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James is subjected to an enema.

"Um. Yeah, great. Why?"

"You've just been...dressing different lately and some people..."

"Well, some people can kiss my ass." I took my coffee with me as I left the break room. What the hell!? I had changed the bra I wore and it was the gossip of the fucking week! It made me angry that I had been blackmailed into this and now it was being judged as one of MY decisions.

I had to pee.

In the bathroom, I relaxed my muscles to urinate and felt the ball shift. I tensed my muscles and tried to figure out a way to pee while keeping the ball nuzzled where it belonged. No dice. I finally relaxed and let the ball fall out into my hand, peeing on myself as I did it.

When I was all cleaned up, I left my pants down and slapped my left cheek with the ruler. It stung, but I knew if my skin didn't look like it had hurt, this jerk wouldn't believe me and all of this would be for nothing, Matt would have the videos. I brought the ruler down on my skin again and it burned. Determined, I quickly gave myself three more whacks as hard as I could, pretending I was punishing someone else.

My skin was sore, but I quickly did the other cheek and got my phone to take a picture. Ass selfies in a public bathroom are difficult, by the way.

When the picture was sent, I washed the ball and went back into the stall to re-insert it. The weight of the ball was making it harder to hold in place, but I made it back to my desk.

About an hour later, I got a text:

"Shelly" - do your nipples and your clit for fifteen minutes.

I didn't have time for this shit! Dammit.

"E-Phone" -Yes, Sir.

When I left the bathroom, my nipples were burning and standing at attention and my clit was throbbing delightfully with the pressure and a little pain from being sore. The ball felt heavy.

At my desk, Mr. Starr came into my cubicle and asked where a contract was he had been waiting on. I explained to him that I was having trouble with the file and IT hadn't shown up to help me.

"Well, let me at it." He gestured for me to get up. I stood behind him as he clicked around on my computer.

It seemed like Mr. Starr was taking forever. I squeezed as hard as I could to keep the ball in place, but that put pressure on the clit clamp and made it sting a bit. Time was clicking by and it had been fifteen minutes already. My nipples felt like they would fall off.

"There we go, just a few more... Yup, you can print it now." Mr. Starr smiled up at me with self-satisfaction. "I need in five. Thanks, Shelly." He patted my shoulder and headed for his office.

I looked toward the bathroom. I could do this quickly. I grabbed the ruler and walked quickly. I could feel the ball slipping down a bit. It edged out just enough that when I squeezed I actually pushed it out. It fell down the leg of my slacks and rolled across the bathroom floor just as I walked in the door. I chased it down and went into a stall.

The rubber bands came off and my nipples lit on fire as the blood rushed back to their sore selves. I washed the ball and re-inserted it. I made sure I did 5 slaps on each cheek with the ruler and sent the horny bastard a picture. Only then did I realize I hadn't taken off the clit clamp. I removed it and relaxed a little as the blood rushed back and I eased into the pain.

I relaxed too much and the ball fell out again. SHIT! My ass felt hot and it was stinging.

Five more on each side and another photo. I had to get this fucking contract printed!

I rushed back to my desk, checked my spelling and sent the contract to the printer. I made it to Mr. Starr's office Just as he was stepping out to leave.

Thank you, Shelly! Always so prompt." He smiled and dashed for the elevator. But stopped to turn around, "You okay, Shelly? You look a little flushed."

"Yeah, never better. Just rushing to get that done for you." I smiled and headed for my cubicle. There were small, minute changes happening here and it seemed as if everyone was noticing.

The ball was feeling weighty, so I ret

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