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Chris finally gets his.

"What's your plan showing me this?" He unzipped his pants and free his own boner. When he heard Meagan moaning so hard on Reginald, the sitting man started to masturbate. He watched Reginald taking control and pivoted his hips in his horny wife's throat. The look Meagan gave to him made Reginald a merciful appearance.

Reginald took out the spoon and chuckled as he pulled out of Meagan, so she could breathe. "Darling, are you that hungry? You know, I could treat you."

Meagan grinned. "I know you're going to treat me. But first I'm still hungry for your package." She unbuttoned her lacy blouse and popped her boobs from it. You heard me, guys, she popped them. She wore no bra whatsoever. She knew very well of her intentions. Reginald knew of this too, and he placed only his tip over his wife's ivory cleavage. Meagan felt delighted over his subtle movements. With that, she started to rub her husband's erection with her blushing snowballs. (Okay, for the record, it's Meagan's personal pet name for her boobs. When she told me about them, someone overheard it and rofl. Hey, if she wanted me to put it in there, that's her choice. Moving on.)

Donald's eyes transfixed on the video as he stroked his veined cock with vigor. "Wow, you guys! What possess you? Reginald's the beast and Meagan's going at it like she's in heat! Oh man! If only I got someone to see this with! I'd be giving her everything!" He huffed as he felt an urge from the couple's boob job. A bead of sweat dripped down his cheek as he cock oozed his clear liquid. His face reddened as he was about to burst.

Meanwhile, outside his office, Anna listened to the door with her skirt on her waist. Her hands went between her thighs as she moaned. She bit her teeth as she thought about Donald. "Donald...I gave you that laptop for a reason. This is an incentive for you to come over here. I want you, Donald. Come on...stand up and walk-no! Run! Run to me...embrace me...TAKE ME!"

The young girl thought of this as the accountant came back. Anna jumped on her chair and put her hands on her computer as Ms. Roberts brought Anna her meal. "Here you go, sweetheart. Feta spinach salad with some Caesar dressing on the side for you. I also got something for Donald. I know he has a cankering for some catfish. I'll bring it to him."

Anna panicked and tried to stop the accountant, but Ms. Roberts opened the door quicker than she hoped. She sang out, "Donald! I got you some nice catfish!" She stopped and her jaw dropped, along with the catfish platter. She let out a surprised yelp as Donald made a man-like squeak. He covered his moving boner as Ms. Roberts clapped her mouth. Now, normally, she would have slapped him and say something against fapping. But with his situation, she let her moralities aside.

" you getting on in age, I do think you need..." Her voice trailed off as she picked up the platter. "Sorry, Mr. Kline. I should have knocked first. I'll...give you a few minutes." She went away and closed the door. Her back pressed on it, fanning herself. "That man...he's forty-two and he's a virgin. He could use a break from my moral value." She looked at Anna as she sat across the room. She saw her trembling with her lips mumbling. Roberts felt awkward when she typed on her files. Anna made a tiny moan, and Roberts sighed.

"You're doing something under your desk, aren't you?" Ms. Roberts asked the girl. The secretary blushed and looked up at the mature woman. "What? No! I'm not doing anything!"

One muffled voice from Anna's laptop and the game was up. Ms. Roberts walked over to the laptop and saw the image of Mr. and Mrs. Harper. The man was behind his wife, pumping her excited body in the library. Roberts gasped and covered her face. "Anna! What's with all of this?? What is your game?"

Anna stayed silent, feeling embarrassed about getting caught.

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