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What happens to the abandoned.

I tongue fuck you as you scream my name and beg for me to let you cum!

A request which I repeatedly deny and warn you not to speak again!

My arms and hands around your ass cheeks, grabbing a hold of the ass plug I begin to fuck your asshole with it! Your clit is held by the clamp attached to your nipples and it is unable to feel the wrath of my tongue at this point!

I pull the plug from your asshole, your hole is wide open! Pushing you backward, I position my dripping wet cock at the entrance to your asshole and unceremoniously plunge deep into your bowels and start to fuck you wildly with long and deep hard strokes, lifting my hips off the bed driving deeper into your ass with each stroke!

I feel my cum beginning to boil up deep within my balls and decide that the time has come to reward you for the wonderful ways you have pleased your Master!

I withdraw my cock from your deliciously tight ass and tell you that you are now allowed to cum and will do so in my mouth! You quickly scoot up and position yourself over my face, presenting your cunt to my lips!

I quickly remove all the clamps from your labia and your clit and your cunt lips close! I place my entire mouth over your labia and clit at the same time and start to suck hard, sucking your labia and clit deep into my mouth!

All the pent up emotions from you are too much and you immediately begin to cum! You cum so hard that you squirt, and squirt and squirt and seem to be unable to stop. Your delicious cum squirting right into my waiting mouth! I try to swallow as much as I can saving some for you but there is so much it dribbles down my chin and onto my neck! Your whole body is convulsing and shaking from this wonderful release finally approved by your Master!

Finally not having spoken a single word I straighten up from under you and offer you a taste of your wonderful cum, which you greedily take from my lips! Wrapping my arms around you I thrust my cock into your sopping wet pussy and begin impaling you on my raging cock.

Holding you tight against me I roll you onto your back with you deeply impaled on my cock. Our mouths still locked together, I fuck you, ramming my cock into you filling you. Fucking you harder and harder, your pussy clenching my raging bull cock. Your cunt gushing around my cock as I bang your twat, bang you to oblivion! Ramming it into you my body begins to stiffen, to shudder, I thrust deep into your womb and fire my seed deep inside you. Holding you tight, our mouth still locked together, I suck the breath out of you, your body goes limp and I collapse on top of you, my cock still throbbing inside you!

You awake to a sharp pain and the smell of burning flesh, as I finish pushing the needle slowly through your outer labia. I push the diamond stud through the hole snapping it in place and kissing it gently.

I attach my leash to your collar and lead you to my dungeon.

You know what is coming, you know you have been disobedient.

Bliss in the Dungeon

Once in the Dungeon, Bliss immediately assumed her slave position. The Master smiled and told her to stand facing the wall to her right.

Her eyes opened wide, she stared at a male figure shackled to the wall. A ball gag in his mouth, and his cock and balls secured in a Gates of Hell.

"Bliss, this is Alex. He is on loan from his Mistress. He is here to observe your punishment." Her Master gloated.

Bliss could not believe her master would do this to her, humiliate her in front of a stranger.

"Oh, Master please don't do this." She begged.

"Bliss." Her Master ordered. "I want you to kiss his cock."

Bliss did as she was ordered, she crawled over in front of Alex and kissed his throbbing tool.

Alex groaned as her lips touched the tip of his hardening cock. The rings around his cock tightening. His shaft straining and turning a bright red-purple.

The Master pulled Bliss away from this whipping boy.

"Up on the rack Bliss!" He ordered. "Spread your legs and lie back!"

The Mast

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