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Peppered with humor, Susan writes about her passion for cars.

"Please babe, I know I've been a jerk. And that you should kick my sorry ass right now for hurting you; but I love you and I can't live without you. Please forgive me." Randy was saying.

"Well, I don't know Randy; it's been two months and what happened that night-" Aaron was saying when Randy cut across him.

"What is Daniel Damien doing here?"

"What?" Aaron turned to look at me while I hastily turned to look the other side. "Asshole!" I muttered.

"Hell yeah, I can forgive you! We've been best friends for a decade! Come let's dance!" I noticed the sudden change in tone and the hint of mockery. At this point I wanted to walk to him and punch his snooty nose for doing this. However, I went to the bar and got myself a large beer. I turned to look at the dance floor and my insides went on fire. Randy was all over Aaron. He had pulled the latter in a close hug and was playing with Aaron's butt; while Aaron's arms were around him. Aaron was flirting with him and Randy seemed to be getting turned on by the second. I took the beer and downed it in one go; and growled at the horrified bartender. "Another!"

I was halfway through the third glass and seething with rage. Now the seductive dance had become platonic with the music having turned into a soft intimate one. Aaron was pushing his butt into Randy's crotch; while Randy was lustily grinding. And then it happened. Randy flung Aaron around and pulled him for a deep mouth kiss. I lost it at that point- the fucker's tongue in my lover's mouth. Oh I could tear that tongue from his mouth. I downed the beer and stomped across the room towards the duo. I didn't care who I bumped into. I didn't care who I pushed aside. I didn't know who was abusing me. All I knew and saw was Aaron ahead. I reached them and with one swift movement grabbed Randy's arm and threw him away. He fell back, sliding the entire way to the bar and finally colliding with it. I flung Aaron around as he fell in my arms looking straight at me. I looked into the light glittering in those brilliant blue eyes.

"Aaron Gellar, I love you and I cannot live without you."

AT that Aaron's eyes lit up and sparkled like the brightest stars in the universe; a wide smile spread on his face and our lips met to celebrate the moment. A deafening applaud emanated from the crowd around us as I pulled Aaron closer. This felt right. This felt perfect. Nothing could go wrong now.


Evan's Story IX


Stefan and I looked at the light from the cabin falling onto the dark ground. The Mysticus woods were eerie and silent except the occasional hooting of an owl or the sound of snapping of twigs and rustling of leaves as some being made its nightly prowl. I had been shocked when Rebecca had told Sean's location. It was our family cabin in the woods- the one where Dan had made Ruth stay. The cabin should have been deserted but the light inside told us that the abductor was holding the abducted captive inside.

If this were a vampire (the chances of which were enormous) then we had to tread carefully and launch an immediate attack to take him/them off guard. We had no idea how many would be there inside. We had no idea in what condition was Sean himself. As time passed, I felt panic rise in me. I couldn't just stand there and wait for anything untoward to happen. Stefan, beside me, was getting edgy by the second.

"Let's just rush in! What the hell are we waiting for?" He whispered furiously.

"We need to be careful. Don't forget they have Sean as captive. And we have no estimate of their defenses." I chided.

"But we can't wait here forever!" He fought back.

"I know that. But we can't just run in there!" I retorted.

"Go to hell!" Stefan thundered and ran towards the door.

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