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Liana learns a few rules.

There were many sick sadists out there who would be willing to buy a girl like me to use as a punch bag or door mat. But living the rest of my life as a toilet? That was unfair. What did I do to him to deserve this? It was the black woman's comment that answered my question.

"The price that Mr. Robins is asking for this girl is too much above the market price, and with her qualities, she is kind of worth it. I estimate that our club can earn back the initial investment within months. But you can use any dumb girl as a toilet. It would be a waste of money and talent to use this slave as a toilet."

The fat man thought for some minutes, and shrugged. "You are absolutely right, but I will bid any way. Let's say that the money is not a big concern for me."

The black woman pointed to the table on the corner of the hall and told me to go wash my mouth. She then faced the old balding guy. "And you sir. You do not seem to be interested in examining the merchandise. May I ask what do you intend to do with her?"

The old man had a ragged voice, but his tone was playful. "I don't need to examine her body, because I'm not buying her to fuck her or use any of her holes. My plan is to transform her into a pet girl."

I was washing my mouth with mineral water from the bottles, and gulped the bad tasting water after hearing what he said.

"My plan is to cut off her feet, and also to cut her wrists, so she cannot walk or use her hands like a human. I also want to do some alterations, like adding two pairs of breasts, so she looks more like a dog. I will transplant a dog tail that she can be trained to wag. Her tongue is going to be enlarged and her vocal cords will be cut. I also want to experiment something new, and transplant a dog uterus in her body and see if she can give birth to puppies."

Suddenly, being the fat man's toilet slave did not seem like the worth thing in the world. The black woman nodded understandingly, and faced the black athletic man.

"To be honest, sir, I am a little surprised to see an attractive man like you in such occasion. On one hand, I'm sure you can have any girl you want. On the other hand, you do not strike me as a wealthy person."

The athletic man seemed reluctant to speak, but after a few moments of expectant silence from the three other customers, he spoke.

"I am here as a proxy from my employer. I have absolutely no idea what he is going to do to this girl, and to be honest, I do not give a fuck. I just have to try to buy her within the limit that my employer is willing to pay."

So far my possibilities were permanent sexual deprivation, slow death by infection from eating shit and drinking piss, transformation into a dog, and the uncertainty of the fourth bidder. First of all, I liked that the mysterious forth buyer have shown class and did not come to this perverted occasion personally. Secondly, I kind of hoped that the employer would be superior to his handsome proxy.

If I had a choice, I would go with the forth one, even if they planned to use me as meat for a weekend barbeque. The athletic guy glanced at my direction and smirked, as if understanding my desire. He motioned for me to approach. "By the way, I think that there is no harm in trying the merchandise, I guess."

I almost ran to him.

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