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The training of Simran's mother as Josh's slave.

And just think of the money."

The door closed and the lawn was plunged back into darkness. I was still numb from the shock but now I understood it all. She wasn't having an affair, she was doing this to try and make money so we could continue to live as we had been. Strangely I was relieved. A million questions raced through my mind but I knew that I had already forgiven her and now my concern was for her safety. I couldn't go get her, as she would never be able to live with herself knowing that I knew what she had been doing, so my only option was to watch her to make sure that she was okay. Lights came on upstairs, bedrooms probably, but how to see in. The solution was simple enough, I climbed one of the trees at the back of the lawn and found a position where I could see into one of the bedrooms; as luck would have it Susan, not Kelly entered the room.

The two men that I had overheard earlier followed her in. Susan looked stunning dressed in a black bra and panties, she was also wearing stockings and suspenders, since she has worn this combo for me before I knew she would also be wearing her brown high-heeled shoes. Susan is petite at 5' 4" she has loosely curled black hair, which spilled over her shoulders and framed her ample breasts. She turned around and beckoned one of the men over, he looked about 50 slightly overweight with grey hair, he walked up to her and leaned down to kiss her neck, trailing kisses down to the tops of her breasts, he unclasped her bra and slipped it off her shoulder, he then started sucking on her nipples. This continued for a couple of minutes before Susan sat down on the bed and unzipped his fly, she unbuckled his belt and pulled his trousers down, she then pulled his boxer shorts down allowing his very hard penis to spring forth. She took the rock hard cock in her hands and stroked it for a little while before enveloping it with her lips. Susan is very good at giving a blowjob and she certainly went to town on this guy, she bobbed up and down on his cock, while all the time she continued pumping him with both her hands. Meanwhile the other guy, who looked about 30, started to undress and sidled up to the bed. Unfortunately the windows were shut so I couldn't hear what was being said, but whatever he said prompted Susan to lean back against the headboard. She younger of the two then lay down on the bed and opened my wife's legs. He immediately set about eating her pussy through her panties. Susan returned to sucking on the cock of the older one and, after a few minutes, allowed the younger one to remove her panties. They continued like this for a few minutes, when the two guys changed positions. The younger one was now going to benefit from my wife's excellent cock sucking skills. He had a much smaller cock than the first guy but that only made it easier for her to deep throat him.

I could tell from the expression on her face that the older guy was hitting the right spot with his tongue, Susan stopped sucking on the younger one's cock but continued pumping him with her left hand. With her right she grabbed the hair of the one between her legs and started to press her pussy into his face. She suddenly arched her back and let out a loud moan, which I could hear even from my perch in the trees. There followed an ironic cheer from downstairs in the house. If she was acting, then she seemed to be putting on a show worthy of an Oscar.

After a brief respite to allow her to recover, Susan knelt down on the bed, doggie style. The younger guy stood behind her and slowly guided his shaft into her. She arched her back and spread her legs a little further to allow him easier access. He started pumping her, holding onto her hips as he did so. The older guy moved closer and guided his still rock hard cock into her mouth.

I sat transfixed in the branches of the tree watching my gorgeous wife being spit-roasted by these two strangers, it was like watching a movie and I was acutely aware of my own hard on.

The two guys eventually go

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