly tracing his finger over her nipple and then palming her firmly.

He unlaced her nightgown and helped her out of it. He admired her perfect curves and creamy skin as she pushed him onto his back. There was nothing left of the humiliated and embarrassed Miss Montgomery from the night before. She straddled him and began to undo his trousers when he stopped her.

"Miss Montgomery, we cannot do this. You must be very sore from last night and I have no wish to harm you further."

"Call me Annabelle." She looked annoyed but complied with his wishes, removing her hands from his pants. Instead, she began to move on him, rubbing where she ached most in an effort to relieve the tension building inside of her.

"Let me help you with that, Annabelle." Andrews gave her a small smile as he put a hand on the small of her back and pulled her forward until she was straddling his face instead of his erection.

"What do you think you're doing, Lieutenant?" But Andrews already had his face buried in her sex. Annabelle grabbed the headboard for dear life while Andrews performed wicked acts on her with his tongue. He had parted her nether lips and was stroking her nubbin repeatedly, causing the mouth of her sex to contract on itself. Believing that she was sore, but not too much so that she could not accommodate a finger, he slid his index finger fully into her. Once again, he succeeded in bringing her to orgasm, and for the second time in her life, Annabelle felt her body explode. Andrews's face was flooded with her juices as she convulsed around his finger. He pulled his finger from her and drank up every sweet drop.

"Please make love to me, Lieutenant Andrews," Annabelle begged after she had regained her breath. Andrews was prepared to say no, but stopped himself when he saw the look in her eyes. Her beautiful eyes, which were normally chestnut brown like her hair, had darkened to a smoldering black. They spoke of a need that only he could fulfill. He grasped her hips and shifted her so that her legs were sprawled on either side of his and undid his pants, releasing his throbbing erection. He was poised at her gate, about to thrust into her. A terrible knock sounded at her door and disrupted the two.

"Miss Montgomery? I have come to speak with you. Do not think to hide from me, girl." It was Captain Hadley. Horrified, Annabelle turned to Andrews.

"He cannot know that you are here with me-I'm the enemy! Please hide. I will handle him and send him away." Andrews helped her dress and stepped onto the balcony just as she opened the door to Hadley. Below, he could see the men resting quietly in the coolness of the morning. A soldier left his tent followed by a female slave adjusting her dress.

What had he almost done? Andrews pondered his actions of the previous night and of that morning. He had gone to her chamber to apologize to her, and instead he ended up making love to her with his mouth. He had been reared a gentleman; he should have treated Annabelle like the lady she was, not a common whore. Furthermore, she was right-she was the enemy. Her father and brothers were enlisted in the rebel army. They were the people Andrews fought on the battlefields, who killed his family and friends. Why did Annabelle seem like the only good, decent person in this war? Why did Captain Hadley, a man in his own company, seem like the one he should be fighting?

Andrews turned his attention to what was occurring in Annabelle's bedroom just in time to hear Hadley shout.

"Stay still, you little whore! Stop wriggling and spread your legs for me!"

Andrews barged into the chamber where he saw Captain Hadley straddling a wildly frightened Annabelle.

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