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Eric and Austin's summer begins with a rocky start.


She smiled at him, "I'm sure I can help you with that." She reached up and pulled his face closer to her to kiss him again. As the kiss deepened she slowly traced her fingers down the edge of his ears and across the back of his neck. The slight intake of air she felt him take hinted that her fingers were working magic on him. She continued to let her fingers roam some more around his ears and neck.

He leaned into her more; she could feel the effect she was having on him. She let one hand slowly trail down his neck, tracing its way to his chest, and lower. Slowly, methodically she let her finger trace its way across his chest, his kiss deepening as he wrapped his arms around her, trying to pull her deeper into his embrace. They continued to kiss for several minutes, while she worked her fingers down his chest working her way to his belt line.

Suddenly, he broke from the kiss. He looked into her eyes and asked, "What have you done to me? I have never felt this turned on."

She smiled at him returning his look, "Only things a real woman would know about." Not breaking eye contact, she began lightly rubbing his hard on through his jeans. His eyes closed as he took a deep breath, clearly enjoying what she was doing. She worked his belt loose. With his belt undone she was better able to reach him. She took his cock into her hand and began gently caressing her hand up and down its length.

He leaned his head back and let go of the deep breath was holding, enjoying the feelings she was giving him. She used her other hand to pull him closer to her. She nuzzled his neck, lightly tracing her tongue to his ear where she whispered, "You like?"

His only response was a light grunt and a nod of his head. She continued caressing him, using her fingers to apply gentle pressure around his cock.

She lightly traced her fingers along his shaft, stopping just under the head to caress his most sensitive spot. She began again slowly gliding her hand up and down along his hard cock. She could hear the change in his breathing when she squeezed tighter around the head when she reached it and began to start back down his shaft. The way back up she used her fingernails as she slowly, lightly dragged her fingers back up along his shaft. She continued doing that for several minutes. She lifted her eyes to look at his face, with her free hand she reached up behind his head; she licked her lips slowly with the tip of her tongue as she pulled his head down to her to kiss him again. With one hand working his shaft and her other gently tracing his ear she felt him begin to shudder. His breathing began to increase as she started stroking him faster. She could feel the muscles in his shoulder being to tense.

With a sly smile, she whispered to him, "Not yet. You can't cum yet. Kept me waiting all this time, now it's your turn." As she drew her hand away from him, she could feel his body slump from the exertion.

He tried to speak, but she hushed him with her mouth as she reached up to kiss him. Drawing his face closer to her she lightly brushed her lips against his. He tried to kiss her deeper but she pulled away, teasing him with her tongue before she let him kiss her again.

He pressed her back harder into the trailer door with his body and paused from kissing her. Using his hands to trap her by placing them on either side of her against the trailer he tried to speak, but she hushed him again for a kiss. Disentangling her tongue from a kiss she started trailing kisses, licks and nibbles down his throat while her hands roamed his warm, firm chest under his shirt.

Inhaling deeply, she took in his masculine scent. She could feel his heartbeat racing under her hand as she slowly slid her hand down over his stomach towards his waist. As she took his cock into her hand again she looked at his face. She saw his eyes flutter under his closed lids as she began slowly stroking him again.

She felt the pre-cum wetting her palm as she stroked, spreading it over his cock as her hands glided up and down.

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