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The start of a journey

He obviously knew I was lying. But that opened the door for him to tell me how much he enjoyed oral sex and how good it felt to have his cock sucked. But, he said his wife didn't like to do it, so she never gave him blowjobs.

Being a lightweight, I was already pretty drunk by that time, so I made a bet with him that if I won the next hand, I would get a day off - with pay - and the use of his truck so I could go into town. He jokingly said ok, BUT, if I lost, I'd have to suck his dick. I never would have imagined that he was serious, so I took the bet.

The next hand, I drew two 10s. Feeling a little cocky, I asked him if he wanted to raise the bet to two days. He reluctantly accepted, adding that if I lost, he would have my ass too. Again, I didn't think he meant it.

It turned out I was wrong.

After the pass cards were dealt, I was stuck with my pair, while he laid down three deuces.

He stood up, unfastened the belt to his khakis, and said a bet was a bet. I sat in silence as he removed his pants and boxers. He walked over in front of me, grabbed his cock and balls, and said, "Well? Are you going to be a man and honor your bet or not?"

Somewhere down inside, I knew that was my out. But pride, curiosity and hormones got the best of me.

In some twisted version of John Wayne, I asked for another shot -- which Richard poured for me. The entire time, I was only focused on his crotch. His cock wasn't too big -- probably about 6 inches -- but he his balls appeared huge.

I quickly downed the shot and waited for a couple of seconds. I vaguely remember motioning to him. The next thing I knew, I had his stiffening cock in my mouth. It felt much larger than I thought it had appeared. Even though I was trying my best to suck, he quickly took control and placed a hand under my chin and the other on top of my head.

"Don't use your teeth, and don't forget to breathe." That was all he said, as he slowly fucked my mouth.

By that point, I was so drunk, I just did as I was told. He made a point of telling me what a good cocksucker I was and that I was going to get my reward soon. A few seconds later, I did.

I know I swallowed some of his cum, but there was so much, I let most of it spill onto the floor. I even remember apologizing and wiping it up before going to my bunk. The next thing I remember was waking up and feeling his weight on me. My underwear were nowhere to be found. I had obviously passed out for a while, but when I woke up, he was already balls deep in my ass.

I tried to move my head around, but Richard was holding me by the back of my neck. His other hand was firmly pressed into my low back, and he was fucking me hard. By the time I fully realized what was happening, he had shot his load deep in my ass, had rolled off me, and went to his bunk. I just pulled the covers over me and went back to sleep.

The next morning, I woke up late. Richard was already out getting the other counselors and kids organized for a hike. I looked over at my nightstand and saw his keys. Under them was a note: Thanks for honoring your bet... enjoy your day in town - you earned it. Be back by sundown. Maybe we can play some more poker when you get back.

As the memories from the previous night/morning came flooding back, I reached down between my legs to find a sticky, slimy mess. I waited until most of the camp was quiet before making my way to the shower. Between the hangover and getting fucked the night before, I was pretty much a mess. After getting cleaned up, I went into town. As I sat at McDonald's that morning thinking about the whole experience, I wasn't sure if I had enjoyed it or hated it/him for taking advantage of me.

That evening; however, I had my answer. I'd loved it.

Before I knew it, Richard's cock was in my mouth again and that time, I did manage to swallow his load. In fact, I must have sucked him nearly ever day for the remainder of the summer, in addition to the frequent fucking.

We continued to sleep in separate bunks for the rest of

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