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An evening studying for an "oral" exam.

" We talked about going to dinner and drinks. I said if he drank too much he could stay over and he said, "OK, and I'll wear clean underwear 'cause I know you two are into some weird shit." I was shocked because I'd forgotten I'd told him a story in the past.

I told the Mrs. what he said and she was very psyched. But as the day approached she got cold feet and convinced herself nothing would happen. She even said to me, "Now don't pressure me. For example, if he's goes up to the bathroom and leaves us alone, don't ask me if I'm gonna make a move."

So the night comes and Jake meets us at our place. He loves to drink & smoke and go to bars and his previous woman didn't do any of that. We wanted to show him a good time like he hadn't had in a while, so we made plans to go to dinner at a bar and we all drank and smoked and had a good time. The good time included some risqu__ conversation and some flirting.

He had a bit to drink so he took us up on our offer to stay the night. So we go back to our place and he comes in. We all do a shot of tequila, then head out to the deck for beer and cigarettes. Then my wife excuses herself to the bathroom. A few minutes later he went up, too. When she came down, I did exactly what she told me not to do and asked, "So you gonna make a move?" Her surprising answer: "I already did." When they met upstairs outside the bathroom, she kissed him. I asked "What did he do?" and she said he kissed back. For about a minute.

When he came down, we talked some more and he had some questions about our past experiences. The talk was hot but that was it. He went up to the bathroom again and my wife said it was hard to make a move with me there. Just awkward. So I went into the kitchen and waited for him to come down. Then I waited a few minutes more and when I entered the living room they were standing and making out. Very cool!

She moved him to the couch and straddled him. They made out more and I sat next to them, caressing her back. Then she came to me and we made out. Then back and forth between us a few times as we slowly undressed her. Then she sat between us and we took turns kissing her, touching her, kissing her chest, sometimes both suckling a breast at the same time. She had her hands on our laps and we exposed ourselves for her. Both her hands were full of hard cock. And he was fingering her furiously.

She sucked Jake's cock first. While she was going down on him, I caressed her ass. She was showing off, trying to impress, and he enjoyed it thoroughly. Then it was my turn to fill her mouth. I sat on the couch and she knelt in front of me with her face in my lap. She had barely started sucking me when Jake took up position behind her. He went right in and started to hammer her hard. She kept me in her mouth and worked the two of us. But he lasted so long and slammed so hard (she said he jackhammered her) that she was having trouble keeping me in her mouth. Finally he came and filled her up with his load. I was still sitting on the couch so she straddled me and rode me. His cum was a great lube and my wife and I glided together easily until I filled her up, too.

Then he went upstairs to wash up and she collapsed on the couch next to me. We talked about how cool it was and started kissing. When he started to come down the stairs I asked, "Ready for round 2?" He saw us kissing and sat on the other side of her. We broke the kiss and talked a bit about what we just did. He asked if she was OK and she said, "Oh yeah, I love being the fingercuffs."

As we talked, the caressing started again.

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