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Young couple's summer evening turns to disaster.

Luckily at exactly six o'clock I heard the garage door open. My insides clenched up as the seconds it took for him to park and find his way inside felt like hours. When the door finally opened I held my breath as I heard his footsteps come through the kitchen and into the living room where I was waiting. Our eyes met for the first time in nearly three days and immediately my spirits soared. It was almost embarrassing how happy he could make me. He looked me over, saw my hopeful grin, and a wry smirk passed over his face.

"Hey," I said, quietly, not taking my eyes off his.

He didn't answer. He instead left me sitting on the couch as he went into our bedroom, to change, I presumed and drag out my torture just a little bit longer no doubt. I tried not to grow impatient as I waited for him but as the minutes ticked by I started to become concerned. Had I misunderstood something? Had I done something wrong? The doubts had just started to flood my mind when finally, mercifully, he emerged. He was wearing a black t-shirt and a pair of jeans along with a scowl that marred his handsome face.

"Hey?!" he mocked loudly when he finally deigned to speak to me and I cringed. He obviously was not going to make this easy. He walked over towards me and roughly placed over my eyes a blindfold that he securely tied behind my head. He then put over my mouth a ball gag, forcing my mouth open and my teeth around it. He secured that as well then sat down next to where I was on the couch and roughly threw me across his lap. I cried out as I felt him lift up my robe and push aside my nightie so he could access my ass and begin my punishment.

"Shut up!" he said as he smacked my ass hard, the stinging slap beginning my journey towards submission. I tried to cry out softly and felt the tears spring to my eyes behind my blindfold earlier than normal as I felt the true extent of his anger at my actions expressed in his assault on my ass. He slapped me several more times, each one harder than the prior, until I could no longer contain my grief and began sobbing around my gag. He stopped smacking me and started rubbing my ass and then my back as I cried, mistakenly letting me think it was nearly over until he suddenly went back to spanking me, spurred on by my infant-like wailing.

He stopped again when my ass was burning and most certainly redder than my cheeks and slid his hand towards my pussy which, despite my dramatics, was wet and warm as he shoved in two fingers. My sobs slowly turned into muffled moans as he fingered me and I desperately tried not to move back against him, lest he stop his ministrations and the pleasure to cease. I also knew not to cum until he said I could and that time was certainly not now so I chose to just take in the pleasure he was allowing me and forced myself to follow the rules. It felt so good, the pleasure he was giving me with his fingers such a heavenly distraction from the pain in my ass.

"You are such a slut," he snarled as he felt me get wetter and wetter with every movement of his fingers. "Too bad I'm not going to let you cum yet," he finished, removing his fingers as I groaned. I felt him reach forward, over me, to grab something off the table near our couch. I heard something rattling and squirting noises as he worked on something on my back. I then felt him slide a lubed finger into my ass, opening me up and then a fair amount of pressure as he slid something hard into my ass. A butt plug, I knew, but not one I had felt before. I heard some clicking noises and then felt my ass start to vibrate in tiny pulses that awoke the nerves there and started a wonderful tingling to spread throughout my body.

As the pleasure began to overtake my body, he again reached forward and grabbed something from the table. Before I had a chance to react or wonder, the hard wooden paddle hit my ass with great force. I screamed out as loudly as my gag would allow and was rewarded with another, harder smack.

"Do you know why you are being punished?" He asked me in between smacks.

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