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Yayoi and I role-play our way around Denmark.

All the time I had continued escorting to pay my bills and my now expensive tastes for clothes, shoes and socialising as a gorgeous woman, my best friend helped me a lot as we were of the same build but she was a stunning big breasted blonde and I was slightly less busty and with long dark hair just past my shoulders with the tips brushing my breasts, standing around 5 feet 9 out of my heels with a slim waist and a full butt I always drew attention.

Managing to get into a size 10 had been a lifelong dream and since my surgery I was now able to wear clothing I had lusted after as a transvestite, slinky short dresses to show off my 32 inch legs and figure hugging mini dresses for sexy nights out and in with clients or lucky guys.

One morning I awoke to the sound of my flat mate having wild sex with her over night client and not able to stay in my room and have to listen to it I decided to chuck on my jeans and a nice warm jumper and head to the caf__ with my laptop, slipping out of the flat and down the street I couldn't wait for the first coffee of the day.

Stepping in and finding my favourite sofa free I made myself comfortable and one of the waiters brought over my regular order of a large latte and left me in peace to wake up a little, popping open my laptop and logging into my work account I saw I had 3 emails, 2 from regulars and one from a new guy I had not spoken to before.

Opening the email up it said he was a professional mid 40's guy looking for a new experience with a beautiful trans girl so thinking it was the normal kind of mail I get I sent my cut and paste reply with my phone number so he could call before booking and with that I went back to a popular auction site to spend more money.

As I sat relaxing my flat mate suddenly showed up with a guy and promptly dumped herself down next to me before telling me what a great fuck he was, replying yes I heard babe she got the message and shut up. He didn't stay long and as soon as he finished his coffee he said I will see you soon and got up and left.

Telling Chloe about the email I had got she agreed it was the normal kind of mail we usually received and as she checked the email address he had left she looked at me and said he has the same surname as you, looking again I noticed the initial before it was the same as my fathers and as we sat discussing the possibility that it could be him my mobile rang.

Looking first at the email then my mobile it was the same number he had left for me so answering it politely I got chatting about what he was looking for and as usual he wanted straight forward sex no strings just a fuck then leave which said to me this was not to be a first time experience for him but I decided I would meet him anyway.

Making the booking for early evening we ended our conversation and in moments he had booked me online so I could confirm his details, asking Chloe to stay in tonight I said to her I have this horrible feeling deep in my gut that its him.

As usual we spent the day shopping and enjoying the attention we always got from guys around the town but soon enough evening was upon us and as I showered and prepared myself for my client the thought that it could be my father just would not leave me, asking Chloe what should I do if it is him she simply said ride him until he cums then call him daddy.

I knew her advice would be nothing but harsh but that is why I loved her so much, Chloe had always been there for me since the first night I went out dressed and nervous, plus she had been an escort for over 5 years now and she just had this way about her that the world could not touch her unless she wanted it to and I loved her for that.

As 7pm came around I was ready for him in my best lingerie and a short but very sexy black dress and 5 inch stilettos which made me feel amazing every time I slid them on, its fair to say I have a huge shoe fetish and own over 50 pairs of stilettos in all colours and styles.

The door bell rang and I pleaded with Chloe to answer the door as if it was him I just couldn't face going thr

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