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Fantasy Fest for Three

...I need you to fuck me!" She almost shouted the last part.

"Right now?"

"PLEASE! I need you in me! PLEASE!" Jane begged, taking a step toward Baal.

"Okay." Baal replied, unable to hold himself back any longer, and finally pulled Jane to him. They wrapped their arms around each other as they kissed, tongues flicking into each other's mouths. With her hot body crushed next to him Baal felt himself go rock hard again. He'd wanted to fuck her for a very long time just as he had with Laura and Karen, this time though he was fully in control. And that thought made him even harder, almost as much as the feeling of the massive lumps of her tits now rubbing against his chest. Hearing her beg again would be the only thing to make it better.

So he broke their kiss and simple said "Ask again."

She smiled at him, lust in her eyes. "I want you to fuck me."

"Again." He ordered as he tore off her black top which revealed a lacy black bra, totally inadequate in size to cover her tits.

"I need you to fuck me. I need you to cum in me."

"Again!" He demanded, tugging off his own t-shirt, shoes and jeans. His large, erect cock was finally free and Jane wasted no time in wrapping her fingers around it, her soft fingers gently squeezing down on his hardness.

"I need you to fuck me. I need you to fuck my pussy. I need you to fuck my tits and I need you to fuck my arse." Jane breathed as she began rubbing up and down Baal's cock. In return he unbuttoned the top of her tight black jeans and slid a hand inside over her black panties. As expected she was still dripping wet and Jane quietly moaned as he pushed two fingers against her hole. He rubbed and pushed against her opening, causing her to whimper and moan.

Baal pulled his hand out and reached up to tear off her bra. It gave way with a quiet rip to unleash her tits. They were as perfect as Baal imagined they would be - big, firm, curvy and with erect pink nipples. He pulled her to him again, relishing the feeling of her now naked breasts against his own naked chest. They kissed again as his hands worked their way around her pert bottom and pulled her jeans down. With a couple of flicks of her legs, the jeans sailed into the corner of the dark room as their tongues played around in each other's mouths. She tasted great, a mix of sweet and spice, and was an amazing kisser.

Baal then worked his hand between their bodies and slid it around her breast, squeezing hard on the ripe flesh. This caused Jane to squeal and she finally broke they kiss, briefly tossing her head back.

"Please! Fuck me now!" She begged as she stared into his eyes, his hand still working around her tit, gently tugging at her hard nipple.

"I said okay." Baal replied with a laugh as Jane pulled back from their embrace, taking a step toward the altar as she eagerly pulled her panties down and then off. Between her legs sat a small, trimmed patch of light brown hair, rather obviously different in colour to the dark and obviously dyed, red locks on her head. Baal didn't care though, it was the wet opening under the hair he was interested in.

Jane tossed her panties to one side and Baal happily stared at her body, totally naked except for her black ankle boots. She was gorgeous and clearly very aroused, he may have had to wait for this moment but he knew it was going to be worth it.

He stepped toward her and pulled their bodies together again, her arms wrapping around his back. He immediately bent down and began sucking on one of her erect nipples whilst he grasped her other breast in his hand. Jane's tits were so big he could only just cover them and he delighted in giving the soft, spongy flesh several hard squeezes. Jane responded with several deep moans before she reached down and grasped Baal's hard cock.

The feeling of her purple nailed fingers encircling his cock again was too much for Baal, he needed to be in her.

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