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The commitment is sealed.


"That's usin' your noodle kid," one of the onlookers approved. "Now yer getting' the idea."

I obeyed, lifting my legs and spreading them so wide they were nearly a straight line from foot to hips to other foot. It was like doing "the splits" in dance class, except I was lying instead of sitting on the floor. I began to whimper in ignominy knowing that I was giving this chunky loser from my high school, not to mention the rest of the audience, a close up view of my bottom bud and my mons.

"She must really be enjoying your spanking, Lumpy," a voice called out, "look how wet she is."

"Damn, you're right," Lumpy said, "she must really be into me."

This brought a chuckle from the assembled audience, but Lumpy did not seem to realize they were chuckling at him, and he began to knead my breast with his fingers.

SWAT! He brought the paddle down hard on my right buttock. I jerked as the pain took my breath away for a second.

"Arrgh! ... [huh] ... Thank you, Lumpy," I said gasping. "That was another good one. May I please have another?"

"Not so fast," said another voice, "you can't repeat the same compliment. It has to be different each time."

"Oh ... uh ... in that case," I searched for words, "uh ... that swat was exquisite, Lumpy. I fancy another if you please."

SWAT! The opposite bun this time, but otherwise a repeat. I jerked again.

"Errgh! Ow! ... [gasp] ... thank you, Lumpy," I paused trying to think of another way of complimenting a blow from a paddle. "Um ... that was ... um ... very stingy."

This brought more chuckles and this time I knew it was me that was being laughed at. I also realized that despite my horror at debasing myself over the lap of this nerd, I was getting powerfully aroused.

SWACK! This time the hit the lowest part of me between my wide spread legs. Another half-inch lower and it would have been a spank on the pubes instead of the butt. It stung horribly and tears came to my eyes.

"Ooowwwuhh!" I called out as I began to twist involuntarily on his lap.

"Hey," a voice suddenly spoke, "she's supposed to show the boy how much she enjoys it, not just compliment him, remember?"

"That's right," said the voice of authority. "Alright, miss, you've still got your penalty swat coming for covering up. Now let's see you demonstrate your appreciation of the young man's paddling you."

Tears rolled down my face, whether from pain or mortification would be hard to say. As Lumpy began again to roll my left nipple between his thumb and finger, I tried to think of something that would "show" I wanted the paddling.

It actually wasn't as hard to come up with something as it would have been before this evening began or, for that matter, before this paddling began. My own arousal — the sea of erotic humiliation I was immersed in — gave me inspiration. I thought of Pam bending and grasping her ankles during the intensity-stop and of Jane arching her back as she was switched right here. The memories brought a new gush to my biff.

Keeping my hands on the floor, I brought my legs down and together again. I then planted my feet and straightened my knees. The effect was to thrust my bottom up off Lumpy's lap and closer to his face. This put me in a kind of jack-knife position, with my weight on my hands and feet. Then I spread my feet again. Finally, I arched my back which rolled up my bottom and pubis as if I was offering them to one and all to partake of as they wished.

This brought surprised gasps of approval from the encircling dominants.

"This has been a wonderful paddling, Lumpy," I said. My voice was breathy, but more from arousal now than pain. "Exactly the way I fancy it. Now, please give me one more, hard, right on my naughty naked bum."

More and louder expressions of surprise were elicited by my request, but I had no time to reflect on this.

SMACK! He brought the paddle down hard in the middle of my bum. My head jerked up and my hips jerked down to slam into his lap.

"Oooouuuggghhh!" I cried.

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