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An enchantress goes about her day.

Both were so wound up they had trouble to form coherent words. That was no surprise because Todd accelerated his attack on Andromeda's clit and asshole and Donna was captivated by her blowjob. The vibrating device in her cunt was the icing on the cake. A simultaneous orgasm from all three sex partners made the whole affair a very special one.

Andromeda first flooded his mouth and he gasped for air, then Todd's geyser filled Donna's throat and mouth which triggered her orgasm as well. Andromeda cried unrestricted as her climax took hold of her human being, her body shook and shimmied as wave after wave of pleasure enveloped her. Todd groaned in her pussy, emptying his balls with great pleasure in an eagerly sucking mouth. Donna moaned around his spewing cock, but was primarily occupied with his splendid ejaculation. The smell of sex permeated the room despite his two windows were open. However that was not bothering him. Even in the heat of extreme passion his women smelled wonderful. He was a sucker for the mixture of perfume and female arousal. He knew the combination of his expensive cologne and body odor was pleasant for the girls too. They often told him so.

Finally they all collapsed together in a heap. It hadn't slipped their attention that Samantha had gained another orgasm shoving the vibrator alternately in her pussy and ass. Todd quickly helped them turning off the switches on both devices to stop the vibration. However he felt no need to take them out of the girl's orifices, Samantha's ass and Donna's pussy. They would come in handy later. Slowly they came back to their senses and again entangled themselves, close enough to kiss and gently touch each other.

They were talking too, mostly the girls with each other. What Todd heard gave him great pleasure. He was still highly aroused so his cock hadn't yielded one millimeter. Andromeda gently stroked his upright pole and exclaimed, smiling at him adoringly, that is was impossible for any woman not to be constantly horny in Todd's presence. Donna added how wet she got that day Todd standing on the patio in front of her with his big cock bulging the shorts. She admitted this attention was nice but it was his whole attitude that what made her do what she did that day, blatantly inviting him to have sex with her. Samantha revealed a secret she wasn't aware of it for a long time. "I know now that I was secretly attracted to Todd probably weeks or even months before I approached him upon the prom subject. Todd, I think now that was the reason I choose you. At that time I didn't know it myself."

He kissed his lovers and thanked them for their kind words then asked whether they wanted something to drink, he was thirsty. They nodded their approval and some minutes later Todd came back with a large jug and four tall drink glasses. He saw Donna looking at the jug and confirmed it was her special mixture. The women thanked him profusely and all consumed a decent portion of this delicious mixture.

Todd suggested a quick shower to rinse the sweat off their bodies and freshen up. First they occupied the separate toilet area and the women peed unashamedly in front of Todd and each other. He released himself into the urinal but it was difficult to pee properly with his medically enhanced boner. Afterwards they had fun in the large open shower stall. Back in his bed he discovered the funny intermezzo had fueled the women's desire for another round of unbridled sex. He told them nonchalantly he was geared up for everything.

He waited and watched the women whispering with each other. He saw the smile on their faces escalating and then all three nodded. They had reached a decision. They crawled to him, kissing and fondling his body before Andromeda spoke. "Todd, as we talked with Donna alone, we casually praised your ability to massage our bodies like a pro. She wants a back massage from you; please be alerted, we promised her a surprise. Samantha and I will watch you and you both can watch us what we do in the meantime."

Todd happily agreed and went to t

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