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Sex, drugs & rock & roll with 3 babes in dorm at Mardi Gras.

re we even got in the car to leave!

During the car ride we caught up on the weeks activities with each other and tried to have some sort of normal conversation and I could tell that she was having a great time teasing me with her tight shirt and her large breasts showing off her hard nipples and cleavage...she reached over and grabbed my hard cock through my pants and whispered in my ear that she had a surprise for me on the way home later that night. She was wearing her sandals and a short little skirt that showed off her nice legs and was basically looking very hot and knew I really enjoyed it.

The show was great, I was enjoying the other guys and even the girls watch Dana dancing. I knew they were jealous of how comfortable she was with her boyfriend by her side knowing that she was going to get lucky tonight. She would rub up against me and and tell me how lucky I was and how great it was going to be later that evening, basically everything she could do except jump me right there to turn me on. It was pretty obvious that my cock was hard and starting to leak but it was dark enough that nobody seemed to notice or care.

We finally had enough to drink and thought that we should be heading home. It was a beautiful clear night driving along the south shore of lake Superior when I thought that it would be nice stop by Cornucopia and walk on the beach in the moonlight. I parked the car out of the way and we made our way to the water with the waves crashing on the beach. There were several picnic tables on the beach in the soft sand. I picked one and had Dana sit on the edge while we twisted our tongues together. I worked my way in between her legs as we laughed and giggled about what was happening. I had her bra unhooked in record time and was working on getting her tight shirt off when I was running my hand up the inside of her thigh to feel her wet puss. She quick grabbed by arm stopping me and told me that was part of my surprise.

Dana was rubbing my cock through my shorts while she squirmed on the picnic table while I worked on her neck with my tongue. I was able to get my left leg up on the bench of the picnic table so she could get at me easier. She worked her right hand up my leg and finally was able to grab my cock that was leaking precum and hard as a rock. She removed her hand after a few minutes and started to unbutton my shorts and dropped them to the sand. She was panting hard now with my hard cock in her right hand and her left hand cupping my balls. All this time we were kissing and moaning and she finally broke the kiss and asked if I wanted my surprise. She took my right hand and started to work it up her thigh up to her soaked panties. She then let go and told me to touch her pussy. When I moved the warm, soft, wet material aside I didn't feel her normal hairy pussy, I felt a tightly trimmed pussy. She had trimmed her puss with my beard trimmer that I left at her place the week before she said!

Since she knows that I LOVE to eat pussy I have been asking her if she would like to have me trim her puss but she never really seemed that interested.

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