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Two boys test a mind control device on a classmate.

While Blondie's tunneled her tongue deeper into Britney's wetness. Grasping the lounge cushions Britney yammered incoherently as Blondie drove her delirious with her oral manipulations. She stammered, ""

Soon Blondie had two fingers speedily stabbing in and out of Britney's saturated slit, who cried out in pleasure. Blondie's flickering tongue teased Britney's clit from its hood. Suddenly Blondie stopped and shot a wicked smile at the fence, I guessed it was intended for me. Then she withdrew her fingers from Britney's pussy and savagely shoved them up Britney's ass while biting lightly on Britney's exposed clitoris.

Britney arched her back howling in blissful release as euphoric waves crashed through her body.

I bite my lip to keep from shouting my own joy as spurts of cum shot from my cock and painted the fence.

"Feel better now, Brit?"

Britney panted back, "Gosh, yes."

Blondie giggled and lay back on the lounge. She rolled a nipple between her thumb and forefinger. A finger from her free hand glided between the folds of her glistening gash. She purred with pleasure.

Britney arose and kissed her mouth. She licked her lips after tasting her own nectar on Blondie's lips. Moving down to Blondie's breasts Britney momentarily squeezed and sucked on them. She gently bit into a nipple and was rewarded with Blondie's sudden squealed protest.

My cock was still erect, for the first time in long time I remained hard following an orgasm. I gingerly began stroking myself again as the sex show on the other side of the fence continued.

Britney kissed her way down Blondie's taut tummy. She paused and teasingly tongued Blondie's naval ring before moving between her legs.

Blondie's pussy was opened like a rose petal and Britney darted her tongue into it like it was a bee's stinger. Blondie shook her head from side to side as Britney buried her fingers deeply into her friend's bald wet cunt. Britney teased her friend, "Your scent is delectable."

Smiling, I could almost hear the swoosh-swoosh sounds of Britney's fingers jack-hammering in and out of Blondie's slobbering snatch.

Blondie groaned with gratification as Britney's tongue tantalized her agitated clit. She twisted her pink pouting nipples violently and she cried out, "Don't stop, Brit! Brit, don't stop!"

Sensing that Blondie was approaching orgasm Britney pursed his lips into an O and sucked forcefully on Blondie's clit. Blondie lifted her butt off the lounge and wildly bucked her pelvis with the rising wave of climax. With Blondie on the very edge of climax Britney lightly bit her clit and savagely shoved her two soaked fingers up Blondie's ass to send over the precipice of pleasure. The lounge quivered beneath Blondie as her body quaked on top of it. She sobbed, "Oh, oh, my pussy, my pussy, oh, oh."

While Blondie collapsed on the lounge gasping for breath, I flogged myself without mercy. My testicles tightened then cum spewed from my cock blasting the fence with another coat of my lust. I leaned against the fence with pleasurable dizziness.

Later that night I was watching the late news on television by myself, my wife had retired to our bed once the comedy we were watching was over. I heard a car stop at the curb next door, so I turned off the television and peeked out the window.

Grinning I caught sight of Britney and a young man about her age walking up the sidewalk towards her door. As I watched the young man snuck his hand from her hip to the cheek of her ass. I guessed that because she didn't protest the location of his hand, he thought it was okay to palm her tight buttock like he would a basketball. When they reached the light of the porch the young man quickly took his hand off of her ass. I caught sight of his huge bulge embolden in his blue jeans as Britney unlocked the door. They went inside.

"Bringing a young buck home to fuck, huh, Britney," I chuckled.

Unbelievably the soft glow of lamp light illuminated the living r

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