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In love with Andy AND my latest role-playing game.

I know some of the same people she does. That's Sarah! Oh, shit, shit, shit I wish that was me instead of Sarah."

Karen sat down on the computer table and spread her legs. Ken knelt down in front of her and started to eat her. The girls' fingers are flying over their pussies. Both were getting hotter. Kali moved down a little to get a better angle and ended up standing next to Ann and they are almost leaning against each other.

Karen rolled over and Ken started to fuck her. Ann looked over at Kali. She reached out and took Kali's arm and gently pulled her hand out of her shorts. Kali looked at Ann with confusion. Ann smiled and Kali didn't resist but watched as Ann slid her hand down to Kali's wrist and then slowly moved it over toward her and placed her hand on her pussy. Kali felt another woman's warm, shaved pussy for the first time.

Kali didn't pull her hand back but looked down at her hand then up at Ann and smiled and began to stroke Ann's pussy.

Ann stood there for a moment and closed her eyes and took several deep breaths. Kali was enjoying the feeling of Ann's pussy. She turned herself a bit to stand almost facing Ann and reached up and took her other hand and placed it on the outside of Ann's t-shirt and fondled her breast.

Ann reached over and took hold of Kali's shorts and slowly slid them down her hips. When she had both the shorts and her panties down almost to her knees, Ann reached out and placed her hand on Kali's pussy and stroked it. Kali, like Ann, closed her eyes and took several deep breaths. While she had her eyes closed, Ann reached out and ran her other hand up under Kali's cutoff top and cupped her breast and stroked her nipple. For a few minutes the girls continued to stroke and pet each other then, almost simultaneously, they turned their heads to see Ken pull out of Karen and slump down into the chair.

Ken's cock and Karen's pussy were exposed to the girls and they both increased their efforts on each other. When Karen sank to her knees and started to suck and stroke Ken's cock they were each trying hard to get the other to climax. Ken shot his first load into the air and the second and Karen put her mouth over the head of his cock and sucked into her mouth the remaining shots. The girls were both near climax.

They didn't see Karen look at Ken and open her mouth to show all his cum she had collected, they were cummin. Each had their eyes closed and was lost in the feeling of having a climax on the fingers of another girl. It was a good thing that the room and the glass was soundproofed or the sounds that Kali made would have brought people running to see what was wrong.

Kali fell against Ann and was panting and sighing and moaning as she came down from her sexual high. Ann was holding Kali tight against her and having after-shivers as her climax waned. With one arm around Kali's shoulders, Ann took her hand and lifted Kali's chin and leaned down and kissed her gently with only a little tongue. Kali didn't pull back but answered the kiss with her tongue. Kali had never been kissed by a woman but decided that she liked it and the two wrapped their arms around each other, held tight against the other's breast and kissed as lovers.

When Ken and Karen left the office and glanced inside the studio, both girls had recovered and were doing the job they had originally been sent to do.

Entering the lounge, Ken and Karen were surprised to see, Carmina sitting at the table with Josie and Kate.

"Surprise! Last night after you called Carmina she called back to give me Angie's phone number and we talked for a while. I invited her to stop by today before she went to work to just sit and chat and renew old times."

Karen walked up to Carmina with a big smile and leaned down and hugged her as if they were old friends.

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