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As I said this I lifted my hand and lightly spanked her through her dress. She jumped and melted into me more moulding herself against me more.

I carried on "I'm going to spank you for being such a bad girl and cheating on your boyfriend, then I am going to get you so hot with my tongue and my fingers that you will beg me to fuck you, beg me to let you cum. You are going to be a hot mess of wanting, lust and desire and I am going to be the one that finally lets you discover what you really want."

OK might have gone too far she could know what she wants but a lot of people just don't.

She put an arm against my chest and I thought she was going to push me away but she simply looked up into my eyes and said "OK."

"OK?" I replied

"Yes," she sighed, "yes make me do all those things you want me to do, all those thing I'd never do for anyone else."

"Finish your drink then," I replied "it's time to head home."

I took her hand and led her out of the bar, I had chosen somewhere closer to my pad but first I had an urgent need and a submissive girlfriend that I didn't want the lust glaze to come off of, I needed to keep this moving. I knew just the place as we walked down the street I kept an arm around Sally's waist keeping her body pressed against me, continuing the physical contact was crucial for the next minute until we got to the spot I had in my head. We were still a good 10 minutes from my place but I had a plan now.

I quickly turned down a side street and moved around the corner a bit where it wasn't easy for anyone to see us. Sally was looking at me with an air of anticipation. I put my hands on her shoulders and as I applied a downward pressure said "get on your knees."

As she sunk to her knees I quickly unzipped and got my cock out "suck it," I commanded.

She looked up at me with her big blue eyes and for a moment I wasn't sure if she was going to do what I needed her to do or suddenly refuse! A tension hung in the air with Sally in the gutter on her knees, my hands on her shoulder and my cock bobbing a few inches from her mouth.
"Suck my cock you little slut," I commanded her.

The effect wasn't immediate but she seemed to resist for a second and then with an audible sigh she reached up with her hand and put it round my cock, positioned it at her mouth and turning her lips in a pretty little O shape came down around the tip of my erect cock.

As she did this I threw my head back and sighed "Oh Yes."

Using her hand to wank the shaft and her mouth to stimulate the head she started to work on my cock. It was still a tentative blowjob she wasn't getting into it yet but given how horny I was it was exactly what I needed.

I looked down at her as her cheeks hollowed out as she worked my shaft and grunted "Yeah that's it, suck my cock you slut, suck it hard."

This seemed to have an impact and she started to bob up and down on my cock with greater urgency really working the glans with her mouth. As her tongue swirled around my bellend I could feel myself starting to thrust myself into her mouth.

"Keep still," as I do this I start to thrust my cock into her mouth and hold the back of her head still. I can feel her slurping to keep up with my thrusts and as I thrust deep into her mouth I hear her start to gag.

"OK finish me off Sally," I tell her "make me cum and swallow it all."

Released from keeping still Sally attacks my cock with renewed vigour, swirling her tongue around my sensitive end and bobbing her lips up and down faster and faster. I can feel my balls tighten and myself tipping over the edge as she swirls me deeply into her mouth.

"urrrgggghhhhhhh cumming," I say as I shoot my cum into her mouth. I can feel her cheeks hollow as she swallowed wave after wave of my cum. As I finished I quickly put my cock away and pulled her to her feet.

"You're a good little cocksucker," I say, "lets see what else you're good at!"

I take her hand and walk her towards my house.

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