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Off the charts sexy waitress nails a nerdy guy.

She felt her nipples firm and knew they would be slightly visible but there was nothing she could do. If Brad noticed she would say she got a chill, but he didn't.

When the bill came Rudy insisted on paying. "Please Rudy you are here to help us."

"Nonsense. You are one of our franchisees I am here to help a business partner." The waitress had the bill and his gold card and was gone to the register before Brad could say anymore.

"Will you stay the night Rudy. We would be most honoured to have you as our guest for dinner and we have plenty of room for you to sleep over."

Carol heart was in her throat. Brad had invited the fox into the hen house. She wasn't against it but in that moment she knew that Rudy would keep making advances and she wasn't sure she could resist them. Not the she wasn't able but she didn't seem to be willing.

"Well that does sound rather nicer than the motel I stayed at last night...if it is ok with Carol." He said with a smile as his hand touched her back.

"Yes of course we would be delighted." She responded honestly as she felt herself loose her metaphorical footing. Carol was keenly aware of where this was going and she felt powerless to stop it.

A few more hours passed uneventfully. Rudy was busy camped out in Brad's office not giving her a chance to address his advances, not that she would have known what to do anyway. Brad was busy clearing space to make sure the builders could get right to work early the next morning.

Carol left ahead of the men and stopped at the grocery store to buy food for dinner. When she got home she changed into a flowery sundress and a pair of wedge sandals and put her hair up in a ponytail. When she was done she looked at herself in the mirror. It was only then that she was suddenly struck with that "what am I doing realization". The dress was short and showed a lot of leg and cleavage. It was strappy with a snug bodice so she wore no bra. Her sandals had a 3 1/2" heel. She was obviously trying to look sexy...for Rudy. Until she looked in the mirror it was s sub-conscious indulgence but now it was a reality. She should change but she heard Brad walking up the stairs. What would he think? She would look guilty? The door opened.

"Hi honey."

"Hi. Boy am I tired. What did you buy for dinner Carol. Do I need to get that grill fired up?"

"Um, yes I bought steaks and salad. I thought maybe I would make some pasta as well and reheat the tomato sauce."

"That sounds great. I will be right down." Said Brad as he went into the bathroom.

Son of a bitch thought Carol. He didn't even have the decency to notice or be jealous or even fucking wonder what is up while her mind is racing. Downstairs was a different story.

"Wow. You are a vision of loveliness." Enthused Rudy with his now familiar animalistic sincerity. She felt like Little Red Riding Hood - the wolf planned to eat her up and it might not have been right but it was genuine and visceral. "How can I help?"

"No need. You have done plenty. Please have a seat. Can I get you a drink?"

"Do you have a beer?"

"Yes of course. Have a seat. Would you like a glass?"


Carol got him a beer and a glass while he sat down. Then she poured it for him while he waited, put away the empty and brought him the glass.

"Thank you very much." Rudy leaned back in his seat, looked her up and down and sat there with a smile sipping his beer like he had the best seat and the best view ever known to man.

Now was not the time to ask about his wandering hands as Brad would be down any second. But truth is she enjoyed the way he devoured her with his eyes. It wasn't lascivious or sleazy or presumptious but more like the wolf trying hard to be good.

They resolved to eat their meal in courses - Italian style.

After the salad, Carol got the sauce going and the water boiling. Brad was outside lighting the barbecue when she was at the stove and Rudy passed behind her. "Do you mind if I grab another beer?"

"No please help yourself."

"Thank you.

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