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The final battle part two.

Again I'm behind you where you cannot easily. You strain to see what I'm doing as I bend over and display handcuffs connected to straps. Suddenly you realize your desk is completely empty. How could you not have noticed before now?

As I come to the end of the desk more in front of you, you see me smile a wicked smile as I look up at you. For affect, I slowly bring another strap to rest upon the desk.

"Katherine, walk to the front of your desk and bend over with your body on the desk."

You are suddenly grateful as you realize how tired your arms are from being behind your head.

I watch you intently as your beautiful body turns and moves in between the chairs in front of your desk.

You slowly lean forward but your eye contact with me shows lust and desire. I smile as you continue to look up at me as your body touches the cold desk. Your exposed nipples and breasts feel it the most.

"Good girl. Now spread your arms and rest your head on the desk."

You do not hesitate. I can tell your body, your mind, so wants me to run around the desk and fill you up. Fuck you hard. You want this so bad. I know you do.

I gently touch you at your shoulder and trail my fingertips down your right arm. When I get to your wrist I stop. It doesn't take me long to connect you to the soft cuff and tighten the strap, then the other arm

You are tightly tied to your desk arms spread. Your naked torso lay across the desk. You anticipate me fucking you even more. You are almost wiggling your ass to entice me to come around and fuck you.

You don't expect what happens next. I trail my entire palm down the inside of your right leg and lift up your leg to spread it wide. You are made aware of the metal object still in your panties. Why am I doing this to you, you ask? Why am I teasing you so bad? Please just fuck me you say in your mind.

As I am kneeling and fastening your right ankle to the desk I hear you.

"Please," you plead, "Please fuck me!"

I then trail my palm down your left leg and fasten the cuff.

I stand and admire my handiwork. You are still wearing your panties and bra. Your arms and legs bound dutifully to the desk. You are so exposed and so beautiful.

The silence is deafening. Your breathing is short and exhilarating. As if you've been running or something. I watch your back rise and fall off the desk as you are almost panting.

I come around and sit in your chair. You strain your head to look at me as I do.

"Are you enjoying this Katherine?"

"Yes Sir, but please. Please fuck me. I need you inside me now."

You are straining to look at me and beg me to fuck you.

I stand and slowly unbuckle my belt. Your eyes lower to watch. Your neck is still straining.

You anticipate the button but I simply remove my belt from the loops of my pants and then rub my erection while you strain to keep your head up.

I move out of view and around the desk. I gently run my leather belt up the inside of your right leg, and then again on the left.

"Your panties are soaked through. I can tell you are enjoying this Katherine. You like being my slut don't you?"

"Yes I do, Sir. Very much."

"Please Sir, I'm sorry. It's just that I want you so bad. Please fuck me."

My hand inside your panties for the first time I trace my hand down your ass crack and continue lower. You are so exposed to me even with your panties still on. I find the metal object and delicately apply pressure. It doesn't take much effort and the egg is slipped inside your wet pussy. My finger touches your clit and you almost explode.

I linger just a bit and bring you much needed stimulation but all too quickly my hand begins tracking slowly away. I cannot help but stop at your ass and tease you with my wet finger. From your wet clit to your nether hold I am driving you insane.

The pressure of the egg is one thing but when the small vibrations start you cannot control yourself. Your body convulses almost immediately. You are cumming hard. My finger slips inside your ass. You are overtaken with the sensations and you start gasping for air.

"I'm cumming,

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