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Jada is taught how to succeed in college.

Julia smiled at Jacob Klein's back fondly, as he left her office. "As I said I have two more applicants to interview, I'll let you know my decision by Friday Afternoon, thank you so much for coming in." she said. Christie, rose gathered her papers from the desk, put them in the manilla folder, leaving it tidily on Julia's desk, "Thank you for seeing me, Ms Warren, If I am not your choice please mail me back my papers, I have left a self addressed envelope inside, these are the originals, I didn't think to make copies.

She made for the door, not stopping as she left.

The phone was ringing as she unlocked the door to her apartment. Julia Warren was on the other end. "I have spoken to Sinclair & McMillan. Mrs. Michelle Collins was very frank. She said to say she regrets what happened. The real reason you left them is because you are a lesbian, you were in an office romance with her; out of fear for her own position in the firm, and being married, she decided to end it. The day she broke off the relationship with you, you resigned. You left them in good standing though. If you never lie to me again, can you start on Monday?" she asked.

Christie's heart was pumping so fast it was hard to speak, "Yes certainly, of course, what time would you like me to be there?" she asked.

"I like to start early, 8:30 will be perfect" Julia Answered, the phone went dead before she could frame a reply.

The alarm woke Christie early, after showering and drying her curly dark hair she stared at her closet deciding for the one-millionth time what to wear. Eventually, she slipped into a pair of plain frill-less white silk panties, and a matching under-wire bra that both pushed up and supported her full 34D breasts She pulled on a knee high brown cotton skirt, and beige blouse, leaving only the top two buttons undone. She completed the ensemble with a brown leather purse and matching spiked heels before leaving her apartment.

The doors to the elevator slid noiselessly open at precisely 8:20 and Christie made her way to the door, which was open. It was not Julia at the reception desk, though. The pretty young woman sitting at the reception desk looked up, smiled in query, "Can I help you?" she asked.

"I'm Christie Sanders, I am starting today." She answered.

"Oh, yah, PA for Julia?" she queried, "Yes, go on in to her office, she's waiting for you." She responded, pointing to Julia's closed door.

Christie knocked with more confidence than she actually felt.

Julia was dressed similarly to when she was interviewing, this time the blouse was gray silk, and the skirt black. Her lips were coated in mauve lip-gloss but her blush and eyeliner were the original hue of soft pink. Her wavy blonde hair was tied back with a maroon velvet ribbon.

"Glad you made it Christie, lets get started." She said from her desk.

Christie spent most of her time when she was awake, with, or working for her boss. Julia was tactical and virtually ruthless in court, her clients were mainly women, the majority of whom were openly gay. The verdicts in Julia's favor vastly outnumbered those against. Christie was often asked to work late and or at odd hours. Within days, Christie was completely devoted to her smart, efficient beautiful boss. By the end of her first month, Christie would gladly have given Julia anything she wanted. Christie strove to please, although the women were close as employer and employee could be, Christie was terrified to admit she was crazy in love with her sexy boss, however, neither had broken the personal barrier.

About six months after she began working with Julia she was woken early one Saturday morning by the ringing of the phone.

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