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An inexperienced Domme helps a couple get back together.

I'm sorry to interrupt, but I do have an important announcement. After discussion and planning with your cluster commanders, I have decided that the following clusters will be involved in external missions outside this settlement tomorrow: Clusters One, Five, Six and Thirteen. These missions are not randomly scheduled; they are urgent and important. As such your studies have greater urgency, and I urge you to put in extra effort. Oh, and lunch is served at one-two-zero-zero hours sharp. Transmission over." He tapped his keyboard, and then he blacked out - and almost immediately reappeared.

"Ah, miss... Jamie Fenning. How are your studies coming along?" I was stunned for a moment. Did I know him before?

"Just fine. Sir."

"Well..." He allowed himself a wry smirk, "I just thought you might like to know that of all the settlers at their terminals, you're the only one in the buff. Well, the only one worth looking at. There's one other old guy." I bit my lip, shocked one second and then hastily composed the next.

"I didn't know the apartments were being surveiled, Sir. I apologize for my attire. This won't happen again." Even as I spoke I cursed myself. Stupid stupid STUPID. Of course they could bug the place, why did you assume?

"Actually, it's not a hidden surveillance cam. It's just at the bottom of your monitor, just above the volume roller, see?" His hand reached out and then his image was obscured by a magnified thumb passing across his lens. "You just have to cover it up. And you should. Don't want to expose yourself to anyone chatting with you."

"...Or do you?" He smiled, a polite, slight, slighting smile, and then was over and out. Immediately I rummaged around lockers and stoppered the lens with a blob of blu-tac. What's done is done - but it wasn't good to know your most senior commander had come to take personal notice of you in day one 'cos you bared your chest to him. Well, at least you didn't get flustered, and he had the decency to tell you. I sighed, and then clicked on to the first of my 'Learning modules': Espionage Fundamentals.

Pressing on past Post-Emergency Situations, Stealth and Assimililation, I'd reached a morbidly intriguing section on the use of laser shotguns when a perky 'ding-dong!' heralded a small pop-up at the bottom right corner: "Lana Samuel seeks comm-link. Accept / Decline?" Just when I was about to click to accept I realized that my cam was blocked. Because I wanted to be naked. Sure we might've been close before but she might not remember. Hopping out of my seat I flipped through my wardrobe. Something casual, something cute. Suits, blazers, work shirts, tees, tank top - tank top it is. I slipped it on, noting with some satisfaction that it fit my assets quite snugly. I peeled the blu-tac off and clicked on accept - well, almost. The pop-up was gone. Damn, I must've taken too long.

The digital clock on the tabletop read 11:34. Sixteen minutes to lunch, to meeting Lana again. I slipped on a denim jacket and baggy cargo shorts. I know, so tomboyish, but I didn't fancy complete strangers eyeballing my long legs. Especially not that creepy guy earlier. Besides, they were comfy. I scanned through the last of Basic Small Arms and then popped out to check on lunch.

The dining room was past the living room, between the fireplace and the kitchen. A simple mahogany oval table dominated the space, with matching chairs. A bespectacled teen was my only companion, and he was busy wiping considerable dust off the furniture with a moist washcloth, oblivious to my arrival. I was fifteen minutes early.
"Hello there. Thanks for helping out." I offered a smile, he nodded and grumbled back.

"I'm sorry, what did you say?" I'm not used to impertinence. Not from nerds.

"Sigh. You're welcome, I guess. But it's not like I have a choice. I'm not from this cluster. I'm from sixteen. You know, menial labor, interns, college kids."


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