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Callia's in trouble, can Cooper come to her rescue?

Ajami , is a slur, which means foreigner and a Persian. I better change the topic quickly before any of this slip out of my mouth.

"So what did you think of class today, I think the course is going to be difficult."

Noor: "Whoof..I think we are going to have our work cut out..but..we should study together and maybe we can help each other pass."

"Yeah, I would like that."

This feels like the start of a friendship, although I am silently suspicious of her, because we are taught that Shias are tricksters. But if this is genuine friendship, then maybe, I can bring her over to the right path. A few weeks pass, and we have started to develop a real friendship, but she has done things, which I find truly shocking. Her family are not very religious, and back in high school, she drank, smoked and dated boys. But in the few weeks that I was getting to know her, I no longer hear the whispers, and I have a feeling that we met each other for a reason. I am here to save her from the devil.

A few months have passed and I am doing very well in my studies. Me and Noor have become so close, that we are like sisters, I've also gotten to know a few other Muslim girls at the college. Noor pulls me aside- one day.

Noor: "Hey, you know we've been studying so hard and I feel we need a little break. Some of the girls and I, are heading out to this place and I wanted to know if you would join us?"

"Sure, why not. What's this place."

Noor: "It's a surprise. But meet me around 8."

"Okay, I guess, I will see you at 8."

Something didn't seem right, but I couldn't place my finger on it. As soon as I left Noor, I felt whispering in my head again and I couldn't concentrate. I run home and try praying and when that does not work, I try to phone my Sheikh back in Kuwait. We speak and he reassures me and I calm down and the voices stop.

A few hours pass and I am now ready to meet Noor and I am feeling calm. I leave my apartment and head towards the subway, where I meet Noor. When I arrive at the subway stop, Noor is standing there with a handsome, tall and blonde American man. Noor looks excited to see me and runs over to give me a hug and introduces me.

Noor: "Batool this is Alex, he's at the college to. He's studying Biology and the Human anatomy, I've told him all about you."

Alex: "Batool it's a pleasure."

I am a little confused, but go along with it. We all get onto the subway to meet the others and I learn about Alex. He's doing his PhD. on cell re-generation of the heart muscles, we get through half the conversation about his research, when he drops the bomb shell. He told me, that as well as mice, he has worked on pigs hearts. I suddenly feel very uneasy and my head starts to spin. But I quickly snap out of it and try to convince myself, that I am reading too much into it.

We arrive at the place, which looks like a deserted building from the outside, but as soon as we enter, we see a sign which reads, "All work and no play make Fatima a dull girl." I have no idea what's going on, but we enter through the door and there are an additional three doors. The doors are black and unwelcoming and I am terrified. But Noor insist, I go through the first door marked 'Mabus.'

Opening the door, I encounter a set of stairs, which leads into a sub-terrain world, that resembles a medieval dungeon. Groans and cries come upwards and I want to run away and yet I feel compelled to enter. I take a few steps in and the door slams shut behind me. I turn back to the door and try to open it- but there is no luck. I do, the only thing I can, I head down the stairs. The stairs spirals downwards and there are a serious of quotes appears on the walls.

One reads, "Mabus, the one who abuses themselves." Another reads, "A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within." The next one reads, "Oh Lord, my hunger knows no bound." These statements are chilling, but I feel a energy or force, physically guiding me down the stairs.

I get to the bottom of the stairs and I am shocked by

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