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Deanna rings in the new year with an eighteen-year-old boy.

V., I went downstairs to see how dinner was coming along.

Hannah was chopping some meat into little slices. To do so, she had to bend over, and the view she gave seemed to melt in your mouth and put sweat in your palms. The bottom of her full-figured ass was exposed and looked to me like two globes of heavenly flesh. Her juicy tight pussy was also clearly visible beneath the short sundress. Other than her, my mother was busy carrying herbs and other ingredients, measuring them, and whatever else aunt Hannah needed. Her nipples were quite visible through the greyish floral design. I liked what I saw, and in here, I saw just about everything I liked. Gretta was setting some tables. The loose fitting sundress she wore showed so much cleavage that the tops of her dark aureoles were visible.

I watched them, and helped around the kitchen for about a half hour until the steaks were cooked and saut__ed to Aunt Hannah's satisfaction. Karen Connie and Cynthia came down to eat. Either Connie or Cynthia must have woke Karen from her nap, because she would have been out for a while. Karen looked lovingly at me throughout the meal, and to not be too obvious, I only returned them every once in a while. I also gave and received loving looks from most of the rest of the hot women at the table too. Damn was I glad I hadn't turned down Cynthia's offer, I would have missed the greatest Christmas Vacation of my life.

Then I went back into the T.V. room, and so did everyone else, waiting for a half hour to go to the pool. With only 5 seats, and 7 people, two people had to have laps for seats. I was quick to offer my lap as a seat. The two people left standing were my mother and Cynthia. I would have enjoyed either of these women on my lap, but I would also have enjoyed the new experience of Cynthia. But, it was my mother got to sit in my lap. Under the cover of her sundress, I unzipped my fly and pulled my cock out the flap. While we were watching, auntie had the controller again. I had faith in my aunt to pick porn again. My faith was not misplaced, since Hannah must have also enjoyed our little expedition. It was the 7:00 hour, and another porno was just beginning. She asked my mother if it was okay to watch, and she said it was okay with her.

It was a 'With Sex' production, which is a company that is completely parodies of movies and shows etc. This one was called "Aladdin... with Sex"

It wasn't cartoon, obviously, but it had all the same characters. There was Aladdin, an Indian fellow with a striking death gaze stare, wearing nothing but a loincloth. There was a monkey around his neck. He ran and snatched a fruit from a sexy lady wearing semi-transparent dancers clothes, and a semi-transparent veil. She had a long red ponytail, big dark nipples, and a completely shaven pubic area, just like Connie. She had the guards stop him, and throw him into her house. He was locked down and guarded there.

When the woman got back from work, she had all the guards leave except a muscular female guard that resembled Chyna from the WWF, wearing nothing but a leather dominatrix strap suit, that just covered her nipples, pussy, and ass crack, and not much else. She was holding a big fake-looking sword. The woman began to ask Aladdin questions, and eventually, this dialogue popped up:

"I'm sorry, I needed that food to feed me and my monkey."

"Your monkey shouldn't me fed, he should be eaten!" And then Abu the monkey jumped out the window. "Now I'll show you how to eat a monkey."

With that, she pulled up his loincloth and began slurping on his erected penis.

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