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Man has affair with wife's boyfriend.

I spent the next hour thinking what I could do to get out of this, and the only thing I could think of was my looks, sexuality, and womanly guile, which I knew I had a lot of, I could just about seduce any man I knew if I wanted, and I'm sure he would be no different, but would it work?

He came in later and removed the tray and came back with items of food for snacks and drinks, so I would be able to nibble or whatever afterwards.

The clock on the side table showed it was 10:15 at night.

He told me my husband was a bit upset and that he had threatened to do Jonathan in if any harm came to me, he laughed when he said this.

I would have sniggered too if the situation wasn't desperate for me, my husband was no hard man in any shape or form and I'm sure that had he taken on Jonathan he would have regretted it very much.

Then came the biggest surprise of all, Jonathan told me to ready myself for bed, I couldn't believe he was telling me to go to bed!

I shouted at him, and asked him if he was stupid, how dare he tell me to go to bed, especially at this hour.

I flounced to the chair near the bed and sat down, saying I would go to bed when I was ready to and not when told to like a little school girl.

Big mistake!

He grabbed me and yanked me out of the chair, threw me over his lap and started spanking me, hard, very hard, I was begging him to stop in no time, pleading with him.

'Are you going to do as you are told,' he asked me?

'No.' I foolishly replied.

Again I was thrashed on my now painful bottom; I couldn't reach to stop him.

'Are you?' he demanded.

'Yes yes, please stop, I will,' I cried.

'Good girl, now take your things and get ready for bed okay?'

I gathered my case and hurried into the bathroom, I was going to lock the door and defy him, but there was no lock, and no catch.

I washed my face, pondered my fate, and slowly got ready for bed, all I had brought were negligees, and such, why had I been so stupid and not brought some more practical items?

The woman in me prevented me from returning at least as best as I could make myself look; I brushed my hair, made my face up a little to hide my red eyes from the weeping.

I put on a thong and went back, he face was a picture, and he looked at me and shook his head, 'wow you look amazing Michelle you really do.'

My pride returned and I beamed inwardly at his words, men were so easy when confronted by a beautiful sexy woman.

I must confess it did make me feel a little turned on too to be admired by my captor like this.

I waltzed to the bed, pulled back the covers and got in.

It was then I had my biggest shock, he started to get undressed.

'What are you doing?' I asked incredulously.

'Getting ready for bed too Michelle, what does it look like?' He enquired.

'You're not sleeping in here with me,' I told him, 'don't even think about it.'

'Got no where else babe, so we are gonna have to share, so close the mouth right now okay, or you'll get another slapping.'

I hunkered down in the duvet at his words, I wasn't going to lay myself open to that again, that's for sure.

He undressed to his boxers, revealing a tight powerful compact body and he was hairy too, I do like that on a man, he turned out the light and got in with me; I was right on the edge of the bed as far away as I could get from him, my back turned to him.

'You are really beautiful Michelle, and I won't hurt you I promise.'

That made me feel better and I relaxed a little, and somehow later fell asleep.

I awoke in the middle of the night to find myself in the middle of the bed, with my back still to him, he with his arm around me and he was cupping my left breast in his right hand.

His head in my neck, his body up against mine, and he was asleep.

Then I did what comes natural to a girl, well it does and did to me, I wiggled my bum into him and made myself comfy without even thinking about it, and that's when I felt his prick tucking itself into the crack of my arse.

I turned myself on immediately, I gently lifted my right leg and moved backwards

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