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Lia is punished.

I called Mellissa everyday too see if the army had sent her home yet, it was December fifth and she wasn't home yet, I was beginning to get a little worried, maybe this wouldn't work, maybe this was a sign it wasn't supposed to happen between us. I still persisted in telling her how much I cared about her every single day. Then came the call, I was starting too give up hope, and it was only 5 days before Christmas.

"Ben, I'm comin' home," She said, sounding half excited and half on the verge of tears, I now felt bad I had ever wanted her too be discharged, but I was also happy.

"When?" Was all I could squeak out.

"Looks like the day after Christmas." Mellissa replied, suddenly sounding quite sad.

"Well that's shit, but I am glad your finally coming home though." I couldn't really tell her that I didn't want her too come home, it was obvious I wanted her home.

"Do you miss me?" Was her normal question whenever I talked to her about anything remotely serious.

"Yes, I always miss you, especially right now during Christmas." She knew what I told her was true, we used too always do special things together around this time, probably our most favorite was shopping, me getting to see her the skimpiest clothes I could get her too try on , and she liked too watch my reaction and ask for my opinions on things.

I was a little depressed for the rest of the week leading up too Christmas, but made myself as happy as possible, after all she was coming home finally. Christmas was just not the same though, with your best friend gone, everything seemed wrong. Finally on Christmas Eve My family left for our Tradition of going to church for the 11 o'clock service. For some reason I just did not feel like going this year, the first time ever that I didn't go on Christmas eve. So instead I laid down on the couch, put some Christmas music on, and started a fire. AS I layed their, restlessly I floated into thinking about Mellissa coming home.

The next thing I knew I could feel Mellissa bucking her hips while riding me on top, as I slowly massaged her nipples and bucked up into her. It felt incredible, I couldn't even talk or say anything. I was just in a semi conscious state.

"Beennn," she moaned lightly, then a little louder. It finally changed into, "Hey, Ben."

As I woke up groggily, trying too squint to stop the pain in my eyes from the sudden exposure to lights, I realized it was Mellissa.

"You did it again, just showed up early and let me worry about you." I teased her.

"I just wanted to surprise you, my family doesn't know I am back yet." She told me in a mischievous tone. I let that go for the moment and just talked with her for a while. She sat next to me, starting out closely as we were, and we were soon close together holding each other. I moved my arm around her, and just stared, dumbfounded, into her bright blue eyes.

"Mellissa... I Have liked you from the moment I met you, nothing has ever happened that could break us apart and nothing ever will, I already know that. But I need to tell you, its grown from liking you... I don't know what else too say, I love you, and I want you. You know how many girls I have gone after, and now I can truly say I am glad nothing happened with any of them, cus now it's not worth it, but you are." I was shocked at how honest I had been, but my nervousness showed through, I shivered next to her uncontrollably.

"Well, I love you too." She said slowly, then paused.

"What?" I managed to say as I choked from her reply.

"This long of a wait Ben, and now you wont believe me? DO you want me too prove it?" She replied, as she cracked a wide grin.

"I don't really know what to do now." I told her honestly, as I continued my shaking.

Surprisingly she didn't have a smart ass comment for me, instead she looked me in the eyes, and kissed me softly on the lips.

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