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One lucky lady shows off her man; the result is CFNM fun.

Then holding her head in both hands I rocked my hips back until just the tip of my cock was at her lips. I held it there too, just for a moment then started fucking her face in earnest. She likes to suck cock, but this wasn't about her. I held her head firmly in my hands and fucked my cock into her mouth over and over, faster and faster, relishing the power I had, relishing the euphoria of the past few minutes.

Blind lust drove me on. I fucked her hard and fast and as deep as I could. Sometimes I felt my cockhead slip in past the back of her mouth into her throat. Knowing I was making her gag just drove me to do it more. Once I held it there, just enjoying the feeling of her throat muscles gagging on me. I nearly came then, the feeling of completely dominating her increasing my euphoria immensely. I pulled back and relished the feeling of her mouth flexing as she gasped around my hard cock. She mewed a plea as I pushed back in deeper, and that desperate cry pushed me over the edge. I pounded into her, deep then almost out, then deep again as my body was rocked with the orgasm. I pinned her head even tighter between my hands and my cum streamed out into her mouth and gagging throat.

Damn, that felt good. The euphoria still rode high in me and my hands held her fast to my crotch as the force of my orgasm subsided, my cockhead still between her lips. My racing heart slowed and gradually my mind drifted back into focus and as it did, my anger returned. I pulled my cock free of her mouth and, holding her by the hair, dragged her onto the end of the bed. She cried out as I pulled her across the room, shuffling along to keep up with me until she was slumped forwards over the side of the bed. With my free hand I pulled up the hem of her short black dress. Angry though I was, I was still stirred by the sight of her sexy little ass framed by the red and black lace thong and suspenders and the stockings she wore. My still half hard cock began to swell harder. Damn, this was going to be fun.

Fumbling behind me, I reached for the clothes I had stripped out of earlier and pulled my belt free. I doubled it in my hand then swung it with all my angry might at her rounded backside. The crack of leather striking flesh was sudden and loud. She shrieked in pain and her hands flew back to protect herself. I swung again but her hands got in the way. I grabbed her wrists and pinned them together in my big hand at the small of her back, resting my weight there on one arm as I swung my belt again at my unprotected target.

The belt landed with another satisfying crack on the rounded flawless skin. Again she shrieked at the shock of pain it produced and her body jerked. She tried to pull free but my full weight and anger pinned her more effectively than any chains could. I lashed down at her ass and thighs with blow after blow from the belt. The pale flesh turned a livid red under my onslaught. She shrieked and squealed and moaned as I flailed at her. Her body writhed under me, desperate to escape the pain I was causing. Her legs kicked and danced ineffectually below her, doing little other than occasionally exposing previously unmarked sensitive flesh to the fierce stinging pain of the belt. I had an angry rhythm going and nothing that she did could break it or the red mist of anger that coursed through me and the satisfaction of each clean hard slap of the leather on skin. Making her pay, making the bitch pay.

By the time my arm began to grow tired I must have swung dozens of times. Her flesh was more purple than red and her shrieks and squeals had morphed into groans and moans. Panting, I dropped the belt and ran the tip of it across the scorching flesh. I was rock hard. The pleasure of lashing her, the squeals and moans she made, her writhing body and my total dominance combined as a heady mix.

I let the belt slip from my hand and reached down and ripped the lacey thong off her.

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