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A dose of the cheating husband’s own medicine.

As the weeks and months passed, the two of them discovered the sexy underwear and the foot wear and the lusty places to consume each other. These fantasies came naturally to the two and the willingness each showed to take, and be taken, in conjunction with the other's dream or vision became more and more arousing, tantalizing and interesting.

Early in the growing relationship, Fern had frequently worn platforms with high heels as a prelude to love making. From that point, conversation evolved into a discussion of a one legged version of sexy footwear in the bedroom. So it was Fern who introduced Don to the concept of a half full skirt or an empty dangling pant leg or a firm "stump" of flesh sticking out from a tight pair of spandex shorts. For Don, the image of only one high heel or boot or exotic sandal with a leg stump under a skirt or wrapped in a pants pocket was more arousing than when there were two legs in play.

So it was, during an evening at Fern's while watching a movie, and sipping iced Chenin Blanc that Fern excused herself for the purpose of "getting more comfortable.' She returned a few minutes later dressed in a pair of black velveteen full-cut slacks. The left pant leg was pinned neatly and tightly to her left hip. It appeared as if she had had her left leg amputated at the knee. She was perched on one of Don's favorite shoes, an open-toed sandal with a 1 __" platform sole and a 5" heel with a wrap around ankle strap. The right pant was cuffed and short enough to reveal her one foot, adorned with an anklet and two toe rings in that sexy shoe.

A smoky gray peasant blouse was cut low enough to reveal cleavage between her breasts. The entire picture was framed by black fore arm crutches and her dark wavy tresses thrown casually over her shoulder.

In a gliding, smooth motion, Fern crutched up to the couch where she had just left Don's side a few minutes ago. She raised her velvet encased "stump" for Don to receive in his eager hands so he could massage and caress the abbreviated left leg. Don gently fondled Fern's stump pocket while he rose to embrace his partner.

Cupping Fern's face in his two strong hands, Don smothered her face with a kiss as passionate as any the two had ever shared. And Fern's probing tongue, thrusting "stump" and gentle swaying on one leg merely added to the excitement of the moment.

"I want you to take me, to ravish me and to make love to my one long leg and its short partner," she cooed in Don's ear. "Make my one knee weak so that I tremble and can only stand by hopping and being held in your strong arms."

Don gently removed Fern's crutches, laid them against the couch and caressed her stump with his right hand while his left hand hugged her close and massaged and fondled her back, shoulder and waist. He glided his hand around the end of the stump and slowly up the inside of her thigh. He teased her where her stump joined her waist with flickering fingers that gently brushed against her womanhood. He cupped his hand over her love mound and squeezed at the same time his fingers massaged her luscious lips of love.

"Your hot," he cooed into her ear, as she waved back and forth on her one leg. He continued to caress the knee length stump of her left leg.

"It's hard to only have one leg to spread for your lover," Fern whispered. "Luckily, I have lots left of my amputated leg so I can tickle your balls and probe at your cock but I want you to love my stump and my leg to the point where you have to hold me up. Take your hand and slip it inside my panties and see what you find in there, Make me drip!" she teased.

Don's right hand had to leave the bound stump and move to Fern's back to steady her swaying and trembling.

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