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Two couples bet clothing on the score.

Instead, she kept pressing herself against his swollen groin and looked at him with a real funny look in her eyes. He didn't understand this, not at all. He was such a bundle of confused emotions and feelings he felt as if he were going to burst into tears. Then Mrs. Tillman backed out of his embrace, took his hand, and started for the doorway. Confused, scared, he went along with her.

Lois, whose emotions were in every bit as much turmoil as her young guest's, guided the passion-numb young man up the stairs into her bedroom. Despite her misgivings about what she was about to do, she couldn't stop herself. Once they were in her bedroom, she let go of the young man's hand, closed the door, then she turned to him. He stood there, breathing heavily, still as a statue.

Lois moved to him and again they kissed, the flames of lust leaping higher. As the kiss went on, Lois's fingers began to open the buttons of Dennis's shirt. Soon her hands were moving over the smooth skin of his heaving, hairless chest.

"Ahhhhhh!!!!" Dennis groaned while Mrs. Tillman's warm, smooth hands slid over his bare skin. This was real! It was really happening! Mrs. Tillman had opened his shirt and now she was rubbing her hands over him. It felt fantastic, too, better than anything he'd ever felt before in his life! Wild thoughts raced through his over-worked mind as the beautiful blonde woman continued to stroke his skin lightly.

Finally, Lois took the young man's hand and backed to the bed. Then they were lying on it, next to each other. Once more their lips met and their bodies pressed together.

Dennis's hands slid under the loose sweat shirt Lois wore, blazing trails of heat as they moved aimlessly over her silken skin. Then, somehow, the sweatshirt was off, as were his pants. Their naked bodies pressed together in a yearning embrace.

Lois slid her hand between them, across Dennis's belly, and found his throbbing erection. She grasped it gently, stroked it softly, and gloried in how wonderful it felt. She needed to be made love to desperately and was thrilled how big and hard he was!

Dennis's hands continued moving over Mrs. Tillman's body without pattern. He was turned on, confused, and more excited than he believed it was possible to be! He wished he knew what to do, how to make love to this stunning woman, but he didn't.

Lois gently urged the young man onto his back, then she knelt atop him, raised her hips and guided his swollen, veined shaft to the need-dampened lips of her vagina. Slowly she lowered herself, welcoming him into her body. "Well, I did it!" she thought, as ecstasy began to inundate her. "And God, does it feel wonderful!"

Dennis thought the top of his head would come off when Mrs. Tillman rolled atop him and absorbed his rigid cock into her clutching, fiery cavern. As often as he'd dreamed what this moment would be like, as good as he thought it would be, he found that the reality far exceeded his wildest dreams! His most fervent fantasies paled in comparison to the onslaught of exhilarating sensations that ripped through his young body as his swollen penis probed into the gorgeous older woman's body!

The intensity of the experience caused Lois to marvel, too. When Dennis's erection slid into her it felt so intensely wonderful she almost came! She stayed still atop him for a while, savoring the wonderful feelings blossoming inside her. When she'd calmed a bit she slowly began to rock her hips and felt his shaft slide in and out of her.

Dennis couldn't stand it. He was too turned on, far too aroused! The pressures in his body reached the bursting point and exploded as he raced beyond the limits of his control. "Aggggggghhhhhhhh!!!!!! Goddddddd!!!!" he groaned. "I'm...I'm gonnna commmmeeeeeee!!!! Ohhhhhhhhhh!!!!!" While he screamed, his penis began to pulsate, each spasm more exquisitely pleasurable than the last, then jets of his seed spewed into Lois's womb.

When she felt the young man's hot fluids gushing into her, Lois plunged over the edge.

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