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A young nurse submits to a doctor to save her career.

She then slowly stroked him several times, with poor Ben almost losing it before the night had started.

After repeating this very sexy treatment to each of us, she told us to sit and watch but not to touch ourselves yet. Fran had clearly thought about the previous session and planned her "show" well. She then laid on the cushions, spread her legs wide and started to circle her clit and gently rub her outer lips with one hand while pinching/pulling her nipples with the other hand. Although we all could see, she slowly rotated her position so that each of had a "head on" view. She was definitely getting into her show, and enjoying the effect she was having on us, our cocks dripping precum onto the floor. Fran started to whimper and undulate with her pussy dripping, clearly enjoying her self ministrations. It was obvious she was very turned on and possibly getting close to an orgasm, when she finished her rotation and was again in front of Ben. She then rose up to her knees, plunged two fingers into her now sopping wet pussy, pulled them out very slowly and seductively, and looking Ben in the eyes, scooted over to him, spread his legs wide and moving in between within inches of his dripping cock inserted her wet fingers into his mouth. Ben's eyes glazed over his cock jumped as he sucked her fingers clean. Fran then crawled over to me, and repeated her actions, spreading my legs, plunging her fingers into her pussy, and inches from my pulsing dripping cock offered her wet fingers to my waiting open mouth to taste her juices.

After repeating this for Tom and Mike, Fran said "show time" and told us to stand over her as she laid back on the cushions, but again instructed not to touch ourselves yet, she did not want us to cum.. She started to plunge two fingers into herself while rubbing her clit with the other hand, somewhat like she had done the first night, but with more abandon and less inhibition. As she started to "hump" her hands, in between whimpers she told us she now wanted to see us stroke for her but still not cum yet. Without any further encouragement we all started slowly stroking as we watched Fran's glazed eyes switching between our penises hovering over her. She continued to "fuck" her hole now with three fingers making wet slurping sounds as she switched between pulling her nipples and rubbing her clit with her other hand. As her speed increased, her whimpers got louder, her back arched, and eyes closed as she began to orgasm. Her orgasm was, although for different reasons, never the less intense, as she gushed and withered on the cushions below us. This time the intensity was due to the effect she knew she was having on us, exposing her body and sharing her most private experience with four naked stroking men. She continued to twitch and play with her pussy for a minuet then slowly opened her eyes as she went limp radiating an afterglow. Fran just lay glowing for several minuets, watching us slowly stroke our cocks.

As she finally started to regain her composure she sat up, flashed a weak smile licked her lips, and told us to sit. Fran then scooted over to Ben, spread his legs wide, instructed him to "play" with her boobs, while she "played" with his cock. She placed his hands on her tits, then looking into his eyes, his cock inches from her breasts, placed one hand under his balls and gently took hold of the base of his cock. Although he tried to prolong the session, after only a minuet of slow soft sensuous strokes with Fran encouraging Ben by saying "cum for me, let me see your cock spray its cum all over my tits", he exploded, on her chest between her breasts. Fran continued to look into his eyes, and slowly stroke till it became almost too sensitive.

She then wiped her hands on her thong, moved over to between my legs, and looking into my eyes cooed in a little girl voice, "you going to shoot

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