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A fateful encounter releases a family's true feelings.

As much as I was discovering that I was actually enjoying the new naughtiness with my boy you must remember that I was resolutely single, and had been for many years. Being one half of a sex-mad couple was new to me - almost as new as it was to my boy, come to that. I was used to being alone for long periods every day, even when my erstwhile rather taciturn son was in the house, and that morning I felt especially over-crowded by the one extra person.

I ran the bath and added some apparently 'soothing and relaxing natural bath oil', although quite how anyone thought that Sapphire and Rose Petals were relaxing (or a natural combination) was beyond me. Settling into the rather warm bath - very warm in one area - I lay back and tried to clear my mind.

There are no magic relaxation techniques for me, mainly because I can normally switch off from the tensions of a normal day with just a sigh when immersed in bubbly water, but that morning my head remained full of thoughts of son and sex. I wasn't suddenly dreaming of a whole new future and some Disney-like magic life stretching away ahead of us, and I knew that the summer would pass and he would go off to his new studies and a whole new life of his own. I wanted that for him more than anything else - but I also knew I wanted to share his body and his lusts between now and then.

For the first time, I guess, I was suddenly wondering just how much fun we could have together and what naughty adventures we could share - beyond the sheer naughtiness of the taboo relationship we had started. I was only thirty-seven which might be almost ancient to some - even, maybe, to Matthew himself - but I was in my sexual prime, and not so far ahead of my son in that respect.

I was pretty sure that Matthew wouldn't yet have a clear idea of what fantasies he might like to try out and perhaps didn't even know all of the possibilities that lay before him, despite the internet, but I had a few of my own that he might like to share... I almost shot straight out of the bath in shock when I realised that the fantasy idea had brought the heat of arousal to my belly. I couldn't help but laugh at myself. This was going to be a summer filled with fun - and a mother filled with her son.


Whilst neither my bath nor Matthew's shower seemed to have calmed our lustful nerves, we both felt refreshed - and hungry. I started to make us both a late breakfast and was delighted - and not a little amazed - when Matthew lent a hand.

"I never realised that all I needed to do to get you helping me out here was to let you fuck me," I told him.

He nearly choked on a slice of toast before bursting out laughing, "Ma!"

I shrugged and grinned, "Don't worry. It's worth it."

"That's true," he said when he'd got some control back, "What's it worth if I wash your car?"

"Now that," I giggled, "is something we can negotiate. But," I added, pushing him gently back from where he was trying to cuddle me, "not until after we finish the food!"

I had imagined during my long soak that my appetite might betray my hidden inner turmoil but to judge by the way I wolfed down the food and guzzled more coffee, nothing could be further from the truth of the matter. I put it down to the fact that I had burned more calories in the previous few hours than I had in the past few months - and believe me, although I am not one to boast, I was as fit is the proverbial clich__.

As good as his word, or at least as good as he was told to be, Matthew let me finish my food in peace and even displayed his own heightened appetite by adding a second helping of everything to his already teenage-sized portion.

By the time we had finished and washed up - something I managed to persuade Matthew to help me with despite the fact that we were both now dressed (him in his trademark shorts and t-short and me in a pale blue, rather short, summer dress and panties) - my mood was light to the point of playful.

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