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Boyfriend of a paraplegic is given the offer he can't refuse.

"Maybe I'll join you," he said, then proceeded to pull down his sweats, exposing his tanned and toned ass that was perfectly encased in a startlingly white jock. He opened one of the lockers and reached inside.

I didn't know what was going to happen next, but I could not tear my eyes away from his glutes and his thick, muscled legs. All the moisture from my mouth had disappeared again and I swear he could hear the dry click from across the room as I tried to swallow.

Mr Abraham turned to face me, and I could see that he was getting aroused. If I had thought he was big before, it was nothing to the swelling that was there now. The material on the pouch of his jock was straining across his hardening dick and it was mesmerising. In his hand he held another jock, which he tossed across the room towards me. I caught it and held it close to me.

"This is a spare I keep, Smith. Best put it on," he said.

"Yes, Sir," I replied, standing up and pulling my shorts down.

My cock sprang free from its nylon prison and I saw Mr Abraham smile as he took in all my eight inches with his eyes.

"Well, that's going to look mighty fine in that jock. I know the other guys always look at your crank in the shower; I've heard them talking about how hung you are. Now, put that jock on," he ordered.

I nodded, unable to do much else. I stepped into the jockstrap and pulled it up over my rock-hard prick. I adjusted the straps so that they rested under the curves of my ass and, hands on hips, looked at Mr Abraham who had begun to rub the massive bulge in his underwear.

"Will I do, Sir?" I enquired, heart pounding in my chest.

"Yeah, Smith, you'll do just fine. Now, get your ass over here," he barked.

On trembling legs, I made my way over to him, who was now sat down on a bench near the lockers, his eyes watching my approach.

"Where do you want me, Sir?"

"Get over my knee, Smith," he answered, spreading his legs.

I did as I was told, my stomach over his left thigh and my cock resting on his right. I bent over as far as I could, then felt a sting on my ass, as my coach began to spank my butt cheeks. I resisted crying out, as I knew it would only increase the tempo of his slaps and had to bite down on my lip to stop from moaning.

"This will teach you for using foul language in my gym, boy," Mr Abraham said, sounding as breathless as I felt.

"Yes, Sir. I'm sorry, Sir."

The slaps increased, and both my ass cheeks were smarting, and I knew they would be red and sore. In between strikes, Coach Abraham blew gently on my butt, cooling the stinging sensation and I started to struggle on his lap.

"Keep still, Smith, or I'll do it harder." He laughed. "Or maybe you'd like that, huh?"

I guessed that he was enjoying it, as I could feel the evidence poking into my chest, hard as steel.

"I knew you'd like it, you fuckin' foul-mouthed boy," he growled.

I couldn't believe it! "But, Sir..."

He laughed. "Going to tell me off for cursing? My gym, my rules, Smith."

"Yes, Sir," I acquiesced.

He stopped hitting me and pushed me gently off his lap, turning me in the process so that I was on my knees in between his legs, my face inches away from the bulging front of his jock.

"Now, Smith, you're going to put that potty mouth to good use," he announced, then pulled down the pouch of his jockstrap and his solid cock was free, the glistening head hitting him in the stomach with a small slapping sound.

I knew what he wanted me to do, but I was so nervous. I'd dreamt about doing this to another guy for so long, had imagined how it would be, but I wasn't sure how to proceed. I moved my face closer to his crotch, taking in the musty smell of him through my nose and looked up at his face.

"You're going to suck me now, Smith, and make sure you do a good job, or the punishment will be severe," he ordered, his voice rough with lust.

I nodded, unable to do much else but agree.

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