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Teacher gives him private lesson, or does she?

It hurts, you know?"

"You just fucked Maria, how are you still hard?" Samantha ignored the part about how she made him horny, although the fact both delighted and frustrated her.

"She came like three times, but she never got me off. I don't think she's very experienced." He was clearly frustrated, almost in pain. "She just got me to the edge, but getting me to bust is the hardest part."

"Then go take care of yourself inside. There is some lotion in the bathroom." Samantha couldn't believe she was giving her nephew instructions on how and where to jerk off.

"That's not gonna do it. I need some visual stimulation."

"Mark probably has all kinds of porn on his computer." Samantha was aware of her son's pathetic masturbatory addiction. "It's mostly that Japanese cartoon stuff though."

"No, I hate that hentai shit. I need a real woman." He started beating himself so hard that it looked painful, but Samantha could tell her nephew wasn't getting any closer to the hard-earned release he deserved. She wondered if he had been serious about his testicles hurting. Could he really be in pain? Did his body just produce so much semen that he needed to release it regularly?

"Aunt Samantha, I feel weird asking this, but can you help me out here?"

The implication of his request almost gave Samantha a heart attack. "What?"

"My balls, you know. I'm really backed up here. It's not good for my health. Can you loosen me up a bit?" He was serious, and his devilish eyes even seemed sincere in their pleading.

"What are you asking me to do exactly?" Samantha's heart was thumping in her chest, her pussy ready to pop.

Bobby looked into her eyes. His face was more handsome than the devil's. "I want you to come over here and suck my dick. I want you to massage my balls, and I want you to wrap my cock in your giant tits and pump. Anything, just help me cum."

Samantha had nothing to say to her nephew's request. She stood up and walked the three steps to the foot of his chair and knelt down so that her large breasts rested on his the inside of his muscular thighs. She watched a smirk grew ever large on his face, realizing with every moment that his hot aunt was actually going to service his eager cock.

She smirked back and then devoted her attention to the sexual idol pulsing upward from between her breasts. With little hesitation she reached out with both hands and began slowly stroking his impressive shaft. It was so long she really did need both hands, and it was so thick that her thumbs barely touched her fingers. She leaned over just a little to give the tip of his massive tool a sexy little kiss. She barely grazed him with her lips, but it sent a shiver through his muscular body all the same. She giggled. She loved controlling men through their sex-sticks. She was going to enjoy playing with her sister's perfect son, even if it meant getting a little rough with him.

"If you ever tell anyone about this, especially your mom, I will kill you," Samantha promised, although it was clear at this point she was ready to do anything and everything to her nephew. Bobby didn't respond but he laughed a little, excited about the service he was about to receive.

Without anymore thought or worthless talk Samantha got started. Her slow gentle strokes become faster and stronger, eventually she was pumping him like a machine. A lesser cock would have broken under such aggressive pressure, but for Bobby it was merely foreplay. Samantha took a hand away to play with his balls a little. They were both as big as apricots and each were pulsing like little hearts, threatening to pop from the copious liquid within. She squeezed them both pretty hard, expecting Bobby to yelp in pain, but he never did. It seemed his package could take some punishment. That was good to know, Samantha loved torturing boy-balls and punishing them to point of almost popping. Her own son was a little faggot compared to Bobby. Mark couldn't take a single knee to his pea-sized pebbles without puking.

Samantha went ba

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