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Luna goes to the movies with some "friends".

As with her lip, he bit softly on her nipple and tugged, slowly rolling his tongue over the puckered skin surrounding it. He pushed her away from the tree, just far enough to slip the white cotton blouse completely from her body, and then he pushed the bare skin of her back against the rough bark, as he moved to the other nipple. She squeezed and released handfuls of his hair, pressing his face to her chest, as he dropped the white blouse on top of the red sweatshirt.

A small cry escaped her lips when the finger in her pussy found just the spot. Taking that cue, he concentrated his ministrations in that area, and soon she was coming. Her body rigid against the tree, eyes squeezed tightly shut, as the small spasms coursed through her in slow, undulating waves. She pressed herself greedily against his hand, wanting the waves to go on and on. The sensations at her breast and her groin were overpowering, her body in spasm, breath ragged.

The distant rain finally caught up to them, coming down through the heavy forest canopy, making the woods around them sizzle with every little drop. The cold rain on their hot skin sent up little plumes of steam, and he let out a moan of pure ecstasy, low and drawn out, luxuriating in the feel of the water on his flesh. He turned his face up, letting the rain drip lazily onto his face, into his mouth. She cast her eyes down and watched the tiny rivulets making their way down his muscular chest and abdomen, through the little line of hair coming up from the waistband of his jeans and disappearing into them.

Brazenly, she allowed her tongue to follow their trails, dragging her tongue hungrily down his neck, biting and kissing as she went. Down over his chest, stopping to lick and suck his nipple. Biting and kissing down over his belly. She soon found herself on her knees in front of him, eyes fastened on the tautly stretched fabric of the denim over his groin, the shape and size of his cock obvious as it pressed against his hip. She nibbled along his shaft through the jeans, up to the head and back down, pressing soft kisses against the bulge of his testicles.

He thought he was going to explode when she dragged her teeth firmly along the same path that she had just nibbled, her hands coming up and massaging his balls as she did this. He groaned heavily, fists clenched at his sides, fighting for control.

The button was hard to open, due to the tightness of his pants, but she managed. Her fingers took the clasp of his zipper and pulled down slowly, one agonizing tooth at a time. When she finally had lowered the zipper enough to allow, his cock sprung out, achingly hard and visibly pulsing. With every beat of his heart it leapt slightly, feeling like it was a foot long and dangerous. The head was a dark purple and the shaft had one large vein running across the top. It disappeared into the patch of wiry hair at the base of his abdomen.

A glistening drop of clear liquid formed in the slit at its crown and she darted her tongue out, touching it briefly to the tip of his cockhead. The little drop held to her tongue in a long, thick string before breaking and dropping onto her bottom lip and chin.

Wrapping her hand around his cock, she gripped it firmly, giving a little squeeze and watching with delight as more of the clear liquid oozed out. He groaned again, reaching out and placing his hands gently against the sides of her head, urging her forward, pleading wordlessly. She looked up and met his gaze, staring down at her with those gray eyes, hungry and needful, almost violent in their gleam. His lips were parted and he breathed slowly and heavily through his mouth, his chest heaving.

One long shiver coursed through his entire body when she finally bent her head and took him into her mouth.

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