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Passion on the line.

There were a couple blankets and a wooden bucket inside.

"Who's got the key?" Darkness asked as she slammed the cage door shut. Palm Wine handed her the key to the prisoner's cuffs. "Turn around and give me your wrists," she commanded, and his hands were soon freed. As he rubbed his sore wrists, she strolled away. "You can untie your own damn feet."

Snow walked through the camp. Moving silently had become such an important habit during her time in the forests that she had to make a conscious effort to make some noise. She didn't want to startle Mouse, who was engrossed in making the best meal she could. They didn't dare risk a fire, so the small girl was stirring together a mixture of gruel, berries, dried fish and tubers. It wasn't all that tasty, but it was filling and nutritious. The girl looked up as Snow rustled through the leaves.

They exchanged greetings, and Snow asked for two bowls of the porridge mixture. As Mouse filled bowls, she leaned closer, her voice quiet.

"You know we need to test him right?" she asked.

The girls eyes were filled with sadness, but she nodded. "I know."

"It's very brave of you to do this for me, Mouse," Snow said with a tender smile. The girl looked up.

"Maybe, but I'm not doing it for you. I'll do it for all of us - and for him."

Snow took the bowls and looked at the girl with concern. "Are you ok?"

"I will be," came the soft reply. "Give me an hour to get in the right frame of mind?"

Snow nodded and returned to the cage. The prisoner was huddled in a far corner, his arms wrapped around his knees. She slid one of the bowls into the cage.

He picked it up, looking at it in the dim light of Gor's three moons, and scowled. Snow smiled ruefully.

"Yeah I know, but it's all we've got. Eat it or go hungry."

She took her own bowl a little ways as the man began to eat. Darkness was sitting close to the knife-sharpener, whispering and occasionally kissing her.

"Have you eaten?" Snow asked, and both girls nodded. "Ok, in an hour or so, Darkness if you will relieve July on her patrol, and Mercy take the south?"

The girls agreed, and Snow promised she'd send someone to replace them before morning. Mercy gave her dagger a couple more swipes, then winked and took Darkness by the hand. Together they slipped out of the camp.

Snow shook her head and ate. She was glad the two girls were lovers. Darkness was a huge help controlling the other girl's rage. Out of all the girls, Mercy was the closest thing to a true psychopath the group had. Her first instinct in any situation was to attack. Snow approved of her willingness to fight, but sometimes it was better to be smart, to plan, or even to retreat. That philosophy had enabled her to beat the odds and survive all this time.

Darkness and Mercy moved into the trees and found a small patch of open grass. Wrapping their arms around each other, they kissed hungrily, their tongues fencing and fighting as they fell to the soft ground together. Darkness lay her lover on her back and slid a strong hand up one of the girl's satiny thighs, up and under her short tunic. Mercy was bare underneath, and she squirmed and moaned into the kiss as Darkness stroked and caressed her softness before sliding a finger inside her.

"Mmm you're so wet darling," Darkness whispered as her finger pushed in deeper. Mercy panted and spread her legs wider, her slender hips twitching.

"More?" Darkness teased, and grinned at the gasping reply "oh fuck yes!"

She slid a second finger into the horny girl's pussy, savoring her lover's moans of pleasure. Mercy arched her back and rolled her hips, humping the girl's fingers, her luscious body trembling with need.

"Do it.

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