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The Moon - 3755 C.E.: Brigadier Svenssen reviews security.

In a heartbeat, I got my pants down past the knees, still not breaking our kiss. The rigid beam of my cock stood out into the night air, swaying with my movement. She unwrapped me from my shirt, collar first, dragging the open shirt-front up with it until she eased her hands to each side, revealing my shoulders and replacing the cloth with her quiet, caressing palms. I shook one arm free of a sleeve. She caught the cuff on the other side and tugged the rest down. Then she drew back, lips still parted, eyes opening to speak into mine.

Entangle us forever, they said. With a lick of her lips, she dropped backward to the ground, spreading herself upon the blanket there and calling me with those eyes. Be with me.

I took about half a second riding myself of boots and socks and kicking the last shred of clothing loose from around my ankles. Then I settled in over her, the raised round summits of her knees to either side of me, the smooth pillow of her belly gracing against mine, the perfect touch of her hands and arms rising to coax me closer. One found its way to the back of my neck, nestled there, urged my head lower, and lower, until she could put her lips to my ear and whisper.

"Make a child inside me."

It should have been even scarier than ghosts and necromancers, but instead, that plea jabbed my dick straight out harder than it's ever been. Her other hand circled around and down past my hip to guide me with gentle, sure fingers. Their lovely clasp brought me in where wet, gracious folds could meet the domed end of my erection in a flower-petal kiss.

I pushed in and down.

"oh ..." she breathed. "Oh, my Simon ..."

Each sliding inch of penetration filled my soul with awareness and certainty: this beautiful person wanted me for her mate.



Her eyes had closed, and her mouth curled with a smile of utter peace and pleasure.

And just before I could lower mine to meet it, another voice intruded, jarring even at a whisper.

"Pay me as little mind as you can," said Yilma Greenwarden. "I just need to get into position here to work the fertility magic."

Leyna reopened her eyes with a giggle as the hindaur knelt just beyond her head, doe legs folding under furry forelocks.

"We just can't seem to do anything simply, can we, Simon?"

I shrugged. "Actually ... everything feels very simple to me right now."

With a smile, she said, "Well, that's all right then. Let us know when you're ready for us to start fucking, Yilma."

A hand came down holding a flower - something exotic with a vivid purple blossom and high, golden stamens covered in pollen.

"Breathe of this," the wood wizard said.

I shut my mouth and inhaled through my nose as Leyna did the same. Motes of shimmering golddust spread out from the bloom. Curiously, there was almost no smell. When the pollen settled, it left my marvelous woman's face sparkling in glitter.

The flower withdrew.

"It is done," said Yilma. "Now, we just need the jewel."

"Uh ..." Having not yet made even a single stroke, I didn't care for the idea of introducing a concentrated receptacle of necromancy already - to say nothing of alerting Necromanata before we had to. "... don't we want to sort of ... get close to the end first?"

She shook her head, swaying the glowing star in her antlers so that its light danced across us. "This is about the amplification and resonance of life energy. A crystal already vibrating will shatter at a lesser blow than one at rest."

"Yeah," I said glumly. "I suppose that makes sense."

Leyna squeezed me and raised an eyebrow. "What's wrong? Don't you trust me to make you forget all about it once we start up here?"

"I suppose that makes even more sense," I admitted. Resting full-length inside her, my hard-on tightened staunchly in agreement ... although the sound of Dwinvara's footsteps drawing near kept me uneasy. They reached my side, where I could almost feel the woman's presence. But I certainly didn't turn my head to look.

Beneath me, though, Leyna smil

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