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Jasmine finds herself a new direction.

"You weren't born a vampire?" I whispered to him. I placed my head on his chest and listened for a heartbeat that I knew would not be there.

"No." He seemed to be thinking. Then he continued, "I was born human—at least, that is what they tell me."

"Who?" I murmured into the dark fabric of his shirt.

"z'vy," he said. I heard him scratch something down on paper behind my back. He slid the pad between us so I could see.

z'vy: elder

"You would say zova."

"Elder?" I questioned.

"The Elders. They raised me from a certain point in my life onwards; they are the reason I am what I am now."

"They turned you into a vampire?" I thought it was funny how it was so easy for me to say the word.

He shook his head. "Would you truly like to hear my story?"

"Yes, please, Tian." I couldn't help but feel like I was settling down for story-time. I rested my head on his cold chest again.

"When I was born, the Tokugawa Period was coming to an end in Japan."

I held my breath. I knew my history. That was—

"Tokugawa Yoshinobu ended the dynasty in 1868. I was four years old."

I had to interrupt. "But what I saw… you were born in a hospital. A modern hospital."

He thought for a moment. "I have no answers as to why you see what you see—though I am sure it is crucial. Shall I continue?"

I nodded against him.

"Orphaned children—boys, I should correct—were valuable then. From the time I was a newborn, I believe, I was brought up under the ruling Yakuza family. I was trained as a baka—an assassin. Though that title then was much different than it is now. They told me that my skill was unprecedented. I rose steadily through the ranks and, by the time I was seventeen, I was the youngest wakagashira: the underboss to the oyabun, or kumicho, who was the head of our family. And we really were a family—though my concept of family was never really a certain thing.

"1889, I was twenty-five. I was to take out a member of an opposing gang who had been trafficking in our territory. I had thought it was unnecessary, but my oyabun said it must be done. You did not question him. I'd watched my target for days; watching his patterns. I had planned to make it obvious—a statement—as I'd been told to do. I entered his room at dawn and, while I was used to the dark, found that it was completely black. There was no light in the room at all.

"I moved to the left quietly, stepping around objects that I'd memorized from watching him during daylight. I made it to the left side of his mattress, and I pushed back the curtain on the window that I knew was there. The tiny sliver of moonlight that managed to get through was enough to see him—or what was left of him—on the mattress. I decided to leave by window, but I had… unexpected company.

"Fighting and defeating a vampyr is essentially impossible for a human. And, while I tried, my swords could not penetrate the vampyr's skin. She had me by my neck, suspended mid-air, as I slashed uselessly at her impenetrable skin. Being what I was already, an assassin, she thought I was worthy to become a creature of the night. She thought I would be able to help her.

"The pain was… something I will never forget. It was days before the venom finally made its way throughout my entire bloodstream. When I saw able to move again, disbelief took priority over all other emotions. It had taken me many, many years to become used to how we move. Everything is easy—immediate. I remained inside, or in the shadows, for years until I had perfected the act of human movement. My oyabun had long thought I was dead, and was therefore surprised when I came to him on orders from my… mother.

"She'd trained me against other vampyr assassins, finding that I was easily the most comfortable and successful in what I did.

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