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If you've got it...flaunt it.

He senses now is the time to give her more and he slides one hand down, gliding his fingertips along her slit, and easing one solitary finger into her hungry pussy. She feels so tight and her walls vibrate around that finger even before he starts to move it in and out. While his cock impatiently waits, his finger fucks her causing her hips to thrust against him, wanting more, demanding more, needing more.

Introducing a second finger he thrusts harder now, harder and faster. Her moans turn to screams, the sound of her wet pussy filling the room. Her own fingers tighten in his hair, her body thrusting against his fingers just as he thrusts deeper and deeper. His tongue continues its own assault on her flesh, tormenting her clit mercilessly, before sucking it into his mouth one last time, pushing her over the edge as her body begins to tremble uncontrollably in orgasm.

He is making her cum, making her cum with a loss of control she has never known. He wants nothing less for her and will accept nothing less from her. His fingers push ever more forcefully into her cunt, his hand only preparing her for what his cock is longing to do. His lips suck harder on her clit as she reaches her peak, her body tensing as her pussy tightens around his fingers. Her scream nearly frightens him as she pulls even more on his hair, oblivious to what she is doing. Her back arches as she tries to force herself against him as his fingers and tongue continue their combined assault, her hunger matching his.

He wrings every ounce of pleasure from her before her hands relax and she slides to the floor, one hand lowering her gently while his other eases itself reluctantly from her satisfied pussy. He had not intended to let her cum first but now he is glad he did. Now it is his turn. He waits a few moments until her breathing returns to normal then stands.

She is too exhausted, too gratified to feel anything. She senses more than hears him getting to his feet and wonders what he will demand from her in return. Before her mind is really working his fingers press into her mouth, coating her tongue with an unfamiliar taste and her mind wakes up when she realises she is tasting herself for the first time. Uncertain of how she should feel, she knows that nothing has happened so far that she has not longed for so she greedily licks his fingers clean. Whatever comes next, she is ready for. Or so she believes.

Sure that she is fully roused, he helps her to rise. As she gets first of all to her knees, she tried to stand but he stops her. Telling her to kneel as he presses down on her shoulders he makes it clear that she should stay in that position. Not knowing what he wants from her, she waits.

When his cock brushes her lips, she knows exactly what he wants. With the lightest of touches she reaches to take hold of him. She wishes she could see him but finally being able to hold him in her hand is enough for the moment. Slowly she glides her fingers up his length and runs her palm over the rough patch of pubic hair at its base. With her other hand she reaches blindly for his balls, cradling them like a precious treasure. Feeling their weight and shape, his cock twitches and she smiles at having pleased him.

She pushes her tongue out from between her pink lips. She raises her head as if she can see him then lowers it again to run her warm tongue up the length of his cock. It moves again and her pussy reacts. She feels herself moisten just as she continues to encourage his growing cock with long, wet swipes of her tongue.

He moans quietly as she finally engulfs his tip in her warm, wet mouth. Her whole body shudders as her juices flow and she can't help but moan too as she runs the tip of her tongue all around the fat head before starting to suck gently. His cock feels harder and thicker than it ever has as she starts to stroke it and makes love to the soft, wet tip with her mouth. He looks down at her naked breasts, marvelling at how hard, how engorged her nipples look.

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