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A home invasion leads to non-consensual sex.

The show ended, and the performers took their final bows, before rushing off stage to thunderous appalause. My heart, already thrumming, picked up again and I staggered my way to the bar, ordering a double vodka to steady my nerves. Swallowing it in one gulp, I stood up, straightened my skirt and picked my way through the crowd streaming towards the exit. 5 minutes later I found myself walking speedily along the backstage corridor casting glances left and right at the rapidly approaching doors wondering which one Greg stood behind. Halfway down the corridor, familar names appeared on the doors; Drew Carey, Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles, Jeff Davies, Jonathan Mangum, Chip Esten and then finally, near the far end, the man of my fantasies, Greg Proops. I took a deep breath and knocked.

"Come in" I opened the door to find Greg Proops and Jonathan Mangum sitting opposite each other, each with a whisky. "Hey baby", Greg said in that familiar sarcastic tinged voice I loved. "What's up? Cat got your tongue?". I licked my lips slowly to show him i indeed still had a tongue and saw his eyes flare with lust again. Greg pulled me over to sit by him, pouring us all new drinks as we chatted about the show and what the cast were like off screen. Greg's hand rested on the top of my thigh almost absent-mindedly tracing light, ticklish, tantalising circles inching higher and higher. The smell of my sex lingered in the air.

"Ahem" Jonathan cleared his throat, desire evident on his face as he watched Greg's path up my leg. "I'll er just get going..." he trailed off, heading towards the door. I sprung off the sofa, standing between the door and the men inside.

"No" I whispered softly the shyness I first felt ebbing away. "Stay" and with that I brought my hands up around his neck and brushed his lips slightly with my own. His arms loosely encircled my waist and, as his tongue swept my lips begging for entry, he pulled me flush against his body. Greg closed the door softly and placed his hands on my hip bones. I felt his soft lips place butterfly kisses on my neck and his semi erect cock rub circles on my ass. I moaned into the kisses, pushing my body back harder onto Greg while Jonathan continued to explore my mouth. He tasted like whisky and cinnamon - another intoxicating taste assaulting my senses adding to the pleasure. Greg placed small nips on my neck, soothing them over with his tongue before creating the next leaving marks. The meaning was clear: I was his. He sucked my pulse point hard, causing my head to fly back. I let out a deep gutteral moan and began panting with desire.

"You like that? Huh baby?" Greg said, before latching back onto my pale neck. Jonathan, seeing my exposed neck, began to suck the other side, moving his hand up my side to lightly brush my covered breasts. The combination of the sucking and biting, the heady aroma, the rubbing of Greg's erect cock and Jonathan's light touches and squeezes sent my body into overdrive and I felt my juices coat my thighs and drip down my legs for the third time that evening.

"Too..many...clothes..." I managed to gasp out between pants, grabbing at the nearest article of clothing and attempting to remove it unsucessfully. Both men chuckled and removed themselves from my neck. I shivered at the sudden loss. Greg applied pressure on my waist, turning me around to face him and automatically my hands reached for his belt, my eyes silently begging to be allowed access. However Greg had other ideas. Gathering my wrists with one hand, he lifted my arms above my head, whilst jonathan slowly pulled up my blouse. Goosebumps erupted over my arms as the light fabric brushed over my flat stomach, my body so responsive now. My shirt discarded, the same fate awaited my skirt. I was left standing there in my bra and soaked panties. I felt two pairs of eyes raked up and down my body, examining every inch and 2 groans of desire sounded out, their trousers becoming tighter.

"Like what you see boys?" I teased making my way over to the sofa, swinging my hips and glancing over my shoulder.

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