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Tim's exploration of his new-found abilities continues.

Rubbing shaving gel mixed with water into my pussy, she prepared to shave me. Tugging one of my small pink lips out and then the other, she carefully removed every piece of remaining hair. Continuing to shave up the sides and directly above my labia, I was left with a landing strip just like hers. Only mine was blonde. She rinsed off the remaining gel and leaned in kissing me directly on my clit. A thrill shot through me and I was instantly wet. My pussy began to throb. I wanted her to touch me again so bad. I wanted to beg her to lick me all over. All the things I wanted to tell her I kept to myself. Instead I gently pushed her away. I was trying so hard to be a good girl. The shame at our naughtiness the night before struggled with my desire to fall down on my knees in front of her. The need to taste her again dominated my thoughts.

Grabbing me by the hips, she gently turned me around and told me to bend over. Spreading my cheeks and rubbing gel up and down my crack she explained, "I plan on taking you every chance I get." She didn't want any hair on my pussy or my ass. I was to always keep it that way so her tongue constantly found smooth silky skin to devour. And just like when she declared we were going to be BFFs, I didn't argue. The truth was, I never wanted her to stop playing with me. I knew I would do anything she told me, as long as she used that beautiful mouth on my body.

Bent over and completely submitting to her directions, I was painfully aware of my nudity. My entire body quivered as she continued. Done with her shaving, she rinsed off my crack and planted a kiss on each of my cheeks. She turned me around again and pulled me from the bath to the full length mirror.

She stood behind me and told me to look at myself. I was shocked at the sight of us. Both nude, both beautiful. I glanced away when I caught a glimpse of the hunger in her eyes. My eyes fell to my pussy. Where there had once been dark blonde curls there was now bare skin, accentuating the swell of my mound. You could see the curve of my small pink lips and just the smallest of openings. I looked up in the mirror and watched each of Christina's hands claim a breast. As passion flooded through my body, I leaned back against her sighing and watched as she twisted and pulled on my nipples. Once more my glance fell to my cleanly shaven lips and watched as they continued to swell and open up. My pussy announced what my mind denied.
Giggling she took my hand and pulled us both into the bath. Grabbing the shampoo, she declared I was to go first. Once more she took control of my body. She turned me around and squirted strawberry scented shampoo into my hair. Massaging the liquid into suds, her hands continued to further enflame my body. Wanting to feel her nudity, I leaned back. I had no resistance to the need pulsating in me. Laughing, she kept pushing me back a little so she could concentrate on getting me squeaky clean.

Trading the shampoo for a baby powder scented body wash, she began to slowly soap my back. My skin burned where her hands touched me. Small moans built up in me and spilled softly into the room. Hearing me moan, she softly bit my neck, which only made me moan louder. Struggling to remain still, I felt her soapy hands move lower and start massaging my ass. Pleasure flooded through me as she fondled and squeezed my cheeks, all the time telling me how much she loved my perky little butt. She must have felt how my skin jumped at her every touch.

Dropping to her knees, she soaped each of my legs and again turned me around.

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