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The second story in the Sharon & Laura Series.

I never said or did anything because you were married to Stan. When you and Stan divorced I still said nothing because I had nothing to offer you. I was still studying, and couldn't afford to keep a wife...

That shook me to the core. "A wife!" He had actually thought of marrying me. I decided to bring the conversation to a close, and started to say, "Now Allen..." but he cut in to finish what he was saying.

..."But now I have a profession and a good income, so..."

It was my turn to cut in. "Stop it, Allen..."

I couldn't go on. His hands had slowly moved down to my barely covered breasts and were lightly caressing them. "I love you, Stella. I want you so badly. I've wanted you for years."

I know I should have tried to physically stop him, but in truth, I did not want him to stop. I continued to make my verbal protests, "You mustn't, Allen. You can't want me. Think of your mother and father..."

He had removed my bikini top and his hands now held my full naked breasts. Stan had never been so gentle and loving. He had been rough with me, but Allen was squeezing my nipples to just below the point of pain - squeezing and letting go again. I felt my clitoris begin to throb and my vagina to lubricate.

Despite my protests, my body was making itself ready for penetration. It was as if my physical self knew what it hungered for, and was announcing that the long famine was over. Whatever my rational self might protest, my body was demanding satisfaction. It would no longer be denied the fare it craved.

Through a haze of emotional conflict I heard Allen speaking again.

"Stella, tell me you don't want my love, say I can't have your body, I'll go away and never bother you again. But only reject me if you truly want to reject me."

I tried to speak the lie - to tell him I didn't want him, but my voice failed me.

I was seated in an office chair and now Allen swung the seat round so I was facing him. He looked me straight in the eyes. "Tell me now to go, if you must."

I made a last desperate attempt to dismiss him, but all I got out was, "I...I..."

My emotions were in such turmoil I thought I might faint, but at that point, having failed to reject him, Allen kissed me. This focused me very suddenly.

His lips were soft on mine, his tongue exploring them until, unable to hold back, I opened them to let him enter my mouth. His kiss was long and searching, and when he broke away he removed my bikini bottoms. Putting his hands under my buttocks he raised my vagina and lowered his mouth to it.

"Oh God, his tongue is inside me, exploring, licking and thrusting. He's lifting the hood of my clitoris." I wanted to scream with joy at the sheer rapture that I was experiencing. " Allen, Allen, what are you doing to me? You'll drive me mad."

He stopped, but only to lift me in his arms. He carried me to the bedroom and lay me on the bed.

Any thoughts of protest or rejection were out of the question now. It was all too late. My body hungered for him. My whole being yearned for him. Yet, in the deep recesses of my mind there arose the fear, unspoken, but present. "Oh Allen, is this just satisfaction of your lust? Will you take me, then loathe me? I've been hurt before, please don't hurt me again. Don't speak to me of love, if it is only lust you feel. Don't ask for my love, only to throw it back at me."

I was ready for him - more ready than I had ever been with Stan, even at the time I loved him. My vagina was saturated and as Allen stripped I could see the precum glistening on the crown of his penis. I wanted to lick it off, but he was too urgent for me. He slid into me, and as I flexed my vaginal muscle round his shaft he gave a little cry and said, "Oh Stella, that's so wonderful."

So now I lay with him still inside me, but I was snapped out of my dream state, as I became aware that his penis was erect again and he was moving inside me once more.

The love thoughts I dared not utter went tumbling through my mind again.

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