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Red creates more Succubi.

t the hip!"

"Who exactly are 'you guys' - and so what?" I laughed. "I couldn't live without it, no shame in that!"

"Oh yeah?" another mischievous smirk. The 2+ beers must have dulled my reaction time, because I should have seen it coming when she reached across the table and grabbed my phone. "Let's see how much it means to you!" she said as she quickly stood up and ran out of the room.

"Ha ha, very funny!" I yelled as I chased her out. She was quick, already half way down the hall. I had to sprint to get close enough to see her take a right turn down another hall way.

When I made the turn, she was nowhere to be seen. I thought I heard something on the left, so I entered a dark room. When I flipped the light on, Robin jumped out from behind the door and pushed me toward a chair. This was one of the rooms where people could make private phone calls and the like, so there was only a reclining chair and no other furniture in the room. I managed to twist myself around and landed seated in the chair. Robin slammed the door and we were both laughing.

"I thought for sure I could hide in here!" she said, still laughing hard as she leaned against the door. "Come here often?"

"Oh yes - I've taken my share of afternoon naps here!" I said, which was true - it was really convenient with the reclining chair and an automatically locking door.

"So you've spent some time in here...daydreaming?" she smirked at me, now arching her back a little against the door, her leather clad foot running up the door till her knee was bent. She ran her gaze from my eyes to my crotch, which was starting to look much the same as when she caught me daydreaming earlier.

I gulped. "Very funny - now give me back my Blackberry and no one gets hurt," I said, trying to lighten the moment.

"I don't think you're in a position to bargain, now, are you?" she said seductively, pushing off the door and walking toward me. I started to appreciate Robin as she slowly walked over - the eight inches of skin between the tops of her boots and the bottom of her skirt was milky white, the top few buttons of her pink shirt were unbuttoned showing ample cleavage...38C at least if I had to guess - but I had the feeling I wouldn't be needing to guess. I leaned forward on the edge of the chair, trying to get as close as possible.

Robin got within arms reach and pushed me back in the chair. "Let's see what your daydreaming can come up with," she whispered as she leaned over me. Robin's knees slid next to my thighs as she straddled me atop the chair. She sat back, her ass on my lap. She wore that same smirk as she reached up and unbuttoned her shirt. Her huge tits were topped by equally large nipples, both extremely hard at this point. It took me a second but then it hit me - those mammoth breasts, and no bra?! My eye must have gotten wider because she chuckled. "Impressed? And they're all mine - no work done, just good genes." And with that she picked up her left breast with both hands - she couldn't have done it with one hand if she tried - and sucked her engorged nipple into her mouth.

"Mmmm..." she moaned as I sat there admiring her. "Am I going to have to do all the work here?" she asked with a mouthful of tit. I didn't need any more hints - I reached out to caress her right breast, tweaking the nipple in my fingers and pulling it away. She liked this, as she started to grind her ass into my knee and her other nipple fell out of her mouth. "Oooh, yeah, you're not so dense after all," she cooed, throwing her head back and supporting herself with her hands on my knees, raising her ass up. My reply was to bite her nipple hard while I grabbed her other boob, my thumb rubbing her nipple in circles. A sharp intake of breath told me that was a surprise - good, she had been doing all the surprising, now it was my turn.

In one motion, her tit still in my mouth, I stood up and carried her over to the wall.

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