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Next-door neighbor spies on Abby & her brother.

Wow, that explained a lot.

"Who told you to do that? It completely blew the shot! I had it done that way for a reason. You don't change shit without my say so." He took a step up to me, obviously used to being the bully.

I had been working in a male work environment for years, I knew this trick. I stepped up to him. "Who told me to? The law did, Ohms Law and Watts Law. I am a certified electrical safety supervisor, and it was a safety hazard. Sorry we didn't get your precious shot, but we also didn't get cooked. So back off and tell me what you need and I'll do it safely, or you can have your little diva tantrum and go with what you got."

He looked hard at me, then at the clock. "You got 45 minutes to fix this. That's how long it's going to take me to re-rig the scene." He barked at Mark this time, "You brought her here; you said she could do the job, now you explain it to her and make sure she doesn't screw it up again."

Glenn walked off and Mark scurried over. "Jenna, I probably should have told-"

"Told me what Mark?! That I was going to be dealing with some Hollywierd asshole that thinks you can defy the laws of physics to meet his unreasonable expectations? Ya think?!" I gripped my head with my hands. "Just tell me what the mutant wants so we can get this done."

Mark explained it, me and my crew redid the wiring. We took an extra 40 minutes finding another generator and cables, then mirrors and reflective plates also had to be brought in, all of which made the mutant a bigger asshole. We did get the scene perfect, and then had to shoot it 3 more times because it wasn't the right perfect, and finally moved on. That first day was 2 months ago.

Since then, Glenn and I have developed a special relationship. He's overbearing mutant asshole and I'm stupid meddling cunt. As it turned out, that wasn't our first fight; that was big wet sloppy kisses compared to the subsequent knock down drag out screaming matches we've had. I'm usually a calm rational person, well spoken, clear headed, and professional. This guy brings out a raving bitch in me I didn't even know existed. After seeing me go bat shit crazy, none of the tech guys would touch me with a 10 foot pole, provided there was even time. 12 hours was a short day, and after 2 weeks I gave up and completely moved out of the apartment and into the lot trailer. At first it seemed like a good idea, until I realized Glenn was living there too. It was impossible to get away from his growling gravelly voice, and it seemed like we were constantly bumping into each other or having to step over each other. If I was running a cable, he was right there to bitch it was in the way. If I went to get coffee, he had just taken the last cup. He used to do things to deliberately piss me off, now I tense up just at the heavy stomp of his boots, and he's always trying to stare me down across the sets. I couldn't even get away from him in the shower, because we both had figured out that 2 am was the only time you weren't being rushed. I'm trying to enjoy a moment of peace and quiet, but the dreadlocks and tattoos evidently were highest showering priority with the way he banged on the door. Prick.

We get the scenes done, even though I swear he's made it a mission to make the shots more and more impossible, but I'm not giving him the satisfaction. I make it happen, until today. Its 1 am, I had just gotten back to my trailer after re-wiring a freaking spaceship, when there in my trailer were the latest changes with his most farfetched wacko ideas yet, and enough is enough.

I slam open the door to the special effects shack where he's been living. "Have you lost your damn mind?!" I toss the script at him. "What the hell! You want enough shit firing on the desert shot to give someone a seizure, but no fucking equipment, even though in order to do this, well need enough crap to run a Death Star."

He poked me in the shoulder, "You're the engineer with the fancy education; you figure it out. That's your job."

I poke him back and shou

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