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You give a pupil more than detention.

" Stephen tried his best to avert his eyes but she was so comfortable in her skin, propped up on the bed, her knee just touching him. Her complexion was milky-white, her lashes dark as dusk, her neck graceful and fair, and her breasts...were small but curved and lush. Heat rose in him and Stephen made a great effort to stand up and away from the bed.

"I will send Carlotta for you when you are properly dressed," he said. Madeleine looked at him, confusion on her face. "Do not fret. We will learn more of each other soon."

He left the room. Madeleine watched him leave. Her skin tingled where his gaze had lingered. It felt so strange. Was this what Siobhan had said she must do? No, she knew what the act entailed..but he seemed against it.

Three days. She had three days to convince him otherwise.


"A tour of the kingdom!" Stephen announced. Madeleine smiled up at him. They were in a horse-drawn carriage, and she was attired appropriately in a beautiful dress with a heart neckline. "Grimsby advised that such would be proper," Stephen continued. He returned Madeleine's smile.

The day went by perfectly. They went to the town market, where Madeleine peered excitedly at all the wares on sale, and touched each fruit in the stands with wonder. Stephen supposed she was from a distant land where the local produce was rare.

They saw a puppet show, attended a town-hall dance, and saw every sight the town had to offer. As dusk fell, they found themselves by a quiet lake. The horse and its carriage were tied to an apple tree nearby, and the horse was savouring the fruit on the ground.

"So...did you enjoy yourself today?" Stephen asked. Madeleine nodded, a huge smile on her face. He was happy to see her so. "Well that's great. It's not a very big town, but it's home," he continued, unfolding a large picnic blanket and gesturing for her to sit. Madeleine sat and folded her legs carefully under her. Stephen drew out a picnic basket from the carriage and laid it on the mat. "Carlotta packed this. I don't know what foods you like or where you're from, so I hope you'll like this," he said. Madeleine smiled. He offered her a sandwich and she looked at it curiously.

"So, where are you from?"

Madeleine frowned. She gestured toward the sea.

"Oh, Andalasia? Across the sea?" Stephen guessed, biting into an orange segment. Madeleine pointed harder toward the sea. "No? Grendale, then, just next to Andalasia?" Madeleine sighed and shrugged her shoulders. Stephen put down his orange and looked at her.

"You miss your home, is that it?"

Madeleine nodded slowly. Stephen watched her.

Instinctively, he drew nearer to her and put an arm around her. Madeleine flushed with pleasure and nestled closer. Stephen laughed.

"You know you're the queerest maiden I have ever met."

Madeleine beamed up at him.

The setting sun caught her smile in one of its rays, and Stephen was dazzled by it.

"You're also one of the most beautiful," he said softly.

Madeleine froze slightly. She looked up at her prince. His eyes traced her lips. Now was her chance! She leaned in and pressed her lips to his. Stephen was slightly startled but the softness of Madeleine's lips entranced him, and he leaned in closer to her. They embraced in the soft light of the sunset.

When they parted, Madeleine was breathing hard. She didn't understand these sensations that had never existed underwater.

Stephen tried to gather his wits about him. She was so beautiful, and so unaware of her beauty. The neckline of her dress had dipped in their kiss, and he could see the curve of her breast just above her collar. He swallowed and struggled to regain control. Unbidden, images of her naked form returned to him. Soft skin on the bed, porcelain limbs and the curves of her flesh, her parted thighs...

Madeleine laid her hand on his.

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