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Billy's father confronts Maggie.


His words turned me on even more, I was glad to be his slutty cocksucker and I let out my own moan, low and long as I wrapped my lips around his luscious shaft and felt the release of his pleasure burst in my mouth, jets of come slapping against the roof of my mouth, my tongue and my throat. I savoured this sensation before acting like some sort of bitch on heat and thrusting my mouth sharply over his entire length over and over again like I couldn't get enough.

I guess I was complying with his request to clean his cock but really I wanted it in my throat, I wanted it hard, I wanted to feel thoroughly owned by the steel rod that was now jamming my throat. I thought, as he pulled his glistening cock finally from my mouth, about how fulfilled I felt mentally, having just submitted completely to the masculine power of my husband and his cock and how I wanted this treatment all of the time.

Of more immediate concern however was my own physical fulfilment. I had stripped for Paul, I had displayed myself, fetched him a drink, fucked myself for his viewing pleasure, sucked him off, swallowed his come and cleaned his cock. The only remaining order of his was not to come until he had done so himself in my mouth. Well, that had happened now and the dildo was still lodged in my frothing pussy as my stomach, loins and all my nerve endings all screamed for release.

Paul looked at me, determined to tease me a little more. He had noticed I had begun to fuck myself with the dildo again as the distractions of his cock had been removed but to my exasperation, he reached between my legs, put his hand on my wrist to remove it and then pulled the dildo clean out. I cried out at the physical shock of this withdrawal, the dildo had been stretching my pussy for a good twenty minutes or so, and I needed release but now my pussy seemed so empty. Paul leant towards me, his fingers tracing a line across my damp slit:

"Does my dirty little slut wife want to come?" He said mockingly.

"God....yes, please Paul, please...I need..." I could hardly speak, the room was spinning and I felt my pussy, or my head, might explode at any minute. I spoke desperately and demandingly at him.

"How much do need to come, nat?" He said, trying to make my desperation last a little longer, teasing with his fingers.

"PAUL, for fuck's sake, make me come, now...pleassseeee!" I wailed, almost cried, in anxious desperation.

With a satisfied smile, Paul dove between my legs. I screamed audibly as I felt his tongue reach straight for my clit, his fingers no longer teasing but now sliding in and out of me. I don't think I'd have been able to count to twenty, I wrapped my legs around his neck and felt my whole body tense and buckle. I screamed and cried I think at the same time as my pussy exploded over Paul's tongue. I held his head in my clutching and sweaty palms as pleasure convulsed through my body until spent, I just melted into the armchair, feeling physically exhausted and almost sick from the strength of my orgasm.

This had the potential to have been an awkward moment. Finished with our sex Dom/sub role play, did we just go back to being 'ordinary' again? Was the Dom/sub thing now a permanent feature of 'us' or was it just a sex thing?

After a few minutes recovering, I collected my senses and looked at Paul, who had sat himself on the sofa next to me. I noticed his cock was still pointing erect at me, a few minutes after he'd come so powerfully in my mouth. I wasn't sure what to stay:

"Wow, that was just so....amazing!" I managed smiling at him.

He surprised and delighted me with his reply, "Yeah it was slut, but you're not done yet, far from it.

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