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The Naked Swimmer has the dream of his life.

I had freaking lost it after hearing my wife had left without even giving me a heads up or saying goodbye. I knew she had been fucking her client for the past year, I didn't have the proof yet, but I had someone working on getting it.

I hadn't intended on acting on the attraction and flirting between Casey and I, but when I looked up and saw her standing there staring at me with those big innocent eyes wearing that skimpy little bikini, I just had to take her. This was a big cluster fuck of a complication that I didn't need right now.

I looked down to see her beautiful round ass and leaned over to knead it like it was a ball of fresh dough. I wanted to take her ass just like I took her virgin pussy. Popping her cherry had been such a turn on, knowing that I was the first and only man to her be inside her. I spread her cheeks looking between her legs at that tight little rose bud. My cum tinged with blood was oozing out of her pussy and covered the inside of her thighs.

God I had taken her so hard and the best part was she was into it as much as I was. I battled with myself on taking her again right then while she slept, but I decided to clean up and try and get some much needed sleep instead.

The next morning I woke with a raging hard on tucked nicely into the crease of Casey's ass. I pulled her into me and reached around to start strumming her clit. Seconds later she was pushing back into me and that was all the invitation I needed. She was so wet that I slid right in and we moaned together.

"You feel so good Casey. I could cum right now you're so hot and tight."

I moved her soft hair out of the way with my chin and kissed her shoulder as I continued to strum her clit with one hand.

"Are you going to cum on my dick baby girl? Come on baby, I want to feel you gush all that sweet cream on me."

Our pace began to quicken. The sound of our sweaty bodies slapping against each other got louder and louder. I bit down lightly onto her shoulder and pinched her clit. Casey screamed my name.

"Yes Mark! Yes!"

Fuck! The sound of her cumming drove me nuts, any little sound she made had me wanting to move harder and deeper.

I grabbed her waist preparing to pound into her when she bounced that pretty little ass right back into my hips and plans changed. I pulled out in the middle of her orgasm, my cock slick with her thick clear juice. Reaching between her legs I stuck my index and middle fingers deep inside her.

"Oh god Mark!" she groaned.

I scooped out a nice amount of cream and spread it back all over the rim of her pink rosebud before easing my index finger inside her ass.

Casey's back bowed up and her head flew back as she screamed towards the ceiling. Fuck this slow shit. I yanked my fingers out and grabbed her waist with both hands bringing her ass toward my straining cock, guiding it until the tip of my dick was pressed up against her virgin ass hole.

"Oh God I can't Mark, I can't Mark. I can't take it. It's to big wait, please Mr. Welston. Please wait!"

I ignored her pleading and forced the head through her tight ring. Casey went nuts screaming and thrashing on the bed.

"Oh God it hurts!" She yelled.

A loud smack echoed in the room as I slapped the hell out of her ass. Her screaming turned to whimpers.

"I've got you baby, just calm down."

I whispered to her while I gently rubbed my hands over her cheeks and up her back. My hands found their way back to her hips and I tilted my hips up as I pulled her the rest of the way back seating my dick all the way in her luscious ass.

Bending forward I slid my right hand around to play with her clit. Her whimpers turned into deep moans and sure enough she started swirling her damn hips and clenching down on my dick.

"Mark fuck me please. I'm ready. It feels so full. I want to feel you move ok?"

I squeezed her hips and gave her shoulder a little nip before straightening up and pulling my dick almost all the way out.

"Oh god ye

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