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Ryan finds out his fate...

He didn't appear to be in nearly the good shape that Derek was either, but Nikki didn't discover anything more about him because she quickly found she did not like the way he was leering at her and moved her attention elsewhere.

To surprise her even further there was a woman among the men. At first, she thought maybe she was with one of them but she was clearly sitting by herself and no one paid her much attention. What was especially interesting was that in the world of dark blues, blacks and browns that made up the other men's clothing, she was almost a shining beacon of pink. Her skimpy, and to put it bluntly...slutty choice in clothing was in a variety of shades of pink and white. Even her long hair hung down in braids of pink.

But then Nikki made the mistake of looking at her face and immediately saw why she could only assume the men were keeping their distance. It wasn't all the facial piercings. Those were a bit intense but once Nikki's eyes reached hers, she could literally see the insanity looking back at her. It was wild and primal. It almost reminded her of Alpha. Tied back by a chain and waiting to pounce.

Nikki's eyes quickly moved to the next person. He looked ordinary enough at first glance. He still had the predatory look of everyone else, which hid behind his black hair, which was just long enough to cover his eyes. He was probably the one besides Derek who reminded her the most of her Master. Everyone seemed so eager, held back by a thread. If he was like was them, he hid it well, or maybe Nikki was just distracted by all his tattoos which were visible due to his black tank top. She couldn't tell if it was multiple dragons or one very long dragon that seemed to snake around his body, but it only accented his obvious musculature.

When Nikki's eyes reached the final one, she was in for a shock which clearly showed on her face. "K...Kevin?"

Kevin's expression mirrored her own as he turned to look at Him with pure awe. "You took Nikki? are a fucking GOD!"

"You know him?" Nikki turned to Him as He spoke to her with a nod, feeling even more exposed now that there was someone she actually recognized.

"Yes Master...we...worked together." Nikki muttered, blushing profusely. Kevin always seemed like such a sweetheart in the office. He was always really nice to her and would give her coffee or snacks and things all the time. And because of that, she'd ignore all the times she'd catch him leering at her cleavage or ogling her while she was eating lunch. He knew she had a boyfriend, so he didn't push it to an awkward place, and it just made her feel really sexy to have someone practically doting on her knowing full well he had no chance of doing anything but looking.

He was definitely not hiding his looking this time. Kevin's eyes hungrily roamed Nikki's abundant curves. She could almost feel the intensity of his gaze. But just like everyone there, he wasn't looking at her as if she were a person. They all looked at her like an object. It was one thing when He looked at her that way but having five other pairs of eyes looking down on her the same way was overwhelming.

"Stand." Her Master ordered, which Nikki quickly followed, standing upright.

"Yes Master." Nikki answered, before looking at Him and seeing Him twirling His pointer finger around, having her present herself for the assembled group. She tried to hide her blushing, but it was impossible.

"How's Alpha doing?" The pink woman asked Nikki, her wild blue eyes lingering on the faint but still visible remnants of the bites and scratches that were still on her skin. This comment sparked chuckles among the others.

"He's fine." Nikki replied curtly. She was almost immediately thrown as His hand colliding with her face in a hard slap. He didn't need to say words. She got the message loud and clear. Be more respectful to His guests.

"Ooo! So much sass!" The pink woman almost squealed with eagerness.

"Hopefully not too mu

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