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I go to her place this time.

"It's okay."

"What else are you going to teach me, ma'am," Kurt asked hopefully. He was so horny that he felt like he would explode if she stopped now.

Miss Moore smiled. "Well, first you need to take off your shirt," she told him.

"Okay," Kurt said as he quickly pulled his t-shirt up his body.

Miss Moore helped him take it off his head and toss it aside. She caressed his bare chest.

Her hand on his slightly hairy chest turned him on. He was proud that he had a few muscles for her to touch from his time on the football team in high school last year. He was glad to be out of school, but it hadn't been all bad.

"See how good that feels? Just take your time and touch," she said.

He took her at her word and touched her leg. When she didn't stop him he gently and slowly caressed down the inside of her left thigh. He caressed very lightly across her lacy pink panties, feeling the heat of her pussy. He caressed up her right thigh trying to tease her like she had teased him.

Miss Moore looked down at him and asked, "How did you eat her pussy?"

Kurt froze. He knew this was not what he should say but he had to tell the truth. "I didn't."

She frowned at him. She lifted her skirt fully and said, "Put your head right here."

Happy that she hadn't yelled at him, he scooted back so he could drop his head toward her crotch. When her pussy was just inches from his nose he rolled his eyes up at her and asked, "Right here?"

She nodded. "Smell that," she told him. "Smell those panties."

Moving forward slightly, Kurt put his nose less than an inch from her panties. He inhaled. The musky smell of her excited pussy penetrated every fiber of his being and his neglected cock lurched with lust.

Miss Moore slowly reached down, hooked her fingers into the side of her panties, and pulled them aside, revealing her excited clean-shaven pink pussy. "Show me how you eat pussy," she demanded.

"Okay," Kurt replied. He was so turned on. Miss Moore's pussy looked similar to Dani's, pale skin surrounding pink lips. However, the area around Miss Moore's pussy was not as pale as Dani's, it had a ruddy appearance, and the lips were puffier. He bent forward and began licking at her pussy. He lapped at her with the flat of his tongue, tasting the juices that coated her there.

"Not like that," she corrected him.

He stopped and looked up at her in surprise. "No?" he asked.

"No. You're doing it like a dog at a bowl of water," she told him.

He frowned. He thought he knew so much, but it was turning out that he didn't really know much of anything at all.

"Lick it like you're kissing me," she told him.

"Lick it like the way we kiss?" he asked incredulously.

"Yes," she replied.

"Okay," he said.


Dani was so turned on she couldn't stand it. Her nipples were hard as pebbles in her blue tank top and her pussy was flowered open under her short blue skirt. She wore no bra and no panties, the dew of her excitement coating the inside of her thighs from her touching herself as she watched her mom teach her boyfriend about sex.

She sat in the chair in the darkened den, off to the side where her boyfriend, Kurt, couldn't see her. Her mom, of course, knew she was there the whole time. She'd been the one who had put her there and told her to wait and watch quietly.

She was so happy when her mom gestured her to come forward. She got up on shaky legs and walked over to stand beside the couch and into the light. She watched her boyfriend eat her mom's pussy. They were the two people she loved most the in the whole world.

Her hand dropped to her own pussy, touching herself, as her mom said to Kurt, "Mmm, like that. You feel that right there? Suck on that right there. Put your mouth on that."

She watched Kurt respond, pursing his lips around her mom's clit and sucking gently. If only she could tell him what to do like her mom could. Her mom was so confident and sexy.

"Keep going," her mom cooed, her breathing heavy. "Right there!"

Slurping sounds came from her mom's crotch as Kurt ate her for all he was worth.

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