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Lady Penelope discovers John's secret.

"Oh yes, I want to be naked for you, you can do anything you want to me, just FUCK me!" Lesley almost screamed the word fuck; this man was driving her crazy!

"Anything?" The stranger sounded intrigued.

"Like I said, that comes later; first we have to get this dress off you."

Reaching behind her, Lesley frantically scrabbled for the zipper tag.

The stranger knocked Lesley's hands away. "No, this is my job; I'll take it off MY way!" With that, he took hold of the zipper tag and pulled it down, exactly one inch!

Lesley reached behind her again. "What... What are you doing, just unzip me!" she almost shouted.

"As I said, it's my job and I'll do it my way!"As if to prove his point he kissed the skin exposed by the zip's downward travel. Lesley shivered; his lips seemed to burn her skin as they kissed their way down her exposed spine. He pulled the zip down another inch and repeated the action, breathing in her perfume and the hot, musky smell of her cunt, it made an intoxicating combination."You smell amazing," he whispered in her ear; putting out his tongue, he ran it down Lesley's exposed spine, causing goose bumps to appear on the exposed flesh, "and you taste good enough to eat!" Lesley nearly jumped out of her skin at the touch of his tongue on her bare flesh, like his lips it was hot and muscular, and seemed to burn where it touched. "The skin on your back is like velvet, he said as he exposed another inch of Lesley's spine to his lips' caress. "How do you keep it so soft?

"I use an after-shower moisturizer" Lesley said irritably, and immediately regretted her sharp tone, she had said he could do anything he liked to her, but this was driving her insane. Any other man would have had her naked and bouncing on his cock by now! But this stranger seemed to want to take his time and drag every action out as long as possible.

"Just get my dress and panties off and let's FUCK! Brian will be wondering where I am, someone could come looking for me!" Lesley said, her voice becoming higher as she spoke.

"Oh, I think your husband is otherwise engaged at the moment playing the genial host," the stranger said calmly. Unless you want me to fetch him? Moreover, I don't think anyone else will be coming, do you, no one else saw you leave the party. We'll make a video for him, I've got my cell phone with me, and it has a good camera on it! He could show his colleagues in work what a slut his wife is, fucking and sucking with strangers behind his back!" His voice had more than a touch of menace in it as he said this.

Lesley felt a ball of dread collecting in her stomach, "you wouldn't dare!" However, she knew the answer before she had even said it, he would and there would be nothing she could do about it! Even so, she felt a small thrill burn its way up her spine at the thought of fucking on camera for the first time. When things had been better between them, Lesley had considered suggesting to Brian that they get out the video camera and film themselves, but it never happened. Now, she was going to be the star of a sex tape!

"Now, let's get this off," he said. Taking hold of the dress either side of the zip, he ripped it in half, dropping the two halves on the floor. Just as he did so, a shaft of moonlight penetrated the darkness in the pool house. Almost as though he had directed it, the silvery beam illuminated Lesley like a spotlight on a stage. He drank in her naked body, as he did so he felt his shaft growing even harder in his pants. "Perfect just perfect, I couldn't have timed it better myself!" he said, reaching into his pocket...


Lesley heard the ripping sound as the stranger tore her dress off her and could not believe what she was hearing. "What have you done? That dress cost $1000; Brian's going to go mad!" "This was the first time I'd worn it!"

"I'm sure he could buy you a new one, or maybe you could get it mended?" he said.

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