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Carl is exposed to the full family dynamic.

My dreams are beginning to come true and my cock was excited.

To hide my hard on wasn't possible as she stared right at me and her eyes floating to my cock. It was bulging and now pumping and she was giggling. How about me joining you for a while? Great I said and saw her leg raise and hoist her body right next to my lounge. With me lying down she landed close to me and I saw her pussy with some neatly trimmed hair. I could smell a faint delicate perfume from her that tantalized me to no end. Sarah said would you like to have me give you a massage? This woman was coming on hot and heavy and no time to turn her down.

She sat on my thighs and placed her hand around the shaft of my cock. Oh God I said with pleasure. This was the first time I had a woman's hand on it for a long time. Her pussy was looking a bit moist but not dripping juice as I could get a good view when she straddled my thighs. Sweat came as I watched her pussy lips like they were asking me for my stiff cock.

As the few drips of clear cum oozed out she swirled her fingers smearing the lubricating juice around the ring of my cock head knob. This set me in intense body motions trying not to cum but enjoying this pleasure as it is one of a kind. She was wet I could see moisture descending her inner lips and wetting her pussy to a glistening cave of delight.

With two hands on my cock she moved her body from my thighs and steered my dripping cock slowly into her pussy. With each thrust it penetrated a bit deeper. Her pussy was tight but moist and it slid in to the end. Her head arched back and a delightful moan escaped her lips. I was squirming and trying to prolong the glory. She in rhythm leaned forward waving her beautiful breasts close to my face.

The pulsing rhythm sent shivers down both of us. The ejaculate was finding its way to her vagina. Her two fingers were messaging her clitoris and she and I were squirming while little moans escaped both of our mouths. I was cumming and there was no stopping it as I pumped her pussy full of cum till I could see the white juice dripping down the sides of my cock. I continued pumping myself empty but the juice from Sarah's pussy gushed past my cock and she had an orgasm, whipping her head and shoulders back and forth with her breasts swaying in front of my face kept my cock hard.

The two cushions we used as floaters in the pool now were placed side by side and the Velcro made them into a very firm double mattress. Sara reached over the divider fence and brought her terry cloth beach coat. I put my coat on too. We snuggled together and explored each others body. The beach coats gave us just enough privacy but were open enough to smooch each others breasts and her pussy. She loved to lick and kiss her way from my toes up my inner thighs right to my balls and she sucked them one at a time. My cock was hardening up again. Even harder than I ever saw it. Precum oozed from the slit like a clear drop of nectar. Sarah was a giggler and a moaner with sexual talk or activity. She was also becoming a very close and intimate part of my life.

I think I was falling in love with her but this didn't make sense to me, but that kind of spark that tells you to go for her and love her not only with fucking but with your whole self. We both giggled when we looked at each others sex both of us were dripping wet. She slipped her fingers into her cunt and then she placed them in my mouth. This sweet juice did something to me in my head and my cock pumped harder and harder again. I let some of the clear precum gather between my fingers and let then move to her lips. She closed her eyes and she was two fingers in her cunt and her hand held mine so my fingers rubbed her clit.

The evening remained hot till two am.

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