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Hubby tells how his father taught him to love women.

" Patrick replied. "Barb, I may not care for you but neither do I want anything to happen to you. I know that Kevyn warned you and I want to reiterate that warning. Please be careful and let someone know where you're going and with whom."

"I'm a big girl." Barb retorted, "I can take care of myself."

"I'm sure that you can." Patrick replied. "I'm only urging you to be careful in your pursuits. This is an entirely different setting than what you're used to."

"Why the sudden concern?" Barb asked.

"I would show the same concern for any woman." Patrick replied. "But you are Kevyn and Louise's sister and that makes you a part of my family. I just want you to be safe."

"Thanks for the concern." Barb said. "Tell Kevyn to call me after she talks to the landlord."

She didn't give Patrick a chance to reply before she hung up on him cursing.

"Just who in the hell does he think he is?" she muttered to herself as she began to plan her day.

The problem was transportation. Ollie was out of the question and it would be a cold day in hell before she'd ask Hans to take her anywhere. That left three options; she stayed in, rented a car or took a cab. Public transportation was out of the question. The next question was where she would go even if she had a vehicle. After thinking about it, she decided to take a cab, it would be cheaper than renting a car and besides, and she had no idea of where anything was.

She opened up her laptop, did a search for local entertainment, and found that there were several nightclubs not too far away from the hotel. She wondered who she could ask about them as she wasn't about to walk into some strange place without knowing anything about it. The one that caught her eye was named 'The Emerald'. She liked the name mostly because emeralds were her favorite gem. She did a brief internet search on each club before deciding on 'The Emerald', it had a lucky feel to it.

She looked through her closet and though about going shopping but didn't want to spend the money. The cover charge for the club was on the steep side and she had yet to wear that little black dress. It was much too early to think about going out so she surfed the web looking at the upscale dating sights to pass the time.

Kevyn called her several hours later with news.

"I talked to Mr. Graff and he says that it's alright for you to stay there and to take over the apartment once my lease is up."

"Thanks... Maybe I won't need it for the entire time." Barb replied.

Kevyn hesitated. She knew that Patrick had tried to warn Barb and that Barb had blown him off but she had to try again.

"Barb, I don't know what you're up to but please be careful..."

"I'm fine and yes I'll call if I need help! Better now?" she snipped.

Kevyn mentally threw up her hands. She had done all that she could do and changed the subject.

"I'll bring the keys by later tonight; we can go out for dinner too."

"Thanks but I'm going out tonight. I think that it's about time I get to know my new surroundings don't you?"

"Yes... where are you going?" Kevyn asked.

Barb wasn't going to tell her and felt slightly insulted that she had been asked but she told Kevyn where she was going.

"A place called 'The Emerald' it's not too far from here."

"The Emerald?" Kevyn asked. "Hold on, let me ask Patrick if he knows it."

Kevyn came back a few minutes later.

"He says that you should choose another club...."

"Why? Barb interjected, "It looks very elegant and upscale."


"Thanks for the heads up, maybe you can bring the keys tomorrow."

Barb hung up, went to the bathroom, turned on the tub and added several drops of the expensive bath oil to the water. As the tub filled, she laid her under things on the bed and took the dress and her shoes out of the closet. She had just gone into full rich man hunting mode.


Hans couldn't concentrate on his work. He kept replaying the conversation with the fate repeatedly in his mind. He had to make a decision and soon.

"Why am I agonizing over this?" he asked himself.

Theirs wouldn't be the first pairing that

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