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After all the phoning and texting, you finally get to meet.

On the corner table between the furniture, were two poured goblets of white wine, and a tray of assorted cheeses. Natasha was wearing a dark violet silk kimono that came down to just below her knees. It was tied at the waist to perfectly accentuate her wonderful figure. The V-shaped opening in front hinted in just the right way to her well proportioned cleavage. She was wearing a matching pair of open toed slipper pumps, and her perfectly pedicured toenails were painted in the same color. It was an outfit to be noticed. It made Meryn, in her plain beige cotton blouse, mid length wool skirt, and her brown flats feel decidedly underdressed. Natasha had always been the more stylish of the two, but Meryn found it hard to believe that Natasha had gotten dressed like this just to have dinner with her.

As they sipped their wine and talked about old times, seemingly to Meryn just to break the ice, she couldn't help but notice how nice and neat and clean the apartment was. Natasha had never been a particularly tidy person. She hated housework, as she often said, and in the many times in the past that Meryn had been over, the apartment had always been in a state of general disarray .

"Tash, your apartment looks absolutely fabulous. I can't believe you put it all together like this just for me tonight."

"Oh it's kept in much better condition than I know it used to be Meri, but I made very sure it was in perfect order for tonight. This is a very special night. I hope for both of us."

This was the opening they both apparently were waiting for, and Meryn decided as the guest in the dark, she would make the first move.

"So Tash, you know I'm dying to find out. What's the big mystery? What are you going to show me that has changed your life?" She asked with a smile.

Natasha returned the smile and took a deep breath.

"Meri, you know better that anyone that I had never been able to find a relationship that suited my needs. I've always had a forceful personality," That's quite an understatement thought Meryn. "and none of the boys I ever went out with were what I was looking for. I finally figured out that I was looking for all the wrong things in all the wrong places."

Natasha paused, and then plunged on.

"About nine months ago I started cruising the Internet regularly. Meri, it's unbelievable how many different worlds and types of people and relationships are out there, and I finally found one that was for me. I read and researched many different websites, joined chat rooms, and came to know for sure that this was for me. It is who I am."

"I really don't know what you're talking about Tash."

"I know you don't. Not yet. But you will. Just let me go on. After a couple of months of major research I felt I was ready, more than ready, to take the plunge for more personal contact."

God, she was talking about an internet relationship. Meryn had always had the impression that those could be pretty dangerous. What had Natasha gotten herself into?

"I was very careful and selective. I had been guided by internet friends to sites that were deemed safe and reliable, and I carefully screened all responses to my personals."

She really was talking about internet dating. Meryn would never have believed Natasha would do something like this.

"My first few forays weren't particularly successful. They didn't meet the standards I had set for myself. Then there was one that was promising, and it developed reasonably well over a couple of months, but for one particular reason it wasn't right for me. I knew this for sure when three months ago I hit the jackpot, and it's been nothing but fantastic since."

"Tash, you've got to let me know. Have you finally found the right man?"

"Not exactly a man." Noticing Meryn's eyes widen, Natasha laughed and hurried on, "Oh don't worry, it's not what you're thinking, It's not a woman either."

"So what ARE you talking about?" an exasperated Meryn exclaimed.

With a smile Natasha turned away toward her bedroom, and in a much louder voice she called

"Scott, come ou

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