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In which the stalkers enjoy their prey.

"Now, lie down on the bed, face down. Spread your arms and legs."

It hurt to walk. I glanced at myself for an instant in the mirror, and was a bit shocked at what I saw. My legs and buttocks were crisscrossed with red, angry-looking welts. I was walking hunched over like an old man with degenerative spinal disease.

I lay down on the bed, spread-eagled. For just a few moments, I closed my eyes and rested, absorbing the feeling from my stinging backside. I felt that I was no longer in control of anything that happened to me. I was completely at Alicia's mercy. The thought, while in one way terrifying, was in another way comforting. I would have to trust in her love and restraint. While my punishment that night might be severe, as long as she did it in love, I could take it.

I felt something go around my ankle, then get pulled tight. Then something went around my other ankle. It too was pulled tight. Something went around my right wrist. I opened my eyes and saw Alicia bending down and tying one of the wrist restraints we used at the hospital, to the frame of the bed. Then, she went around to my left wrist, and did the same.

Now in four-point restraint, I was completely helpless. I closed my eyes again, grinding my hard cock, with its attached bauble, into the bed. I sensed Alicia near, and opened my eyes. For a moment, I could see nothing. There was something in front of my eyes. It was the wooden hairbrush. Alicia touched it to my lips, and I kissed it.

"Are you ready, Phillip?" Alicia asked.

"Yes, oh yes, Mistress."

She started with the paddle on my buttocks, working downward to my thighs. It wasn't long before I was gritting my teeth to keep from crying out. As always, however, I lost. Soon I was gasping and moaning, and even trying to avoid the blows. As I did so, I heard Alicia chuckle softly, and the blows came even harder.

Eventually, they stopped. I gave a huge sigh of relief. I blinked away tears. My ass throbbed with pain. I lay as still as possible, as every movement was agony. I felt the exquisite pain-pleasure of Alicia's hand caressing my thighs and buttocks. Alicia untied the restraints.

"Turn over," she whispered.

I turned over carefully. I saw with despair that my cock had gone partly soft. "Oh Mistress," I cried heartbrokenly "I've failed you."

For a instant, I saw her lip quiver. "I'll forgive you this time," she said. "Go ahead and get it hard again."

I took my cock in my hand and, looking at her, began to masturbate myself back to full erection. The charms jingled as I pumped my cock.

"Would you like to see?" she asked quietly.

I nodded silently.

Alicia reached behind her and pulled the dress zipper down. She shrugged, and the garment fell to the floor. She was now naked before me, except for the garter belt and stockings.

She was, as always, magnificent. Her hair was long and thick and very red. Her skin was creamy white and flawless. Her pubic hair, though dense, was trimmed and under control. To my intense excitement, I saw also that Alicia was wearing erotic jewelry. From her left nipple hung a small, non-piercing charm. Dangling between her legs, I saw two small jewels hanging on a delicate golden chain.

I was fully erect in a matter of seconds, after seeing Alicia in all her glory.

"Stay still. Don't move," she ordered. Then she climbed up on the bed and straddled my head. I looked up and saw her red-haired pussy with its dangling jewelry descending upon me. I was engulfed in the smell and the feel of Alicia's hot, wet pussy against my mouth and cheeks.

"Eat my pussy," Alicia commanded. "Make me come, Phillip."

I began licking her up and down the moist chasm, working around the clip on the jewelry as well as I could. She spread her legs even more, and I darted my tongue up to probe at her asshole.

Alicia reached down and removed the jewelry from her pussy, then held her labia open for me. I now had full access to her. I put my hands on her butt, and gripped her, pulling her down so that I was totally immersed in her hot, wet, sweet-smelling sex.

I was like

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