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Married couple is smokin in more ways than one.

The first thing she needed to do was to feed. She slowly made her way to the small road, her skeletal feet faltering on uneven ground. The aura of two young virile men could be felt. Her first meal was waiting for her.

"Fucking hell! It just had to happen now, didn't it!" David cursed and kicked the front tire of his Mazda MX5.

His brother Sam, the calmer one, merely sat in the passenger seat with his arms folded. Smiling smugly he said: "If you had checked the radiator before we left, this wouldn't happen. I told you so didn't I? Oh no, you wouldn't listen."

"Do not use that on me! Don't talk to me as if I'm your precious boyfriend Oliver. And it's his fault we are in this situation. Humph! He's always begging you for help. I hope those big boys are giving him a good whelping right now. Better yet, they may be fucking his ass while waiting for you to arrive with the dough," David retorted.

In a calmer, icier tone Sam told him: "do not speak of Oliver like that. I'm sorry I got you into this mess. I owe you a big one and when this is over, I will make this up to you."

The dense fog hid the creature very well. It was only when the creature stood directly in front of the car's headlights did the guys notice it. And it was too late. They could only stare, unable to move as if bound by magic. Their eyes widened with horror, cold sweat breaking out on their foreheads, their ragged breaths forming wisps of smoke in the cold air. The creature stretched out its hand towards David who was leaning against the car. Its skeletal fingers long and menacing were a ghastly vision. David whimpered, silently pleading for mercy and hoping the nightmare would go away in his mind. But his body was frozen. A pool of warm piss was forming at his feet.

David leaned further against the car, the creature trapping him. Sam too was whimpering and his legs were shaking violently while still seated in the car. With a swipe of its arm, the creature slashed David's jugular vein. Blood splattered on the window in front of Sam. Squealing, he struggled to get his jellylike legs to move. He clambered to the back, onto the road and started to run but tripped and stumbled onto the unforgiving road. Desperately, he crawled away from the horrible scene and tried to dial his cell phone. Sobbing, he frantically tried to press the tiny buttons, and dropped his phone. His mind was now in overdrive mode.

Meanwhile, the creature was gorging on David's warm thick blood. Mmmmm...heavenly. Through the blood link, she could taste and learn all about him; his past, his sex life and his current state of pure fear. The scent of fear always excited her, and she sucked hard like a baby suckling its mother's milk. His life was slowly draining away and he got colder and colder, his vision thankfully dimming. She wanted more. She needed to learn about this world she was in. Digging her filthy fingers or rather claws into his chest; she ripped apart his ribcage to find his healthy heart. She clutched it in her hand and with a savage-like manner, crammed it into her jaw. The heart burst like a ripe tomato, its dark thick blood juices spewing all over in her mouth. She savored the taste like it was rich wine rolling smoothly down one's throat, letting the juices seep into her bones. It was like having a mini orgasm, satisfying her most primal urges.

Blood, bits of human flesh and messy goop covered the front of the car like an artist's crazed painting. She liked what she saw. The creature twisted David's neck, disconnecting the skull from the rest of the body. Clutching it closer to where her midriff would be, she cracked open the cranium, revealing its warm massive grey matter. Her fingers dug into it greedily, scooping out the soft stuff and bringing it into her waiting mouth. Each mouthful brought more knowledge and power to her. She saw through his mind's eyes what the new world was like, the ability to speak English and whatever French he knew.

She learnt that this David loved sex, often organizing

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