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Sprung by her sister at the wrong moment.

Hers white with no sugar. Darren's black with one sugar.

She was the first out. Looking ruffled, sexy and marvellous, wearing a short, see through, ivory slip. I gazed at Her nipples, as they pushed the fabric away from Her large tits. Her narrow waist emphasised by the gather in the middle of Her slip. Her long, dark legs, smooth and sexy, stretching for ever from below the high hemline. The very picture of femininity.

"God, She looks gorgeous," I thought to myself, wondering again if the two of them had had last night. They probably did. Of course I didn't voice my thoughts -- it was not my place to question my Mistress' actions.

"Good morning, Mistress," I said instead. "You look lovely this morning, as always."

"Thank you, Richard," she said, taking Her tea and the seat I indicated, looking out over the lake and the early morning sunshine. "What a lovely morning," She said.

Darren was the next out. Tall, stocky and handsome, it was immediately apparent what She or any other woman would see in him. I noticed the bulge in his boxers moving as he came out to his seat.

"Sit here sweetie," She said to him, indicating the seat opposite Her. "The views out over the lake are lovely. Richard, give him his tea."

As he sat I leaned over and handed him his tea.

"Now leave us," She said to me. "Go in and tidy up our tent."

I went through to the tent and started to gather up their clothes. Folding them neatly and hanging them over the backs of chairs, putting towels back in the bathroom and the like. I noticed the bed was well ruffled, and deduced that sex last night was a distinct likelihood. I lifted the sheets to looks for wet patches, but was unable to see any, so was unable to confirm my suspicions.

"What a great place to fuck Her," I thought to myself as I tidied their room.

Outside the two of them were murmuring gently as they drank their tea, and I could hear the occasional word.

Then I heard a giggle and a clatter as She put Her cup down. Through the transparent mosquito netting wall of the tent, I saw Her rise and walk towards him, moving sleek and agile, like a black panther.

He stood and moved his chair back to make room for Her. She kneeled down before him, tugging his boxers down and off as She did so, revealing his manhood.

I looked at his cock which I thought was nothing special. Half-erect, it was a little smaller than mine in the same state. Obviously his was a whitish/pinkish colour, whereas mine was a dark, mixed race brown. His cock grew hard as a I watched it. Jerking up towards the morning sky as She held his balls, kneeled in front of him and taking the head of his cock into Her lips.

I could not remember when She had last sucked my cock. It must have been three or four years ago at least, probably longer. I had stopped asking Her to suck it, because She never did, saying I had a wimp cock that didn't deserve to be sucked, and that if She wanted a cock to suck, which She did, then She would find a real man's cock to suck.

And right now Darren was that real man. I watched Her bob Her head up and down on his manhood, working Her lips round and round as She sucked and licked. My own cock instantly erect with a cuckold hard on from the jealousy and excitement of watching them together.

I was not generally allowed to watch them, as Darren preferred his privacy. But on this occasion, in the camp tent and under the circumstances, I was the last thing on their mind as the two of them went at it.

I heard her humming gently to stimulate him as She sucked his cock, now wanking it with Her left hand, Her right still playing with his balls. The view I had was perfect, and I stared intently.

He was back in his seat now, head thrown up to the sky, eyes tight shut as he revelled in the pleasure She gave him. I heard him groan as he reached down for Her head, taking it firmly in both hands and fucking into Her mouth and on deep into Her throat.

She gagged as his cock thrust into Her.

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