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John gets both himself and Danielle ready for her date.

The girl, a cute young redhead of seventeen or so, soon returned and knelt down to one knee to help try the shoe on, but Andrew's goddess was having none of that. "It's okay, honey," she said. "My footslave here will do the honours, won't you darling?"

Andrew nodded and stammered that he'd be delighted. He went to his knees and slowly, carefully removed her sandals. When they were off, she wiggled her toes again and whispered, "I think they want another kiss."

This time he didn't hesitate, but the mirrors made the situation a thousand times more embarrassing. Everywhere in the shop, it seemed, was another reflected image of Andrew, on his knees, kissing her toes tenderly. People stopped and stared openly. Andrew's face burned crimson with embarrassment, but he concentrated on her feet - that much, at least, was easy - and by the time he had done up the last buckle, people had begun to move on.

"Don't you love them?" she asked, standing and twirling for his benefit.

"Oh yes," he said softly, standing and giving the salesgirl his credit card, not quite looking her in the eye. His foot-goddess hadn't asked him to pay, of course, but he knew it was expected, and worship had its price. She smiled sweetly at him and gave him a wink which promised rewards later. She left her new shoes on and gave him her old ones to carry, then took his arm again and they left the store. This time, at last, she led him to the car park, and used her keys to buzz open her cute sporty little red car.

He got into the passenger's seat, and she slid into the driver's side, then swung her feet over into his lap. "Take my new shoes off, lover," she said. "I don't like to drive in heels."

Andrew undid the buckles and eased her feet from the new shoes, one at a time, placing them back in his lap, where she rubbed them gently against his rapidly-stiffening cock. He left one foot there to continue its magic, and liften the other one by the ankle, far enough that he could kiss the underside of her big toe, then slowly plunge his mouth down over it, sucking gently on her toe, tasting the slightly acrid nail polish and the ever-so-slightly musty taste of her feet. She let him go until his dick was hard as a rock, then firmly withdrew her foot from his mouth, and swung back into position, firing the ignition as she did so.

The trip to her place took about twenty-five minutes, but Andrew lost track of both time and direction, watching her bare foot working the clutch, flicking over to the brake, and back to the clutch again. Every move seemed to emphasise a different curve of her feet, and just occasionally the car's position would allow a ray of sunlight to reflect from her toe ring, dazzling him. For her part, she remained silent, letting him enjoy the show.

Soon enough, they arrived at her place and she let him in. "I'm going to go change," she said. "Why don't you go kneel near the couch and wait for me."

After the indignity of kneeling to kiss her feet in the shopping centre, kneeling by the couch was no trouble at all. He dropped to his knees and waited, ears straining for the sound of her, his eyes looking around the inexpensively but tastefully decorated living room. Soon enough, he heard the muffled click-clacking of heels on carpet. He cast his eyes downward, and sensed rather than saw her standing over him.

"So, darling," she half-said, half-whispered. Do you like my outfit?

His eyes drifted upwards, and his jaw suddenly dropped. She was a dream in black, a tight velvet teddy covering her ... wrapping her, lace accentuating the look just so, long black stockings running down to a pair of gorgeous black high heels. "My god yes," he breathed. "You are beyond delicious."

"Well," she said, half-teasing and half-mocking. "If you undress for me, perhaps I can thank you for buying me those shoes.

Andrew couldn't undress quickly enough.

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