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The hot union of a father and the daughter he never knew.

"Sujitha will be leaving soon and you can never see what you want."

"Aunt Prema," Sujitha wasn't amused this time around. "What do you mean?"

"Well, you did tell me that you wanted to give him a show," Prema winked at her. "Show at once; he wants to leave."

Sujitha burst into laughter and rushed into her room. Ruban felt incredibly embarrassed and decided to leave the place. As he was about to walk away, Prema's right hand stretched and held him by his left wrist.

"I can't let you go like this," Prema spoke as she walked towards him. "You are free to feel me. May be a hug; a kiss on the cheek or even one on my lips. You are a good boy and you won't get worse. You always wanted to see me but never asked."

"But...I am...," Ruban stammered. "Sujitha chechi is at home."

"Oh! Now I know," Prema said with a giggle. "You want to touch a body younger than mine. Isn't it? But, you always ogled me whenever you saw me at the backyard. Didn't you?"

Ruban lowered his head and didn't answer. He looked up hearing to some gentle jerking noise and his eyes widened at once. Prema was slowly unbuttoning her blouse. Her milk white bra was straining with her large breasts bulging out. Her stomach looked rather big but still sexy. Her hands disrobed her petticoat and let it fall on her feet in a heap.

"Come on," She hushed at him resting her hands on her hips.

Ruban felt awed by the situation and his young dick began swelling inside his brief. His shyness got blown in the wind and his eyes gazed Prema who stood in her panties and bra.

"Want to see more?" Prema whispered. Ruban's head nodded involuntarily.

Prema quickly undid her bra hooks revealing her enormous breasts. She followed it up by sliding her lacey panties through her shining strong thighs. Ruban's dick throbbed severely against his brief as he watched her pussy with a gentle lush of hair.

"Let us make this night a memorable one," Prema said with an inviting smile. "Get yourselves free."

Ruban stood stunned watching a naked body of a woman for the first time in his life. He wasn't listening to what she had just instructed and kept gazing her breasts. Prema quickly realized the young man's unprecedented excitement, walking towards him and made him lean against the wall. Ruban felt her breath on him as she touched his bulging crotch sending an electric current through his spine. She winked at him and let her right hand reach to his zipper. With a quick jerk, she pulled down the zip and pushed it down. She reached inside his brief and pulled out his dick from the brief.

Prema held him by his shoulders and pulled him towards her body. Ruban shivered feeling her naked flesh pressing against him in the embrace. His hands hesitantly reached around her and tightened the embrace to feel her cushy breasts pressing against his chest. Prema wasn't less excited either as she gasped feeling the young man's strong thighs brushing against hers. She felt a tingle on her pussy feeling his enlarged dick.

"Prema...Prema chechi," He murmured into her ears.

He sounded like music in her ears as Prema planted a soft kiss on his lips. Ruban closed his eyes in thrill and soon realized that her tongue had popped out to intrude inside his mouth. His hands searched all over her silky body before clutching her ass cheeks. She responded at once by pulling him harder and his hands dared to squeeze her ass cheeks with more strength.

"Ruban," Prema whispered. "Take whatever you want."

Ruban pounced on her with both hands and cupped her naked breasts. Prema's head jerked back and he began squeezing her struggling to hold the whole of them in his hands. Prema gasped again feeling her hard nipples getting grazed by his youthful palms.

"Do it harder," She prompted him. "I don't mind some pain."

Ruban couldn't believe his ears.

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