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Two men suddenly appear around her. One is a short black man. His hair cut close to the scalp. His grey suit very fine. A black tie. He is broad in the shoulders. He is only an inch or so taller than Melody in her heels. His skin is very dark. He is in front of Melody. She looks over her shoulder to find a lighter skinned man behind her. He is wearing a blue pin stripped suit. A red tie. He looks Hispanic by his features. He is also broad in the shoulders. He is about 4 inches taller than Melody. Both men are in good shape. Maybe in their late 20's. She can't really tell in the flashing lights.

The black man whispers in one ear. "TJ. He is Carlos." She is between them now. Carlos has a bulge pressed against her ass. His hands slide up from her hips to the exposed side of her breast. Tj is sliding hands up her thighs sliding up the hem of her skirt.

Melody swallows and whispers her name. TJ nods and smiles. Her skirt is up high enough to expose her pussy. Carlos has his hands in her dress kneading her tits. Her heart is pounding. She wonders how this is going to work out.

Carlos is whispering in her ear. "Come with us. You will like this. We know this is your first time here." Both men escort her off the dance floor. They wind up near the wall. Her breast are pulled from her dress. The top pushed down to gather around her waist. The hem is pulled up as well. She is totally exposed. Carlos is mauling her tits roughly. Her nipples harden immediately. "Damn love these tits. You like this don't you?"

Melody is at a loss for words. Too much is happening too fast. TJ is in front of her. He is stroking his fingers over her pussy. A thick finger hits her clit. Both men grin as she lets out a gasp. The sensations from her tits and from her pussy are gathering deep in her core. She has never been man handled like this before.

Carlos starts to nibble on her neck just below her ear. TJ is sucking on one of tits and fingering her clit. Melody is trying to focus but it is too much stimulation at once. She hears a command in her ear from Carlos. His voice accented slightly. "Cum. Cum for us." She follows the command and cries out as she cums between them. Her legs almost give out beneath her.

TJ and Carlos grin at each other. TJ opens his zipper. He directs one of her hands to it. She looks down. She has a long thick cock in her hand. He grins and mouths "Suck it." She is pushed forward to bend at the hips. The cock hits her in the face. She arches her back and extends her neck to get the tip in her lips.

Carlos has his own zipper down. His cock is hard and standing straight out. He reaches between Melody's legs and strokes his finger along her pussy. She is wet. Very wet. He takes a hold of her hips with one hand. Holding his stiff cock with the other. He slides the tip along her pussy and finds the entrance. He pushes in slowly. Melody lets out a groan around the thick cock in her mouth.

Tj laces his fingers in her hair. He is thrusting into her mouth. Wet sounds are coming from Melody. He is chuckling as he is fucking her mouth. She is being rocked between the two guys. She gags a bit as his cock goes in deep. Her lips tight around the thick shaft.

Carlos has both hands on her hips now. He is thrusting hard into her pussy. Melody is just barely balanced on her heels between the two cocks. Her eyes are closed. Carlos is grinning as he watches his cock slide in and out of her pussy. Her juices coating his cock. She is gagged by the cock in her mouth. Moans and gasp muffled. Her tits are swinging from being fucked by both men.

Carlos and Tj give each other a high five over her.

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