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I even bought a dildo with a suction cup with which to practice while stroking my own cock to orgasm. For the most part, however, I still considered myself straight.

As I turned 40, I found myself looking at gay porn online and pictures of big hard cocks. I loved the pictures of a well-hung guy standing, naked, his semi-hard cock hanging straight out from his body. As I stroked my own cock, I could easily envision myself on my knees, his cock in my mouth...inevitably, I would fantasize about being on all four, his cock head against my hole just like years ago during college. In my fantasy, however, his cock would penetrate me and he would fuck me with slow deep strokes until pulling out and either shooting his come on my back or my chest, or me begging him to come in my mouth; I could feel my own cock swelling as I was on the verge, thinking about him pulling put and me quickly turning around, grabbing his stiff cock and wrapping my lips around the swollen, hot, head...I would pump his cock as his come shot into my mouth. After swallowing everything he gave me, I would lick the length of his spent member, continuing to stroke it as it twitched and grew soft...

I was nervous as I drive over to his house and I wanted to turn around, but I knew my desire would not go away and I was determined to have his cock in me. After parking, I ran up to the apartment building, took the elevator to the third floor, and knocked. I was nervous and I could not believe I was actually going to do it. I was really going through with heart raced and I was anxious, like I was a kid waiting for could not happen fast enough, and I knew I wanted to simply walk in, and without saying a word make it happen without thinking about it. I had done all the thinking I needed to do and now I just wanted it to happen.

A man opened the door and pointed to a bedroom down a short hall. I am sure he said something but I was not listening, just doing what my body wanted, as if on autopilot. I opened the door and saw him standing there in the middle of the room, no shirt, and only a pair of underwear. Without a word, I walked in, got on my knees in front of him as he revealed his cock. It was soft, but thick, and I knew what to do, pulling it into my mouth, wrapping my lips midway down his shaft and using my tongue to swirl around the smooth head as it was in my mouth. Oh my God, I loved having his cock in my mouth and I sucked and stroked it, encouraging it to become stiff and reveal itself in its full masculine beauty. It was long, around 7 1/2" to 8" and took my time, making sure he knew how much I wanted him to feel good, how much I loved his cock, and how much I had completely given myself to its pleasure. Everything centered around this cock and I felt so excited, so hot, so good as I licked the length of his shaft, sucked the head, and went down as far as I could without gagging...he was not forceful, and did not push my head down on his cock, which I appreciated...

Continuing to suck on his cock, I unbuttoned my short, taking it and my t-shirt off, before standing up...this is it, I thought, my complete surrender to his cock and my desire. I quickly unzipped my pants, pushed both them and my underwear down to my ankles, and pulled them off. I stood briefly, completely naked and exposed, allowing myself to be vulnerable before indicating my submission to his beautiful thick cock by once again dropping to my knees and grabbing it, stroking it, and telling him I wanted him to fuck me.

I almost wanted to laugh...I was finally and actually living out my fantasy...I was completely naked in a room with another naked man, his cock stiff...I was finally doing it and I found myself swept up in the excitement of my submission. I absolutely loved it...

He told me to turn around and get ready.

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