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Michael and Andrea have a bonding experience.

Both of your hands reach to the front of my suit jacket and start to undo the top button. You take a slight step back and look up at me, checking my face for some kind of sign, an approval, that what you're doing is okay, that I want you to carry on.

I lean forward kiss you, my hands reaching down and joining yours, undoing the buttons and pushing my jacket over my shoulders and you toss it to the floor. Your hands carry on to my shirt, undoing each of the buttons of my shirt, as my hands roam over your chest, finding your buttons and starting to undo them. You undo the last of my shirt buttons and groan audibly as you see my breasts for the first time covered by my lacy bra, leaning your head down and kissing them, tracing your kisses down over and around my stomach and back up, over my breasts to my neck. You reach for the front of my bra, pulling the cups down to reveal my breasts. With a cheeky smile on your face you lean forward flick your tongue over my left nipple, making me moan slightly, then flicking your tongue over my right nipple, taking it in your mouth and sucking on it, biting it and pulling it with your teeth, making me moan louder. You trace down over my breasts with your tongue, down my stomach, my belly button to the waistband of my skirt.

Lifting myself off of the handrail, I turn you around so you have your back against the lift wall. I push your shirt over your shoulders, pushing it to the ground as I step back and let my shirt follow yours, my hands tracing down over my breasts, down my sides to my skirt, reaching around to the zip. I look at you, straight into your eyes as I lower the zip, pushing the skirt down over my bum, over my legs to the floor, stepping out of it I step forward and kneel down in front of you. My hands reach for your belt, slowly undoing your buckle, and then your zip, pulling your trousers down as I look up at you. My hand traces up over your semi erect cock through your boxers, I can feel it growing at my touch as I stroke up and down, reaching into your boxers and pulling your cock out, freeing it from it's material prison.

I reach down and close my hand around your cock, you feeling my touch for the first time fully. I start stroking up and down your cock, leaning my head forward and taking the head of your cock into my mouth. Your hands rest on the handrail as you lean back, moaning with your eyes closed. I suck quite softly on the head of your cock, taking in an extra inch, as my hands slide up and down your shaft, your moans getting louder, showing me that I'm doing something right, your cock getting rock hard in my mouth. You take your hands and place them on the back of my head, slowly pushing my head down your cock, I open up my mouth as every inch of you goes into my mouth, feeling the tip of your cock hitting the back of my throat as you start to fuck my mouth as you groan loudly showing me you're enjoying it as you tell me to open up my mouth and take your cock, telling me to suck it, suck it harder. Your hands move away from my head, holding on to the handrail to brace yourself, and I continue moving my head as you continue to fuck my mouth. I slowly lift my head off of your cock, taking my time to flick my tongue over the tip, licking and kissing that sensitive spot, loving the pleasure it obviously gives you as I watch your knees buckle and hear you moan every time I firmly flick my tongue over that sensitive spot.

I move back and stand up, moving in to kiss you.

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