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A little closer to mom and a lot closer to the neighbours.

He gave me a big smile and said that he felt great. I certainly couldn't complain. The temperature on the deck was close to 80 degrees according to the big round thermometer hanging on the fence. In fact, I was beginning to sweat a little. Rick unbuttoned his shirt to reveal a trim upper body with little extra weight on it. What really turned me on was the gold ring that he had through his pierced right nipple. Looking at that little gold ring running through his right brown button went right to my crotch. I was becoming aroused.

"You must be really hot in that long sleeve shirt. Come on, take it off. It's like summer up here."

As he said that, he kicked off his shoes and unbuttoned his pants. Within seconds, his pants were off, revealing his muscular legs. He was wearing a pair of very scanty, almost see-thru, bikini briefs, that emphasized his manhood. There was no question that his size was directly related to his degree of stimulation. It looked like it was half-hard pushing against the thin fabric, creating a swelling bulge. I knew the feeling well. I was pretty much in the same state. I took my shirt off and then, because it would look rather dumb with one of us half-dressed and the other undressed, I took off my shoes and slipped off my pants. For a man my age, I'm pretty trim. Ithing I look about 40 and I feel like I'm 30.

I was in the same state of arousal that Rick was. My cock was half-hard on its way to complete fullness. I was wearing my usual string bikini. If I were wearing jeans, I wouldn't have had any underwear on at all. I really enjoy going "commando". There we were, lying in the sun like two guys at the beach. I was very relaxed and at ease. Rick noticed that I didn't have any hair on my chest and commented. I told him that for the most part I found body hair unnecessary so I shaved my chest. This bit of knowledge about me brought a big smile to his face. He was curious. What about........?

I've never discussed this with anybody face to face before although I've told this story on chat boards on the net. It was back in 1973 when my wife and I went to California. One night in San Francisco, we went out to see one of the best double bills in porno history: Deep Throat and The Devil In Miss Jones. Linda Lovelace was completely shaved in Deep Throat. In The Devil, Georgina Spelvin was well-trimmed and several of her co-stars were completely shaved. By the time we got back to the hotel we were ready to fuck in the elevator. We made it back to our room, where we sucked and fucked and sucked. Some time in the middle of the night, my wife commented how hot the bald look was and if I wanted to shave her, now was the right time. I didn't need to be asked twice.

We hopped into the shower and I soaped her up. As she leaned back against the shower wall with her legs spread, I shaved her cunt until there wasn't a hair on it. She was completely hot. She has one of those vaginas that's an "outy" like a belly button. Her outer labia are always hanging out and her clit hood is always visible. She was so wet from the excitement she was dripping. We were about to rinse off when she said that what's good for the goose was good for the gander, too. Whatever she wanted was my reply. She lathered me up, pushed me back, and shaved all my pubes off. She worked on my scrotum like a surgeon. In a matter of minutes, something I had for 25 years was gone, and little did I know then, never to return.

The answer to Rick's unspoken question was only inches and seconds way.

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