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Getting reacquainted with an old flame.

That was the last shot of the file.

The computer screen went blank. There was a long silence then Lynn said, "I've never been so horny in all my life. I need to be fucked." Chris was peeling off her bikini bottoms; Karen was doing the same next to her and nodding in agreement.

Karen turned to Alex, "Can we borrow Jeremy for a few moments? We'll be right behind you on the lounger." Alex nodded her approval and pulled my head into her breasts. I sucked and licked on each one of her taut mounds, enjoying the different weight and feel from my other lovers. Lynn came and kissed the two of us very passionately. Seconds later the two women were stepping out of their bikini bottoms and underwear.

I looked across the patio to the large lounger where I watched Karen sink her pussy down on Jeremy's very erect cock. Chris sat beside the couple rubbing Jeremy's chest.

Alex spread herself out on our chaise; "Fuck me! Make love to me Jim -- Lynn." I positioned myself at the entrance to her vagina and rubbed my hard erection around the wetness she had exuded as we watched Jeremy's photos. Seconds later I sank my penis into her in one smooth stroke. This was lust at its best. I thought that I barely knew this woman but that I was a close friend of her husband and partner. As the waves of pleasure washed over me I succumbed to the lust and decided to just enjoy the coupling and not worry about whether she was ready for this union; she seemed to be. I didn't want either of them hurt by what was going on and certainly not their relationship.

Lynn became vocal as she watched us: "Fuck her Jim. Drive that cock deep into her lovely body. Cum deep in her. I want to suck all those juices from her cunt. Pump. Thrust. Drive into her. Do it. God, you two are so sexy together."

Alex whispered up at Lynn, "Can you do me a favor?"

Lynn looked with lust at Alex, "Anything."

"Then sit on my face while Jim fucks me. I want to eat you. I want to taste you."

Lynn straddled Alex's face in a way so she was facing me. I could paw at either woman's tits, cupping them, pulling them, sucking on them, stroking them, and loving them. Both were responding with a rare eagerness and enthusiasm.

Alex reached an orgasm before anyone else in our trio. She clenched her legs together by way of telling me to stop thrusting into her for a moment. I could feel her muscles and the rolling of her hips as she came. She squealed from beneath Lynn.

Lynn was the next to cum. We also heard Karen's vocal urgings and her shrieks of pleasure from the adjacent lounger as she climaxed. I watched as Karen and Chris changed places; Chris rose above Jeremy and slowly sank down on his cock. What an erotic show.

I could feel myself nearing an orgasm and decided I'd just let myself go. I started to hammer into Alex. She pulled her legs up higher affording me deep access to her love tunnel; it was clear she was getting maximum stimulation from our union. Then I was there. I gave a fast warning but it was unnecessary. Alex spasmed seconds before the blasts of semen from my cock filled her cavern. We arched into each other. Lynn had one of her small climaxes too. Finally Alex cried out in pleasure.

I remained remarkably hard. I withdrew from Alex after a few moments of our afterglow enjoyment. Lynn sucked me into her mouth and hardened me again. I indicated that she should find a position of pleasure. She spread out below me and I thrust into her, ready to reach a second peak.

Lynn said, "Alex. Bring that full pussy over my mouth. I want to eat and suck your juices." Alex rose and moved over Lynn and I watched as a huge dollop of cum dripped out of her pussy into Lynn's open mouth. Lynn lapped her lips in pure enjoyment of the event.

I watched Chris bouncing up and down on Jeremy's cock. Karen was sitting on his face enjoying his cunnilingus at the same time Chris sought his ultimate pleasure. The voyeurism made me even harder.

Lynn popped off two orgasms and then I felt my climax arriving.

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