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The Queen's passion deepens; she uncovers a plot.

I let my forehead rest on the window and I rocked with him as he got into his rhythm. My tits like ballast, out of time with my hips, my knees tapping on the license plate.

My body knew what to do and so I gave it over to his care. On some level I was aware that I used my legs to push harder against him, arching my back and flicking my hair as he fucked me, but for now, my body was his. I could let it go, no need to worry about it, feed it, clothe it. It was just a body, and I didn't need it.

He'd almost forgotten I was there, I could have been anyone. My face down on the trunk I could have been beautiful, I could have been ugly as sin, and he wouldn't have cared. So long as my pussy was tight about his cock I could have been anyone at all. And so for a while I was truly free; my mind wandered.

I thought of you. I remembered that time you cried after we made love. The look in your eyes as the tears glittered along the edges. You couldn't tell me why and I fell in love with you so hard that I still can't breathe when I think of it.

Behind me, Hector was losing his stroke; he bucked and grabbed at my hips. I wiggled and pressed him, encouraging him to finish. I couldn't say it, but I thought it. Don't wait for me, I'm not coming. Men would like to believe that they can give a girl an orgasm just by going harder and faster. I knew that letting him think he was really pleasing me was the best way to finish him quickly.

He grabbed my hips hard, digging his fingers into my flesh as he pushed in one last time. He twitched as he shot into me, little jerks of his body against my ass. He hung on for few seconds and then slowly released his grip like a dead crab, pried from a rock. Moving real slowly, I slid up and down him a couple of times before I let him withdraw completely.

I turned around and rested back on the trunk. He leaned in and kissed my face, still in a daze. He told me I was so fucking amazing. I thought for a second that he might try to propose. Men say some plenty stupid stuff after sex. I wondered if his sperm carried half his IQ. Not that it'd do me any good, no matter where I take it, I never seem to get any smarter.

He leaned close, his cock, still mostly erect, pressed on my stomach leaving little snail trails on my skin. I rocked my pussy up against it a little, just because it felt good. He rested his forehead on mine and looked into my eyes. I gave him a quick kiss and pushed him off.

I pulled up my jeans and walked to the edge of the cliff. He managed to do his jeans up without getting his cock stuck in the zipper and joined me on the lip of the world. We stood, both topless in jeans, and the night air swept in off the sea, cold and wet, to raise chicken skin on my chest.

I found my vest still looped about my waist and pulled it up onto my shoulders. I closed my eyes and ran my fingers over my own throat while pretending it was you. I could feel the pull of the drop below, urging me forward. A hook in the centre of my chest seemed attached to a line that flew a kite out in the darkness, over the waves, tugging at me with every gust of wind. With my eyes closed I could just follow it, step forwards into nothing.

Hector broke my thoughts with a gentle touch on my arm. I looked at him and wondered what he'd do if I jumped. I put my hand on his bare chest and asked him if I could use his shower. He seemed puzzled. I asked him again. All he could really see was that I was inviting myself back to his hotel room. He smiled.

Back at the car, I pulled out a crumpled pack of Marlboro Red from my back pocket and tucked one in the corner of my mouth.

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