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Nicole dominates him for the first time.

"And you look like a make porn star sporting this huge dick," Maggie replied.

Maggie took the young man's erection in her mouth. Her left hand stroked his shaft as her right fondled his large testicals. Jake moaned in pleasure as his lover provided him with oral sex.

"Lay back on the bed." Maggie demanded. Jake complied and Maggie crawled in bed with him.

"I want to have sex with you this morning." Maggie whispered, "But I'm afraid I'm going to have to be pretty excited to get that big thing inside me."

"I have some lube in the drawer we can use." Jake explained.

"Yes dear, but I thought some more natural fluid would be preferable. I'd like you to give me some oral sex," Maggie asked.

"Yes! Oh my God! I'd love to eat your pussy!" Jake exclaimed.

Maggie straddled her lover's head and lowered her still panty clad ass onto his face. Jake's tongue found its mark as she sat on his face. Maggie reached forward and took Jack's cock in both hands as he continued licking her panty covered pussy. Jake's broken arms were still of little use as he struggled to get his lover even more undressed.

"Maggie, if I could move my arms, I'd have your panties pushed to the side and be eating your bare pussy. Would you do it for me?" Jake begged.

Maggie stood up and removed her panties and bra leaving only her stockings and garter belt. She again lowered herself on Jake's face where his tongue slide up her pussy to her clit. She leaned forward and again took his large penis in her mouth. Jake's tongue felt like heaven along her pussy and before she realized she was pressing herself into his face as she was having an orgasm. As the wave of pleasure subsidied, Maggie collapsed onto Jake's bed.

"Oh my that was amazing Jake!" Maggie moaned. Her cheeks flush with horny warmth.

"I loved it Maggie." Jake said as he rose to his feet - his still hard cock jutting into space at a 45 degree angle from his toned body. "What should we do now?"

"Will you fuck me?" Maggie ask as she rolled onto her back.

"Oh my God, YES!" Jake cried as she spread her stocking covered legs in front of him. Jake bowed at the waist and kissed her wet pussy again.

"Ok Maggie, I'm not sure how we do this because I can't support any weight on my arms." Jake explained.

"Lay back down and I'll get on top of you." Maggie suggested.

Jake laid down on his back. His throbbing erection pointed to the ceiling as Maggie climbed on top. She slowly, gently guided the pink head of his penis into her vagina.

"Oh yes," Jake moaned. "You feel so wet."

Maggie slowly inserted the first two inches. Then the third. She hesitated and breathed deep.

"Wow Jake, it's a lot thicker than I'm used to. You are already stretching me out." Maggie whimpered as she continued sliding down his shaft. Once she had taken about two-thirds of the large penis inside her she stopped to steady herself and get used to the new feeling.

"Oh it feels so big." She laughed. She leaned forward so Jake could suck her breast as she slowly moved up and down the young man's penis.

"Oh Jake! You're huge!" Maggie moaned.

Jake took Maggie's right breast in his mouth. Her nipple got even harder with the sensation. Soon she was on the verge of another orgasm as she slowly glided herself back and forth on his enormous cock.

"Fuck!" She cried. "Oh fuck!"

She trembled as her orgasm rolled through he body. Jake sensed it and sucked even harder on her breasts. Soon she cried in pleasure that she hadn't previously experienced.

"Wow, that didn't take long," she laughed as she came back to her senses. "Was it good for you honey?"

"Awesome Maggie!" Jake replied.

"You didn't really react in a big way. I wasn't sure," Maggie explained still sitting on top of Jake.

"Well I didn't really finish yet." Jake blushed.

"Oh, oh my gosh," Maggie studdered.

"I loved it, but that position isn't the most conducive for climax for me." Jake explained.

"Oh? Well what is?" Maggie asked.

"Maybe doggie style?" Jake suggested.

Maggie stood up and helped the young man to his feet.

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