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The pot was filled with water and mounted atop a stack of wood that had been lit on fire. The water was slowly bubbling, and Brittany could feel the heat rising and baking her exposed tits. The boiling water was far enough away as to not cause any damage to the girl's flesh, but Brittany was concerned about the stability of the platform she rested upon. If the sawhorses shifted or the rack broke, she knew her breasts would fall into the bubbling water below. But bound as she was, she couldn't move at all and just had to lie there as the steam from the pot warmed her body.

But Brittany knew she was experiencing far less discomfort than her friend Susan who was currently being roasted next to one of the suckling hogs. From Brittany's vantage point, her best friend appeared to be skewered by a thick stainless-steel pole that was shoved into the girl's vagina and protruded from her open mouth. Susan's ankles had been tied together with thick wire, which was then wrapped tightly around the metal rod, causing it to look like Susan was straddling the rod, her knees bent and dangling. The girl's wrists had been bound with the same type of wire and rested on the small of her bare back.

What Brittany and the other students could not see easily from a distance was there were two supporting poles that were mounted to the skewering rod at a point near Susan's pussy. One rod ran along her stomach and was fastened to the collar around Susan's neck while the other ran between her butt cheeks and under her bound wrists and was fastened to the other side of her collar.

Even though Susan was not actually completely skewered by the stainless-steel rod, the discomfort it caused was real. The front end of the rod had been inserted deep into her mouth. For once Susan was glad she had experience giving blow jobs because otherwise the metal would have surely gagged her. As it was, she had to keep swallowing her saliva, and what she couldn't dribbled out of her open mouth.

But if the front end of the spit caused discomfort, the back end was much more painful. The metal rod had been shoved as deep as possible into Susan's pussy, which was already aching and raw from the day previous where she had been machine fucked by the dildo on the RC dolly. The rod had been lined rubber nubs that stimulated Susan's tortured sex as the bar turned, and she was sure she could feel vibrations as well as she slowly rotated. While she wasn't actually impaled, she felt as if she had been. There was nothing she could do but lie there and spin and wait for the next orgasm to hit her.

The heat from the charcoal had initially been a blessing when she had first been mounted on the spit in the early morning hours but now her oiled body felt as if it was really roasting in the heat. One of the cooks came along every so often to brush more oil onto her bare skin, basting her.

The students returned indoors while the cooks began removing the turkeys and pigs and beef roasts from the pits in the courtyard and taking them inside for final dinner preparations. Brittany looked over at Susan and wondered how long she and her friend would be left to roast. A little tinge of fear had come over her that perhaps this would be the end for her and her friend.

As the students assembled in their seats for dinner, several of the school cooks returned to the courtyard. The first pair approached Brittany and extinguished the flames under the metal pot beneath her. Slowly they lifted the rack supporting her off its brackets and carried her face down into the cafeteria. Students' heads turned as she was paraded, still bound to the metal rack through the cafeteria to the kitchen.

Meanwhile, two other cooks lifted Susan's pseudo-impaled body off the rotisserie where she had been bound and likewise walked her through the eager crowd in the cafeteria towards the kitchen.

The cooks and their assistants got to work untying the nude girls from their bondage.

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