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First week of college turns out nicely at a club intown.

He was, after all, proud of her body, and the guy was just looking. He'd still be the only one touching her, the only one fucking her. He opened his robe and fisted himself. It only took a few seconds for his sperm to decorate the floorboards.


On Wednesday, two days before promised, Sam gave his boss the first Cindy DVD. Tanner just took the disc and shrugged, waving him out of his office. The following day was a different story however. Tanner called Sam into his office seconds after he had arrived. Sam shut the door behind him.

"Sam, you did good. That was an excellent start. You've already knocked off a part of the money you owe me." Al Tanner didn't tell Sam that he'd already gotten the missing funds expunged from the records. All it took was some creative bookkeeping and a promotion for the auditor involved.

"Now keep them coming." Al noticed that Cindy was wearing a sexy looking black dress today. He couldn't wait to see her take it off. He was more than pleased by the first disc. He'd had a crush on Cindy since he first laid eyes on her. He would have killed to see her nude, but had given up on the idea. Then her asshole husband opened up the door for him. Last night after his wife had fallen asleep he went into his home office and played the DVD on his computer.

When Cindy took off her clothes it was almost as if she were stripping for him. What a killer body she had. To waste it on her loser husband was tragic. He ran the stripping part of the disc many times in slow motion. Then, as an added bonus, she relieved herself on the toilet in front of him. Al knew of Cindy's shyness. She could barely speak to him without averting her eyes. To see her perform this intimate personal act was a supreme turn on for him. He masturbated three times to the footage that night alone. The first time he'd done that in years.


"I want a lot more of the same, and I want to see some fuck footage. And I don't mean your hairy ass. You'd better somehow persuade her to lose the covers and get on top.

Seeing her ass humping would come a long way in relieving your debt."

Sam shook his head. "I'll see what I can do."

"Don't see," Tanner said loudly, "get it done!"


Sam and Cindy normally had sex at least twice a week, sometimes more. If Sam had his way, it would have been nightly. But Cindy normally tired early. Sometimes she was in bed asleep by 9:30. Sam just didn't like going to bed that early. Saturday night was different however. Cindy usually slept in, which meant she was wide awake in the evening. If they stayed home, they would watch a movie then hit the sack around 11:00ish. Then the lovemaking would begin. But it was always under the covers and in darkness. He needed to formulate a plan.


On Friday he gave his boss the DVD of Cindy stripping off her black dress. In Sam's opinion, it was even better than the first tape. He also gave his boss footage of her on the toilet and in the shower. The shower sequence was a real turn on. Cindy, unaware that anyone was watching, put on a great show, soaping up her breasts, her ass, and between her legs were the highlights. Sam was pleased that her body was clearly visible, even behind the opaque shower door. And the drying off part was almost as good as the shower. He knew his boss would knock off a good chunk of change for this one.


On Friday night, Sam went out to play cards with some friends. By the time he arrived home, Cindy was fast asleep. He headed for the attic to see what he'd missed. He watched as she once again took off her work clothes and used the toilet. He fast forwarded through her folding laundry. At 10:00PM the tape started again. Cindy entered the bedroom and took off her sweatpants and top. Then, still nude, began to rummage through a drawer. Sam assumed she was looking for her nightgown, but she turned around holding an oblong silver object. Sam leaned in closer to the monitor. My God, it was a vibrator.

Cindy had Sam's comple

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