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Jade enjoys smoke, piss and being dominated.

He loved art displayed in the most intimate areas. He snickered and using his ring finger applied a bit of pressure to her spot. She tensed up again and closed her eyes enjoying the pleasure he was bringing to her. It was taking her breath away and bringing her back to the days when she had regular orgasms without having to think about them. He decided to find out if she would enjoy this experience if he would take it a step further. While his ring finger made circular motions, his index finger parted her lips and entered her ever so slowly. Her eyes cracked open as she turned her head toward him and gave him her approving nod that agreed with what she was doing. A few more seconds of this erotic play and it was over.

Just as the fun had begun, the dick of a husband was making his way back from the restroom. Though he was taking his time, his attention was focused on the hostess and her short black dress in which she was showing quite a bit more cleavage than she should of. The handsome man's hand retreated from the comfort of her honey pot and slid its way back into his pocket fumbling aimlessly for something. She opened her eyes and noticed immediately why her tight and much needed orgasm would not happen now. Fire burned in her eyes as she glared at the prick checking out the other woman. Quickly she turned to her stallion and tried to tell him that she wanted to finish what had now started up between them again, but she stopped when she felt his hand re-enter under her dress again. He found her garter strap and gently slid something smooth and cool between it and her skin. All at once he removed his hand from the undercarriage of her dress, stood up, buttoned his coat to hide his erection, and placed his hand back into his pocket. Just then the husband made his last turn and advanced on the table. The handsome man thanked the husband for allowing him the opportunity to say hello to his ex-girlfriend. Turning to her, he winked and said his goodbye wishing her luck in the future. He strolled outside of the restaurant and disappeared past the bar. The husband sat down and asked what had happened while he was away.
"We just caught up on some things," she said with a slight smile.

Her hand nonchalantly moved to her garter and felt the plastic credit card like shape tucked securely in there. She couldn't believe he had given her his room key. It was a confident move on his part. The question was looming in the back of her mind as to whether she would like to pursue this avenue tonight. She knew she wanted to, however, could she bring herself to morally do it?

Dinner for her was a disaster in every way. The food turned out to be atrocious, the conversation nonexistent, and the atmosphere too quiet and uncomfortable. The straw that broke the camel's back came when the husband announced that they had better get going so they could make it home in time to catch SportsCenter, and then he had plans on trying out a new sexual move on his trophy wife that he heard from one of his golfing buddies. She had enough!

With that she stood up and barked loudly so that the entire restaurant could hear, "Eff you asshole. I'm not some mail order bride that came to you years ago so you could order me around and treat like shit. I'm your wife and this was supposed to be our anniversary dinner that celebrated our wonderful years of marriage. Obviously you don't respect me enough anymore to treat me as such. Have fun jerking yourself off to SportsCenter! I'm going to spend the night at a friend's house, dickhead!"

And with that she stormed away from the table and exited the restaurant looking for the restroom.

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