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"It's expensive for Iowa, but it's not too bad," Linda laughed. "There are enough members to make it worthwhile, and access to this place is organized into leagues where each person gets to come one day a week."

A bored waitress sauntered over and took their drink orders. Dawn reached into her pocket to get money but Linda motioned for her to put it away.

"No need for that; it's covered in the dues."

After the drinks arrived Linda took Dawn out to the lanes to warm up. She wasn't bad; after a few frames, Dawn thought they seemed pretty evenly matched. Suddenly the lights started to dim.

"Oops, looks like we're about to start. Let's go join the others."

The sound of sexual activity suddenly filled the air and Dawn looked around frantically to identify it. On the back wall, spread across all 10 lanes, played a very graphic pornographic movie. Dawn raised an embarrassed hand to her face.

"Linda that's a sex film!" she squealed.

Linda chuckled. "All part of the atmosphere. Relax."

Reluctantly, she tore her gaze away from the movie so that Linda could introduce her to the others, 4 men and 2 women. She was surprised to see that one of the men was Ray Wells, now was the picture of politeness.

"Ok now," Linda continued, "Teams are me, Ray, Phil, and Sara against Dawn, Stan, Paula, and Rick. First game is practice since Dawn's new."

During the practice game Dawn's teammates tried to give her pointers on how to throw and how to approach and by the end, she felt she was as ready as she'd ever be.

"For Dawn's benefit, I'll go over the rules. We pair up, one against one. Whoever loses the frame has to do whatever the winner says. At the end of the game, the team with the highest total score gets to pick one person from the other team. Everybody ready?" Linda asked.

Dawn didn't really get it, but she nodded along with everyone else. The first two to bowl were Ray and Stan. Ray won the frame and made Stan remove his shoes.

"It'll make it harder to bowl," Linda leaned over and explained.

Now Dawn understood; it was like Truth or Dare. Rick won his frame against Sara easily and decided that Sara would have to bowl with his ball (which was six pounds heavier) for the next frame. Linda and Dawn tied, as did Phil and Paula. By the end of the fourth round, no one had his or her shoes anymore and Ray had also lost his shirt. He was skinny bordering on scrawny, his chest hairless and his ribs prominent, with small brown nipples and a slight beer belly. He seemed unconcerned with his semi-nudity.

Dawn was also getting tipsy, averaging a drink every two frames, and more than a little horny from watching the porno movie between frames. She hadn't seen a lot of erotica; Joe kept a few magazines around the house, but the women were usually ugly and posed in degrading positions. The sex film, on the other hand, was very exciting. It was clear from the noises that the women were enjoying themselves, and the men were so big, so much bigger than her husband. She couldn't help wondering how it would feel to have something like that in her.

Things got interesting in the fifth round. In return for losing to Rick again, Sara was required to remove her panties. Dawn watched in amazement as she casually got down on the floor in front of everyone, crotch pointed toward the group, and sensually slid them over her hips and down her legs, then spread her legs wide. After a moment she got back up on her feet, tossing them playfully at Rick, who mock swooned. Dawn's turn to bowl came and she proceeded to throw not one but two gutter balls while Linda confidently picked up a spare.

"In defense of my teammate, I claim Dawn's skirt," she crowed drunkenly.

The others all clapped and Dawn turned crimson.

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