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An evening studying for an "oral" exam.

Seeing her mother's face in the mirror, Trisha almost didn't recognize the woman. There was an expression on her face that she had never seen on anybody in her entire life and it scared her just a little. The zipper had been pulled all the way down to just above her butt and the attached tail by then, but still the girl did not move. She just stared into the mirror in fascination as if she were watching a TV show or movie instead of seeing something that was happening to her in real-life.

The gust of cool air that blew down her back as the clammy, clinging body suit was opened was an undeniable relief, though.

It was kind of difficult to pull down the top of Trisha's body suit one handed since it clung so tightly to the girl's flesh, but her mother would tug down one side and then the other until she had exposed her daughter's shoulders, her chest, and then her firm breasts. Having her own mother undress her finally shook the girl out of her near paralysis and she started to squirm, but the older woman's hand on her throat tightened just enough to discourage that.

"See?" Constance purred, her voice husky and her breath hot on the girl's ear. Reaching around Trisha, her mother ran a slow, caressing hand over the girl's breasts which made her nipples nice and hard. "You can see just as much when you're topless as you could when you were wearing that silly outfit."

Trisha's skin broke out in goose bumps, but it was not because of the cool air that was only now able to blow across her hot and sweaty skin. There was just something about what was happening to her in her parent's bedroom that night that was getting her more aroused than she had ever been over any of those dreamy guys she was always mooning over.

As her mother's boldly straying hand slid under one of the girl's breasts to heft it for a moment in her palm and give it a little bounce, Trisha groaned loudly and sighed in a soft, hoarse voice, "Mom . . ." She couldn't seem to catch her breath, her heart was pounding hard in her chest, and Trisha actually thought she might swoon if she didn't get control of herself soon.

Bringing her hand up to brush back her daughter's hair to expose her ear, Constance leaned in to run the tip of her tongue along the curve of her ear. "You're not going to that party tonight, Trisha," she whispered huskily. "You're going to stay home. With me." Trisha's legs got all rubbery under this assault and she sagged back against her mother.

Only now did her mother release her hold on Trisha's throat, standing the girl up again on her own two feet. Constance then knelt to peel the body suit the rest of the way down and have Trisha step out of it. A shiver ran through the young woman as the relatively cool air in the room hit the rest of her hot, sweaty body.

As long as she was sitting on her heels with a tight young ass right in front of her, Constance decided to take full advantage of the opportunity this presented her. "Lean forward just a little, sweetie. Good! Now reach back here with both hands and spread your cheeks nice and wide for me." The girl did all this without question, closing her eyes and taking a deep breath. Wrapping one arm around each of the girl's long legs, Constance leaned in close, her tongue darting out to work on the teenaged girl's sphincter.

A small cry was forced out of the girl as the tip of her mother's tongue invaded her asshole. Trisha never would have guessed that she would have enjoyed something that seemed as dirty as analingus, but she was soon squirming and whimpering from her mother's attentions and ready to promise her anything she wanted to keep her from stopping.

Dressed in just a pair of high heeled shoes, a headpiece with cat ears, and a thin collar hung with a little bell, Trisha stood in the middle of her parent's bedroom and let her own mother lick her butt.

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