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Fun at the hot springs. Twists and turns.

Arghhhh! Stian is looking so voluptuous and titillating and arousing right this instant and moment. Is he in reality and truthfully mine? Mine alone? All of him in his entirety?

First, I lick and sweep and dust my puzzled, fascinated, and tickled-to-fancy tongue over his bulky, inviting, and irresistible-looking thighs. He moans and sighs out raucously as I do that. Damn him for it! Won't he just enjoy and take pleasure and joy in this noiselessly and in hushed tones. He is a man after all, isn't he, and not some psychological, emotive, and tear-jerking woman just like me? Even with the rolling and booming and thundering of his rumbustious and boisterous sighs and moans and whines, I keep on at raking and sweeping and brushing his legs and thighs with my tongue, cheering and tickling him roseate to the very core and crux as I do so.

Then I land and get as far as his jumbo and gargantuan John Dong is. Yes. It is at present moment prickled-up and standing firm and risen up straight too. And it is showing or exhibiting no any manifestations or gesticulations of plummeting and tripping down frail and decrepit and anaemic anytime sooner from now. No, it is categorically not.

Without seizing or laying hold of it with my hands, I take and eat it up in its entirety and fullness in my merry and ecstatic mouth, bashing and clipping it hard but good-humoredly in the farther borders and peripheries and extremities of my mouth. Yeah. All so sweetened and icky! I love it...I am in love with its sweating, in-perspiration like smell...I hold dear and dote on its redolence and bouquet and stench. Don't you?

"Yeah, Ragnhild, my baby! Keep doing it; press on with it," this Stian asserts and asseverates to me, looking and seaming all joyous and elated and on cloud nine. And am I stoked and rapt and floating on air just like he is? You can be most certain and positive and dauntless about it!

Why are men's penises and John Thomases so saccharine and sugary and honeyed? Not that I have tasted and chewed and scoffed avariciously all dicks and phalluses and winkles and joysticks that go vertical and prickled-up and rigid and firm in this entire world of ours. I have not. And I will not ever do such kind of a thing, will I? Hell-way no!

Stian Elberd has the most sweetest and enjoyable cock organ and vagina and ass pecker in the entire world. Do you differ in opinion and dispute with me? Well, if you were in my shoes and feet, you would obviously and undeniably know what it is that I am talking and shooting the breeze about here. You sure and come hell or high water would.

While I lick and slap and plash and gurgle every inch of Stian's massive and wonderful erection, I lay down and establish my hands deep into his sexual provoking and flirtatious underwear so that I can brace and hold on to a bit and chunk lot of his arse and butt behind there. Yeah. It is all so sweetened and honeyed and pleasurable and enjoyable to grasp and cling on to. Do you dare take issue with me on this or cross swords against me in other words?

Goodness! This sex and rumpy-pumpy is steadily but assuredly and unfalteringly killing me. It verily and surely and without a doubt is doing all that indeed. Arghhhh! I love it! I dote on this! I think the world of this-don't you?

It is funny and weird.

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