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He loves dressing up, things move on when he is discovered


I happily licked her ass and said "What has gotten into you?"

She seemed to ignore me, instead asking, "Do you want to fuck me?"

"Yes," I whispered as she again rose off me, teasing me.

"Come on," Rachel said, and she crawled off me, ass in the air on all fours, "I need you to fuck me like a real man."

My cock was straight out, ready for action as I eased myself into her.

"Come on, slap me, hurt me," she cried. Now this wasn't completely new to me. I know Rachel liked to get a little rough, she had her little forced sex fantasies so I knew the drill. I slapped her ass a few times as she rode me, panting and moaning.

Her face was buried in a pillow and she said, "Come on, pull my hair," and I hunched over her. Not only did I grab a handful of her hair and gently pull, so that she definitely had a little bit of manageable pain as I yanked steadily, but I reached underneath her with my other hand and grabbed one of her tits, something she didn't normally like, and I pinched her nipple lightly between my knuckles.

This put her over the edge. We went on for a few minutes, alternating my hands to each breast, sometimes both at the same time, pulling her hair again when it was convenient, and she screamed into the pillow as she climaxed.

Now I have to admit, I think it's fun to do this for her in bed, but dishing out pain really isn't my thing. I'm not going to get all hard and pop off just by slapping her ass or pulling her hair. I love her, I don't want to hurt her, and I was softening a little bit and thankful as she came.

I unmounted her and let her fall to the side. Her eyes were moist and she looked at me with a grin. I held out my cock, hoping she'd blow me or at least finish me off with my hands.

"Get the dildo, put a little oil on it," she whispered.

This was different. She had a dildo but we only barely used it. She only liked it if she was already aroused and in a kinky mood. I retrieved it from the nightstand, grabbing a little grapeseed oil that we used for these special occasions.

Normally I loved fucking her with the dildo, pretending I had this giant cock as I'd fuck her. I crawled over to use it but she held out her hand and I gave it to her.

"Play with yourself," Rachel said, again in that dark, angry voice.

I grinned, laying back and squirted a little oil in my hands as I gave myself my own familiar, expert handjob.

She was leaning back on a pile of blankets, her pussy pointed toward me, her legs not particularly spread, just a nice comfortable position for her. The dildo looked like a big flesh colored penis and balls, I think it was about 7 inches. It was the kind with a suction cup so it could be pressed against a door or solid wood, but we'd never used it like that.

She just put it up to her labia and adjusted it before sliding it in. I loved this view. I knew I'd come soon.

"Yes, I want the feel of a real man's cock," she whimpered, her eyes narrow slits as she stared at me. Again I got that weird feeling in my stomach but pleasure radiated down my penis which was now incredibly stiff and throbbing.

Rachel fucked herself with the dildo, quick strokes, "See what it's like when I get fucked by a real cock, not yours. You don't satisfy me."

I don't know why, but her humiliating words made my heart beat faster and I felt myself coming. "Oh God," I stammered, and she could see I was close.

"That's right, touch your little cock. It's not enough for me."

I was right on the edge, and then she said the words that I dreaded, but my cock seemed to crave, pushing me past the orgasmic point of no return.

"I think Rob's cock could satisfy me."

I jacked myself hard and sperm literally flew from the tip of my cock, landing in a broken arc from the sheets between my legs to a glob on my chest.

Gone was Rachel's dark, angry face, it was replaced by the old Rachel, the one with that happy smile, but there was something else. She was clearly stunned at what she had witnessed. She looked like a kid who just realized she knew how to ride a bike.

"Do we really have to wait for the wedd

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