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Mother and son bond...

After we all ate, we jumped in the water to cool down and play some games. It only took me a few seconds to notice how much of my wife/girlfriend's tits were now visible through her completely sheer bikini top. I looked around and could tell I was not the only one looking at her tits. All of our friends were look right at my wife/girlfriend's tits. None of us said anything to her for a while. I did hear several of our friends talking about how great her tits looked and how they would love to get their hands on them.

After a few more drinks, all of us start to horseplay around with my wife/girlfriend. She loved all of the attention she was getting and was playing along with them. They would grab her and throw her up in the air and back into the water or swim up to her under the water and grab her and pull her down under with them. We left Kim alone for the most part. The few times any of us tried to play around with her, she would push us away. She is nice looking but was not open to having us touch her the way my wife/girlfriend was letting us play with her.

I moved up behind her and rub my cock into the crack of her ass. I tell her how her tits look great in her suit and how clearly she was showing them off to all of us. She looks down and pretends to be shocked that her tits were on displayed for everyone. She tells me she noticed once her suit got wet. She tells me she thought about getting out and covering up her tits before anyone noticed but decided to take some risk.

She tells me she was a little nervous but excited at the thought of everyone seeing her tits. She says, "Once everyone started paying extra attention to her and putting their hands all over her, she just got more turned on". She tells me how she started trying to get everyone to do more than just bush against her tits or a quick grab of her ass. She say if they wrap their arm around her to pull her under the water she would make sure to grab their hand and move them to her tits. If they reach down to pick her up she would make sure that their hand went between her legs and would guide them to her pussy.

I tell her I notice that she was being flirty. I tell her that I have been making sure everyone else could see me playing with her and grabbing her tits. I hoped that if the guys noticed me openly playing with her tits or hand my hands between her legs when I lifted her out of the water they would follow along and do the same thing.

She asked me if I was getting jealous. I told her not at all, I love knowing that everyone here knows I have the hottest girl. I tell her anyone of the guys would do anything to be able to have you for a girlfriend. I then slipped my cock out of my suit and started to rub it between her legs. We are maybe 15 or 20 feet away from the group. I notice everyone is watching us in the water. I turn her around so she is facing me and side her bikini to the side to uncover her pussy. I then pull her to me and work my cock into her pussy. I am sure everyone can tell that I am fucking her in front of them. I use my both hands to hold her ass tight and pull her into me. Once we get a good rhythm going, I moved my right hand up to her tits and started to pinch and play with each of her nipples through her suit. Everyone can clearly see me playing with her nipples. I pick up the pace of fucking her and it only took me a few minutes to cum inside of her.

I have never felt so excited before in my life. Knowing that I had just fuck my wife/girlfriend in pubic with five of our friends watching was great. I put my cock back in to my suit and pull her over to me and give her a long hot kiss and tell her she is great. We both get another drink and I can tell she is having a hard time walking around with as much as she has drunk already.

We get back in the water and go back to horsing around with everyone else.

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