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Sex, drugs & rock & roll with 3 babes in dorm at Mardi Gras.

Again, not really my thing. Then a dance troupe came on. Six girls and two guys in rather skimpy attire prancing around to some Phil Collins number. I enjoyed this one a bit more, but only because the buxom blonde looked as though she was going to spill out over the top of her leotard. There was then a comedy sketch that was actually quite funny, but I recognised a few of the jokes as being lifted from some sitcom or other. Then came the interval, which for us was a momentary blip as the camera shifted position slightly. The curtain rose, and a girl stepped out.

'And now for the second half of the show, we have a very special guest. Please welcome hypnotist Claire Miles!'

She retreated from the stage as the curtain rose and a Young woman stepped out to polite applause.

'Good evening ladies and gentleman. During the interval we asked for a few volunteers, and we managed to get two. Please would you welcome to the stage Alex and Caroline!' There was another polite round of applause as a girl I didn't recognise strode out onto the stage followed rather more gingerly by a hideously familiar figure.

Oh. Crap.

I realised at this point the three girls in the room were looking at me.

'There's no way I would have agreed to this.' I said, flabbergasted.

'Yeah, you did. We were struggling for volunteers and I begged you. You said Ok, but only to prove it wouldn't work.'

So I had had too much to drink.

'During the interval I hypnotised these two beautiful young people,' The woman on the screen was continuing, 'using my own secret technique and now we are going to have some fun.' She winked theatrically and the audience laughed. I didn't think it was funny.

Two chairs had appeared on the stage and The two volunteers had sat down. Claire turned to them.

'Now sleep.' She clicked her fingers and both heads sank.

'Now, Caroline' Claire continued. 'Please stand.' Caroline stood. She was of medium height with shoulder length blonde hair. The camera zoomed in and I could see was quite pretty. Not a stunner, by any stretch of the imagination, but quite cute. 'Come forward.' She stepped forward her head still facing the floor. They went through the motions of what a hypnotist show usually is, all the bark like a duck quack like a dog stuff, all the while I was at the back of the stage, apparently asleep.

'Now Caroline,' Claire said eventually, 'You are in a club. You see a sexy boy on the dancefloor. You really fancy him. On my signal, I want you to go up to him and seduce him.'

The audience laughed this time. Not just polite titters, actual laughter.

'Alex, Please come forward.' My image on the screen stood and walked forwards. It appeared I was to be the 'sexy boy'.

The girl began dancing to silence, she shook her chest at me, she turned and ground her backside into my crotch. She hitched up her skirt and pranced around me as she was a stripper, and I was her pole. There was loud laughter now from the audience. Caroline was really getting into her stride. She stood facing the audience and bent over. She lifted her skirt, and flashed me her backside. My eyes were still closed, so even If I was awake I wouldn't have seen it. She then turned, and strode towards me, grabbed me by the ears, and pulled my head to her chest and shook her tits in my face. There were giggles from the girls in the room now as Lauren and Alison couldn't hold it in any more.

What had This woman got in store for me?

Caroline was now grinding her hips into me and had lifted one leg up, exposing quite a bit of thigh.

'Now Caroline, I want you to wake up on my signal, one, two, three wake!'

Caroline stopped dead in her tracks, and realising where she was backed away from the strange man with his head buried between her breasts and straightened her clothes. One hand shot up to her face in embarrassment.

'Please give Caroline a round of applause.' The audience did so, and Caroline hurried from the stage.

'Now Alex.

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