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She submits without a word.

At least not until she wanted him to have it.

Laughing to herself she walked down the sidewalk to the bar. Her stiletto heels clicking against the pavement as he moved. She was only about a block away when she heard the distinctive sound of her phone chiming once again.

Removing her phone from her purse she read the screen. "Stop". She was confused but froze in place. Another chime. "Put it in before you go inside".

Her eyes scanned the streets to try and see if the person was watching her. Surely he had to be close by to know where she was. Too many people though. Men, women, couples; people walking their dogs strolled up and down the sidewalk. There would be no way to tell who it was. Plus, the outfit she was wearing drew attention in and of itself. Naturally men were looking in her direction.

Fine, I'll play your game, she thought to herself. Looking around she spotted a nearby ally that seemed to be clear and rushed over. Once reasonably safe around the corner she took out the egg and pulled up her dress. Sliding it in wasn't a problem as she was already starting to get very wet. The plastic egg slipped between her soft lips. She could feel it stretching her pussy gently as she pushed it in. And with a final pleasurable slip it entered her fully. She couldn't help but rub her fingers over her clit a few times before pulling her dress back down. She felt so dirty but it excited her too much to stop.

Entering the bar, she once again scanned the room. No use. Half the bar was staring at her men and women. She sat down at the bar and took her phone back out. "I'm at the bar", she texted.

A moment later the phone chimed. "Order a drink", it read. She smiled. Half frustrated and impatient; and half excited. Waving the bartender over, she took out her wallet. The bartender was tall and handsome. He had on a black t-shirt that showed off his toned chest and arms. Naughtily she wished it would be him sending the texts.

"What can I get you?", the bartender asked. But just as she opened her mouth to place her order, the vibrator inside of her went off, sending a quick shock of pleasure up her body. She let out a soft involuntary gasp and her hand instinctively shot to her thighs. Then it was gone.

"Miss", the bartender broke in. "Are you okay?" She removed her hand from her legs and recomposed herself. "Yes, yes. I'm fine. Sorry. Don't know what came over me. I'll have a vodka martini, dirty. Thank you."

The bartender went and started to make her drink. Her eyes once again scanned the bar for any clues as to who it was. Once again the vibe went off. This time for longer. She was prepared this time but still couldn't help rubbing her thighs together to hold in the wonderful feeling. Her ass wiggled in her seat and her hand rested on her leg as if ready to dive between them at a second's notice if needed.

The feeling seemed to last forever. She could see the bartender walking back over to her with her drink and she prayed silently that it would stop before he reached her or she feared he would somehow know. And just as he set the glass down on the bar it stopped.

"There you go miss", he said politely, not showing any signs that he was aware of what had just happened. She took down the drink hungrily and set the empty glass on the counter.

Her phone chimed. "That was the first level. Shall we try the others? There are four more. I bet your panties are soaked already", it read.

Oh shit, she thought. If that was the lowest setting of this thing than she wasn't going to be able to hide what was going on for much longer. She stepped down from the barstool to get away but the second her heel hit the floor, the vibe jumped to life once again. This time it was a slightly more potent sensation.

Instantly, she rose back up onto the edge of the barstool, more for support than anything else.

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