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A young woman has some tough choices to make.

He gently ran his hands down her sides, his thumbs caressing her smooth stomach. Lucia drew in her breath sharply at his sensual touch, and the effect on her large, soft breasts was delicious. The beckoning of her breasts was too much and he attempted to cup them, but even his large hands could not encompass their generous size and they overflowed delightfully. Lucia moaned as he brought her left tit up to his mouth and engulfed the nipple, sucking and nibbling at first gently, but with increasing vigor and hunger. Her hands were still stuck behind her back, so all she could do was push her chest out toward him and revel in the electric sensations this man was sending through her body with his wonderful mouth. Truth be told, he was actually a bit rough, but this only served to heighten Lucia's arousal.

Ceasing his oral ministrations he tweaked and pulled her nipples with his fingers, lifting her breasts up and away from her until they stretched just to the point of discomfort. He watched Lucia's face closely, until he saw her close her eyes and bite her lip. He then pulled just a teensy bit harder, causing her to gasp in pain and pleasure. Her professor then released his grip and gently licked and nibbled alternatingly on her sore nipples. Lucia's pussy was positively gushing now. She closed her eyes moaned as her whole body seemed on fire with sexual energy.

Seemingly satisfied for the moment, he then reached behind her and finished removing her shirt, freeing her arms from their gentle confinement. His still-erect cock rubbed against her stomach and on her skirt, leaving a slimy trail of precum in its wake. So *his* pants need to be kept clean, but my skirt can handle some precum stains, eh? Oh, who am I kidding? This is SO hot! She immediately grasped his thick tool with her right hand and cupped his heavy testicles in her left.

"Jesus! Are your balls always this swollen, too?" Lucia exclaimed in wonder. They felt like two ripe tomatoes weighing down his sac. Holy shit, I can't wait to see what these puppies can produce! Her professor just groaned in lieu of a verbal response, as Lucia cradled his swollen testes and slowly squeezed her way up his cock. "God, my hand can't even fit around this monster, Sir," Lucia marveled, her attention fixed on his still-swelling tool. How on earth am I going fit this in my mouth? Mmm, with hard work and stretching . . . yum.

A thick bead of precum had formed once again at the tip, and she instinctively bent down to slurp it up. She gave his balls a firm squeeze as her tongue laved over his enormous mushroom head, and she was rewarded as another larger bead of precum practically spurted into her eager mouth. "God, you are such a dirty little slut, Lucia! Your tits hanging out for all the boys to ogle, and now slurping on your professor's cock at the slightest provocation! I'm sure you know what to do," he said through gritted teeth.

She shivered as his words seem to go directly to her aching pussy. As she lowered herself, she felt her professor reach behind her and grab the cushion off of the seat to place under her knees. Well, at least I'm a dirty slut who warrants some consideration, she thought, smiling to herself. Once comfortably situated, she looked up into his eyes, still gripping his thick cock toward the middle of the shaft. She gave his balls an appreciative squeeze and then, maintaining eye-contact, leaned in to swirl her long tongue around his enormous cockhead. Her professor groaned from the intense pleasure.

"Dammit but you are a cock-hungry slut, aren't you, Lucia? Do you want some cum, girl?"

Her lips smacked loudly as she sloppily kissed his weeping cock right on the tip. "*smack* Mm, yes, Sir."

"'Yes, Sir,' what, Lucia?"

"I want some cum?"

"Come on now, say it like you mean it. Are you sure you want an 'A'?"

Lucia suddenly stretched her mouth wide and engulfed his entire, fat head in one go.

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