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Hot sex with girlfriend and her girlfriend.

"That's it, sweetheart," he praises you, smiling as you move faster on your own, moaning enthusiastically as you suck and lick. "Mm, just like that. Get me nice and hard and wet so I can fuck you until you scream."

You lift your head and gasp, "Joe, please!" You're so turned on you can barely stand it. Joe chuckles again; he knows exactly what he's doing to you and he loves it.

He's fully erect again, so he lets go of your hair, reaching down and putting two fingers under your chin. "Come up here, sweetheart." You clamber onto his lap, perching on his thighs. He wraps one arm around your waist to hold you steady, cupping your cheek in the other, drawing you to his mouth so he can give you a slow, soft, sensual kiss. As he nips and sucks at your lips, you reach down and start stroking his cock again, your breasts hovering just above his chest.

You curl your other hand around his throat, holding him tightly in place, licking his lips before slipping your tongue into his mouth, jerking the first few inches of his cock fast and hard. Joe pants into your mouth, his hips thrusting up into your palm as he grips your waist with both hands and swiftly stands with you.

You yelp, both of your arms flying around his shoulders as you fall against him, your tender breasts meeting the rough hair on his chest. You whimper and bury your face in his neck as he kicks off his shoes and pants and carries you to the couch. Before he sits, he bounces you up further in his arms so your chest is in his face. You giggle, sinking your fingers into his soft hair and kissing the spot between his eyebrows as he sinks down into the cushions, spreading his legs, pushing your thighs outward so you're stretched open over him.

Joe slides his hands down your legs until he's touching your bare skin. As he drags them back up, slipping his long fingers under your skirt to push it slowly to your hips, he nuzzles your breast, taking your nipple between his lips and biting it playfully. You take a shaky breath, your breasts trembling against his face. You feel him smirk as he rubs his short, slightly prickly beard on your smooth skin, making you whine.

He moves his hands, unbuttoning your shirt so that your breasts fall more firmly against his face. He starts licking and sucking your nipple, softly at first, then harder. He cups your other breast in one of his large hands, teasing that nipple with his fingers, pinching it lightly, then twisting it. His free hand moves between your legs; he tugs your panties down just enough to expose your clit before grabbing his dick and rubbing the swollen head against your sensitive nub.

You groan loudly, winding Joe's hair in your fingers and pulling it roughly, your thighs shaking as he teases you with his mouth, fingers, and cock. He drags his lips over to your other nipple, leaving a wet trail across your breasts before taking the thin strap of your panties in both hands and snapping it roughly. "Joe!" you whimper as he snaps the other strap, tugging the fabric away from you in one smooth motion and leaning back just enough to press the ruined garment to his face and smell it before he tosses it aside.

"Soaking wet for me already, sweetheart?" he growls, cupping a breast in each hand so he can lick and suck at your nipples again, first one, then the other, alternating back and forth quickly. Your back arches and your belly presses against his; you can feel him bobbing between your legs, hot and heavy.

Joe rests his face between your breasts, squeezing and kneading them.

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