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Jill begins to implode during her recovery.

You throw me down on the bed and rip your own clothes off, pin my shoulders down and bite my neck and collar bone knowing that it hurts me. It appears your going to take your revenge.

You work your way down to my breasts, biting just hard enough on my nipples to make me yelp in pain, you find you way to my left nipple piercing and wrap your tongue around it. You appear to have stopped your frantic assault for a moment to pay a little extra attention here, you have caught in between your teeth rotating the bar slowly. I moan with pleasure loving the way the cool metal twists beneath my skin.

The noise appears to make you realise you have slowed down and you abruptly cut off my moan with a sharp nip.

I can feel the heat from your cock just resting between my thighs, feeling it pulse every time you hear me make a noise. My juices have run downwards over part of your cock and between my ass cheeks. You lean back and roughly pull my legs wide apart, you just stare for a moment at the juice running down and soaking the sheets beneath me. You let go of one of my legs and run your fingers between my soaking wet cheeks, looking up you realise I'm not used to this kind of attention from my shocked expression. I see you grin evilly at the thought of my discomfort, seeing my expression only makes your grin widen. I sit up to object only to be pushed back hard, you push me over on to my stomach and grab a tie from the bedpost and secure my hands behind my back. Now I'm face-down on the bed and can't see what you are doing. You have stopped and I'm lying there tense, waiting for something to happen... waiting to feel some pain or pleasure.

You bring your hand down on my ass so hard I hear the high-pitched crack of flesh meeting flesh before I feel the pain of it, now it feels like the skin on my ass has been cut open its that painful; little rivers of searing fire run in lines across my right cheek.

"Now your not going to try to stop me doing anything again are you?"

I shake my head, whining softly. "Good."

I feel you pull my legs apart again, you slide your fingers between my tensed cheeks and move them up and down across my anus, when I don't un-tense you move down to my pussy to slide one finger inside, then another. Jesus your hands are big, two fingers fill me, you wriggle them about to loosen me up and use your thumb to tease my clit. Hearing my moan you take your other hand and start sliding it between my cheeks again, I am less tense now and it feels kind of nice when you are rubbing my clit at the same time. I can feel myself building up to a climax, I start to push back against your fingers a little as my moans increase. You quickly thrust one of your fingers inside my ass, cutting off my orgasm completely with a stab of pain. I bring my head up with a sharp intake of breath as I try to stifle a squeal. "You bastard!"

Your only reply is a chuckle as you pull your fingers from my pussy to shove my head back down in to the bed to stop me looking round.

I can still feel a pulsing ache around my anus where your finger remains, you slide your other fingers back inside me and begin to work them, when I relax again you start to move your finger slowly in and out of my ass.

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