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Sleep gentle angel.

You looked at me, and I looked at you, then you grinned to me, knowing what I wanted. Lying back, you reached up and unzipped his pants, releasing his very dark cock, which appeared almost as black as ink in comparison to the pale skin of your hand. His teeth glittered in the dark skin of his face as you started to jack him, pulling him to you so he could put his dick in your mouth, your tongue starting to wash the head of it, licking and swirling around it just before he started fucking it into your mouth.

I'd stopped fucking you as all this happened, just watching as you attended to him. Watching his black dick slide into your mouth, deeper and deeper. You never were able to deep throat him all the way, but he didn't seem to mind. I started moving in and out of you slowly as you sucked his cock, pushing deep into you and pushing you onto his cock with every stroke. He started moving with my rhythm, his cock dipping deeper into your mouth each time I shoved into your pussy. The harder I fucked, the harder he fucked, and the more you moaned around the cock in your mouth. I could feel you tense as your orgasm built, your silken legs wrapping around my back, pulling me into you. I watched as your hands crept around his ass, pulling him as deep as you could take him into your mouth, and suddenly, as if on cue, all three of us started cumming. Your orgasm making you squeal around his cock which set him off, sending cum shooting out of his cock deep down your throat, spurting out around the sides of your lips. The sight of the cum pouring from your mouth was sooo erotic, I started cumming into your pussy... blast after blast of my cum which had been building all night as I watched you dress, then dance at the party, then sucking on the black man's cock as we fucked in the back seat of our car. We rocked that way for a good couple of minutes, then the security guard smiled to us as he zipped up, and walked away. Bet he told that story quite a few times over the years. I know I've relived it a few times in my mind. Its kind of hard not to keep that night in mind, because our youngest daughter was conceived that night. But the dress and the smell of that perfume brings back the memories sooo strong. You enjoyed that night, even though we never did that particular thing again, you did speak of it from time to time when we made love, because you knew it never failed to turn me on beyond all belief.

I walked into the kitchen for a pot of coffee and some breakfast. It was funny. Today was going so well, and for once, my hands weren't even hurting. Today is a great day!

I poured water into the pot, and started the coffee. Turning on the stove for bacon and eggs, I got down a pan from the rack overhead. You always made some kind of breakfast for me. You weren't a big breakfast eater, but you knew I always wanted a little something when I got up. Sometimes bacon and eggs, sometimes just some donuts and milk. And, on rare occasion, you'd join me... but usually, you'd just sit and talk with me and drink coffee. Which was fine. We always had something to talk about. We enjoyed each other's company as much as we enjoyed sex.

I got the eggs out of the fridge, and bumped the kitchen table as I did. It creaked when I bumped it, which brought to mind one time when you were cooking dinner. I had just come home from work, and flipped on the TV (still black and white at the time....we didn't own a color one til later). You were in the kitchen, I walked in and gave you a "Hi, honey! I'm home!" kiss, when you kissed me harder in return. The quick kiss I usually got turned into one that just kept going and going. Thoughts of a beer before dinner quickly forgotten, as I pulled you tight, and took the kiss to the next level. You put your arms around my neck, and we just continued the kiss for what seemed like forever. I

think that was one of the most wonderful kisses I'd ever gotten in my life.

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