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Well, I had to gasp at that, fucking Roger sixty feet away from my sleeping husband was one thing but less than eight feet away from him, now that was an exciting edge of a different magnitude!

Alan helped me into his cab and gestured for me to go through into his sleep cab, "Aren't you going to close your curtains Alan?"

"Can't, the track snapped when I opened them this morning and I'll need some tools to fix it so it will just have to wait."

"Well, if the curtains are open you can't turn the lights on!"

Alan grinned, "Okay, I can live with that."

I was dis-dressed in a flash, Alan didn't strip, just pulled his trousers down, he counted out my thirty-five pounds as I 'fluffed' his cock up and rolled the condom down the length of his shaft. Alan flipped me onto my back and as he fucked me I looked towards the front window, Alan's truck had one of those mirrors mounted above the front window so the driver could see his front bumper to make sure that there were no obstructions before pulling away, from my position, flat on my back in his bed I could actually see into the back or our car and as I had a massive orgasm as I watched my husband sleeping.

I did the trip to the toilet again, dumped the condom in the loo and 'freshened myself' again and headed out to the car park. Gary was lurking around outside, "Hi Sarah, you ready for another customer?"

"Sorry Gary darling, I'll let you be first next time but at four o'clock I need to get home before my husband wakes up!"

Garry scribbled a name down on a piece of paper, "That's my CB handle, give me a shout next time you're working, channel fourteen, if I'm in the area I'll take up your offer to be first."

Gary kissed me on my cheek and then he headed back to the lorry park and I slipped over to Rob's car. I peeked nervously into Alan's lorry; he had his back to the window so I slipped quickly into Rob's car and headed out of the car park as quickly as I could.

I'd fucked two strangers, I'd earned seventy quid, had great sex, more orgasms than I could remember having in my life to that date and all within sight of my husband if he'd been sober enough to have opened his eyes.

On Sunday I took my own car to pick up the kids from Rob's parents house while he took his car to the valeters to have the piss taken out of it, well, piss and smell of piss. I hid the one remaining condom in my underwear drawer and set about the task of forgetting all about my night trip of fun but sadly for me, I just couldn't shift the idea from my head and two weeks after my trip to the truck stop I found myself dressed up in a basque again, stockings, short dress with a low cut bust line and a thong not even attempting to cover my arse.

I got a few funny looks from my daughters because I was dressed up to the nines so early in the morning. Robin, the fifteen year old boy from across the road knocked on the back door and Sarah opened the door for him, he had that silly schoolboy grin on his face when he saw Sarah, the same silly grin he'd had for the past seven years but his reaction when he saw me was a new one on me though, his jaw dropped and his eyes popped out on stalks, Sarah punched his shoulder to stop him ogling me. It was seven o'clock in the morning and the kids were about to leave for the school bus, I kissed the girls good-by and told them to have a good day, something spurred me to say, "I might be a little late home this afternoon, If I'm not here when you get home just get started on your homework, I won't be too late!"

'What did you say that for?'

'Just in case I'm a little late!'

'So what are you planning then, all dressed up like a prostitute and running out of the house at seven o'clock in the morning?'

'Nothing, I just could be late home that's all.'

I stopped off at the superstore and picked up a box of ten condoms and a small pack of baby wipes. I told myself that I wasn't going looking for sex, just going for a drive in the country but like a good scout, I was prepared.

Even though I hated driving on the motorways I headed

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