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Park at the trail head, between the box and the bridge over the creek. The bridge is old and don't look like much but she's strong and sturdy. I will meet you there."
It was a long walk back to the cabin, they made it there just before darkness settled in for the night. Thank goodness for the long days of summer. They had to walk fast to make it. They talked little as they moved silently down the path. William was sure the lady left the falls in a joyful mood and he made sure Carolina knew that.

Carolina was beginning to realize that she might soon be left alone if Sarah turned out to be his wife. She was thinking about that as they moved. Things had been OK before he arrived, and she would survive if she was left alone again. She understood how much a companion added to her life now.

Sarah returned to her friend's hotel for the evening. She was full of hope and the happiest she had been for a long time. She could read the moods of that man at the falls, he was the one that she had felt, for all those years.

"What could she say to her friend?" she wondered. Rick had comforted her the day Joel went missing, he seemed to be interested in her as more than a friend. Many times he had hinted broadly that he would like to move their relationship to a different level, to be more intimate.

Sarah had managed to keep that from happening, as long as she felt Joel's spirit communicating it could never happen. Yet she was beginning to wonder what it might be like to be with Rick. She would never betray her love for Joel as long as she still felt him nearby. The one thing she could not understand was how could that man be the same person who went over the falls. The changes were too great to justify that thought.

William was concerned as they went to bed that evening; He could feel the confusion in her thinking and it made him worry. Sarah was asleep by then, she woke with a start, worrying about the shy stranger and wondering what his and Carolina's relationship really was. William and Sarah fell asleep at around midnight as they both worried and wondered about the other.

Morning came early for William and Carolina They had to catch up on their chores before company came. It had been years since there were any visitors at the cabin, it had to be just right.

Sarah arrived at the bridge about noon as they had agreed. There was no one to be seen. She walked out onto the bridge and looked at the fast flowing water, she shuddered thinking about floating down from the falls. Why; it had to be fifteen miles to the falls from here. She turned toward her car and was startled to see Carolina stand at the side of the creek.

"That is a a bit higher than normal today, you should see what the rains can do to it" They hugged then grabbed a few things from the car and began the short hike to the cabin.

The scenery was lush and laden with wild flowers as they moved. One patch of orange day lilies seemed to go on forever. The color variations were exquisite; from the very darkest, almost brown in color, to almost white. There were striped and variegated flowers. Sarah stopped in awe.

It had been daylight for hours. But when the sun began to show over the mountain to the east the temperature began to climb rapidly.

When they arrived at the cabin, Sarah was beginning to perspire heavily. After sitting on the porch with a glass of spring water she began to cool. It was then that she began to see all of the flowering bushes and plantings of wild flowers floating on the sea of bright green moss that made the yard. She stared in amazement at it all.

There was a nearly inaudible call from house and lunch was served. William had prepared soup, sandwich makings and an assortment of fruit. It was arranged on the table so everyone could reach what they wanted. Of course there was more of that cold, delicious, sweet mountain spring water.

Sarah was asked to tell the story of Joel and their life together.

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