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She groaned, she moaned, her legs bucked in the pain and her tits flopped forward and backward.

"OH fuck my ass, yes oh!"

"Say fuck my ass you nigger!" he gripped her tight and began to fuck her faster than before.

"Oh ah ooh fuck my ass you nigger that's it fuck it! Fuck it! Fuck my ass you nigger oh!"

He complied with devilish precision and drilled her back side until he began to twitch again, but this time he grabbed the base of his own dick and squeezed, only allowing a little of his hot sperm up into her anal cavity. He backed out and ordered her to turn around.

She did, and when she did she found that she was staring directly at his long thick dirty penis. "What does he want me to do with that?" she thought.

"Open your mouth ho!" he said putting his free hand on the back of her head and pulling her forward.

Her neck stiffened to resist, but again the filthiness of the act had her so aroused that she was helpless against her desire. She put the fight to the side and opened her mouth, engulfing his large dick with her mouth. It smelled like warn pussy and stinky ass. She knew that some of the ass was hers but he had been with some skanks- hell he'd probably been with men too for all she knew- the thought completely held her in a frantic passion and without further coercion she bolstered her head along the length of his long dick, licking up all the filth. He loosed his grip and flooded her mouth, when she least expected it and was forced to back off of him as she gagged.

Cum continued to spray, on her face, her neck, her tits her thighs in four long hot blasts, some got in her hair and covered her left eye. He gripped her face and pulled it back to his dick in time for her to swallow the last of his goo. "You naughty fucking whore!" he gasped, "Now suck me clean."

She complied, pushing her head down the length of his shaft, the thick salty and robust flavor of funk filled her nostrils and a fishy smell came from his pubic hairs. She knew the scent was not hers as she was clean, but there was a strong odor of skank that came from his groin area- she wondered when the last time was that he bathed, obviously not since Gretchen or Tianna had been riding him. The thought of him banging some hooker and then her did not repulse her surprisingly, she got a thrill out of it. That she was tasting not only her own pussy and ass on him but perhaps half of Cocoa city or Florida for that matter, turned her on. She began to hammer her head up and down his dick, sucking it and nibbling on it- cleaning every inch, swallowing his salty resin and sucking him until the ass and funky pussy taste was gone and only that of her saliva remained.

The entire time he was calling her a naughty whore and a dirty white fuck slut.

She loved it.

When she was finished, he was hard again.

"Sorry bitch, cant let this go can we?" he pushed her back on to the desk, this time on her back with her legs up in the air. She put them on his wide shoulders and he entered her with relative ease.

Now she could really feel and see when he drove himself into her- his head caused a slight mound on her flat stomach. She felt it with her hands. "Oh fuck me." she gasped.

"Yes." he grunted and held on to her ankles with one hand and with the other he groped her tits. "Oh damn white girl you fuck good!" he grunted and began to slap her buttocks and thighs with his thighs, "(SLAP. SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP!)

This third effort took longer than the first two combined. His sweat fell on her as he humped her vigorously, the phone rang a couple of times she fantasized about how worried her husband might be- and what she would say to him when he asked what she'd been doing. The cell phone was ringing when she felt Ace stiffen up again and begin to twitch. "Oh bitch yeah, yeah, yeah!" he grunted.

Hot cum shot deep up into her a few short blasts, then Ace pulled out and masturbated on her belly, to her surprise the long hot jet blasts reached her tits, her neck and then filled her navel after spattering on much of her belly.

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