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Pam picks up the kids, Brad checks in with the PI.

Her hair fell nearly to her ankles in black silk. Her skin was pale and creamy, her face crafted of delicate porcelain. Her pussy, puffy with desire and slick with moisture, was hairless and pink. Her breasts were globular hemispheres rising out of her chest. But her most striking feature were her eyes.

Dark and smoky, they drew him in, till he was lost in them. There seemed to be souls and spirits within, crying for the passion only he could bring them.

"Alexander," she continued, "I may be too late to be your first, your carnaleira, but I will be your second."

Surprised, but unable to deny the lust burning within his skin and hardening his dick, Alexander asked, "Who are you?"

She smiled, a siren's seductive smile. "Call me... Lily. You were my first."

The distance between them was gone, and Alexander had no idea when that had happened. Lily's pale lithe hand reached out and touched the head of his stiffening girth, and ran a finger lightly up and down its length as he groaned.

She almost seemed to float, and then she was in his arms, her legs wrapped around his waist, her arms about his neck, as he grasped her waist. Her tits pressed willingly into his chest, and she lowered herself onto his cock.

Her eyes held him fast as the tip of his shaft breached her fresh pink pussy lips. A single gob of his cum was wrenched out of him, shooting into her cunt. "Mmmmm," she smiled sultrily.

Alexander thrust his cock upwards, aching to bury himself within her femininity, but she denied him, lowering slowly, allowing an inch of his cock at a time. Juice spilled out of her pussy, running down his cock in rivulets, till they reached his nuts and dripped from them, the drops spraying onto his legs and feet as he thrust up into Lily.

"Lily," he groaned, his face sheened with the sweat of lust, and she moaned as she caught a whiff of his musky desire. "Lily of the dark eyes..."

She had mercy on him at last and dropped all the way down upon his length, so that his entire manhood filled up her womanly depths. He gasped sharply at the ecstatic sensation.

Alexander suddenly realized that there had been no cherry. "I thought," he managed to moan out, "you said I'm your first..." He trailed off as her pussy milked his cock and he arched his head back in ecstasy.

"You were my first," she said cryptically, and then it was her turn to break off into moans as he thrust masterfully into her.

Still caught by her eyes as they gazed into each other's orbs, Alexander's cock began pulsing with a build up of cum, and now Lily in turn was caught by the passion flaring in his eyes. As his dick pulsed and throbbed, she cried out and burst, juice gushing out of her bare puffy pussy, lathering his balls and dripping down his legs, onto his feet, and between his toes. Her hair seemed to writhe about them with a life of its own.

At last they subsided, and she relaxed limply in his arms, his dick still firmly thrust between her puffy lips. Her eyes released him, and he at last was able to look at her.

He lowered her, and she reluctantly pulled herself off his cock, standing before him. But then Alexander kneeled, and plucked a lily off the ground - which moments earlier hadn't been there - and profferred it to her.

Lily looked at him, surprised. "Truly, you are magnificent," she murmured as she accepted it. "I had nearly forgotten--"

She broke off in sharp moans, as Alexander, still kneeling before her, kissed her bare wet cunt and slithered his tongue between its soft folds. Her breath became short gasps as he ate her out, her hands grasped his long dark curls in bliss as she spilled forth her nectar, and Alexander lapped it up.

He grasped her waist, pulling her into his face, his tongue probing ever deeper and mercilessly exploring her sensitive folds, as his lips latched onto her clit and sucked gently. "Alexander!" Lily screamed, "Yes, Alexander, oh!"

She creamed, her magnificent orgasm drenching Alexander's face.

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