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Two boys test a mind control device on a classmate.

Beth moaned again a little louder and I moved us toward the shallow end of the pool. There the water was only about 3 feet deep and would allow me to do many more things to my little girl. My cock was almost out of the water now and I placed my hands on Beth's shoulders and gently pushed her downward. She got my meaning quickly and soon was sucking my cock. I can't begin to describe the feeling of her mouth while I was watching her tits sway in the water. Once again I began to thrust into her warm mouth and Beth just opened more to take all my meat into her mouth. I grabbed her hair and began to face fuck her harder. Beth continued to moan around my cock and took her free hand and pulled at her nipples while I fucked her pretty face. I felt my load rising and thrust deeply into her mouth as the first spurt of cum shot out of my cock I could tell Beth was smiling as I came in her mouth and she expertly milked my cock for every drop of cum. Finally my climax subsided and Beth let my shrinking cock slip from her mouth. She took her tongue and licked her lips and swallowed once more, not wasting my cum. I leaned in and kissed her lightly and Beth surprised me by stroking my cock again.

"Easy girl, give me a little time to recover," I laughed, "I'm not a young guy anymore."

Beth nodded and smiled but continued to stroke my limp cock.

"Well then I guess we have to find something else to do until you are ready to fuck me."

I knew exactly what she wanted and grabbed her by the hips and raised her to the pool deck, setting her down gently. Beth immediately spread her legs and slid her hand along her sexy slit.

"Are you hungry Daddy?" She asked mockingly, "Maybe I should feed you. Would you like that Daddy?"

I didn't have to think twice and dove into her wetness; I wasn't into fooling around this time and quickly mounted my attack on her clit. Her pussy was slick with her juices and I lapped hungrily at her mound. Beth shrieked and moaned loudly as I continued my assault, forgetting where we were. I continued to lick and nibble at Beth's pussy wanting to bring her to a fast and explosive climax. I thought she was almost there when she stopped squirming and grew quiet. I looked up and almost fainted when I saw Julie standing there with a look of shock on her face.

"What are you doing?" Julie asked, almost screaming.

"Chill out sis," Beth responded, "We both want this and it isn't against the law or anything. Besides he licks pussy like no one else I know." She added almost laughing.

Julie just stood there for what seemed like hours before she spoke. "Well I think it is kind of weird, I mean we do call him Dad after all, but I won't say anything if you include me.

Beth and I were both taken back with the last statement, but I knew what Beth was thinking when she looked at me and smiled that smile I know so well.

"Well come on over and join us." Beth said, "Don't be shy now."

Julie walked over to us and stripped her clothes off. She wore a black half bra beneath her shirt and a red thong came into view when she lowered her shorts. My cock sprang back to life as I watch Julie strip. Beth told her sister how this had all come about and Julie added that she felt like someone was watching her sometimes. She actually laughed and said she was glad to find out the truth and that she was right about her feeling of being watched. I just watched in amazement as Julie continued to strip, her tits weren't as perky as her sister's because they were a little bigger and her pussy wasn't completely shaved but was trimmed nicely.

"Julie do you remember what we used to do when we were younger?" Beth asked her.

"You mean when we explored each other a couple years back?"

"Yep, that's what I mean, get over here and let me try again." Beth said, a smile spreading across her face.

Julie spread a towel on the deck and laid back, spreading her legs slightly.

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