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Yet he wondered if she could be made to feel the hurt some other way.
Haqnawaz sensed he had the possibility of revenge sooner than expected. A group of spies he had insinuated at Payal's family home advised that while she was totally protected, her parents were often relatively unsecure when they traveled to Lahore for her mother's medical appointments. A schedule of her appointment dates provided many options over the coming weeks.

Payal had just finished writing a piece on rural governance for the news magazine when she heard an incessant knock on her door. She was surprised to see Payal's young sister, who was in a rush to say something. The news was earth shattering. There was to be an attack on the vehicle her parents were traveling in.

"I found out because a new servant here is actually working for Haqnawaz," Ruqaiya hurriedly gave out the information she had discovered by chance. While using one of the half a dozen attached outhouses, dedicated to the staff, she had overheard a couple of the new arrivals discuss plans to waylay Payal's parents. Unfortunately by the time she had reached Payal, just a few minutes later, the parents had already left.

Calling the police, someone in the government or even Shahnawaz in Malaysia would not have had any effect in time. Somehow Payal remembered she had met a gentleman on her trip to Turkey some years earlier, named Amos, who was associated with the US Embassy. Lucky for her, Amos was actually still in Islamabad. Amos took the information at face value, asked about the route to be taken and the doctors to be seen. He did not promise much, but ensured Payal that he would make every effort to see that her parents were safe.

Six hours later, Haqnawaz found himself being taken into custody by the anti-terrorism force, given that those involved in his arrest had no faith in the local police. He had been in high spirits, having earlier been advised by a henchman that the task had successfully been completed. He was so looking forward to seeing Payal crushed by his revenge. But now things appeared to have spiralled out of control.

His plan may have succeeded if the ambush that was being prepared had been carried out as the target approached Lahore. Being late at the scene meant that they had to wait for Payal's parents to return after the doctor's appointment, which wasted many hours. When the target vehicles were finally spotted and blocked with the use of a truck and other barriers, the assassins were surprised that the persons inside began firing with deadly accuracy. When a half dozen of the intended attackers went down, the remaining few dropped their weapons and surrendered. One was the driver that usually took Haqnawaz around and this person was forced to make the false call to suggest all was well.

Haqnawaz could not believe what had happened when heavily armed personnel broke into the haveli and took him into custody. The US Embassy had immediately connected with the Army and the Anti-Terrorism force and thanks to the missed first opportunity a unit had managed to intercept her parents just as they finished the visit to the doctor in Lahore. Just to ensure that there would be no reprisals or kooky attacks at their homes by friends or supporters of Haqnawaz, the parents were temporarily taken to a major hotel in Islamabad. Payal and her kids were also moved there for the time being. In addition, Ruqaiya, who had been the whistle blower was also brought over for her safety and to tend to Payal's immediate family and was happily roomed with her kids.

Payal had already talked to Shahnawaz who was heading back in a hurry.

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