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Sometimes lending may get you interest in return.

"You are quite a looker. I would like to suggest that to pass the time, we enjoy some passionate kissing."

Floin gazed at his bathmate incredulously before responding. "I do not know you. Why would I want to do such a thing?" He did not think himself as attracted to other men. He enjoyed flirting with the women of the village who obviously admired his good form. Erwynn responded almost in alarm.

"Oh, I did not mean any offense. I meant the suggestion as a sort of friendly peace offering and a way that we could help boost each others' powers before the start of classes. Believe me I have been betrothed to a woman novice from a family of good priestly bearing and we look forward to all the passionate intimacies of fervent connubial bliss. But we novices of the dormitory often enjoy intimacies with each other to help develop the magic that applies to pursuits of the flesh." Erwynn sensed that his bathing partner was still uncomfortable with the suggestive circumstance. "Well, if nothing else, perhaps you would like to hear the tale of how it was that I came to enjoy passionate kissing with other young men?"

Floin sort of shrugged his shoulders signaling a false indifference. In truth, like most men of his age, he was always curious to learn of the exploits of the flesh by others.

Erwynn beamed again with the opportunity to explain his joys. "Well among Druid folk who reach their 18th years and are betrothed to a maiden of the community usually of the same age, naturally the couple conspire to seek privacy and inspect each other in nature in privacy."

Floin nodded. "Aye, it is the same with common folk. The young couple find common free time among them and set off to the woods, where naked together, the maiden can closely familiarize herself with all the features of the horn and stones of the man she is going to mate with."

"Naturally! For all the time the two will spend with his horn plowing her furrowed yoni, she is going to want to know its character in great detail, in advance. That is exploration my betrothed enjoyed the summer before last. Now, many couples are continued in their curiosity and excitement. . ."

Floin interrupted at this point. "And the maiden beckons her betrothed to stroke his horn until he reaches climax and squirts his seed. Yes, it is the same with common folk."

"Naturally! For all the seed that will be pitched deep into her up to the womb, she is going to want to know how it looks when he is at the fever pitch of his climax, and all the character of the seed as it shoots and spews forth from the end of his horn. Now, so many of us of the same year in our community being betrothed at about the same time and learning of our similar experiences contrived to be festive in the woods. . . "

Floin again interrupted. "And at a mutually agreeable time, set off to a secret location in the forest to all disrobe so that the men could watch each other and have their maidens watch as they stroke their horns to climax and pitch their seed. No doubt competitions were invented to see which fellow could pitch his seed the furthest and which could pitch the greatest amount in any given session. No doubt the maidens were especially entertained when the fellows would stroke each others' horns. In appreciation with the excitement of the moment, they would reach between their legs and with nimble fingers fiddle themselves about their yonis to bring themselves to their squealing female climaxes. Yes, some years this has been known to happen to the young betrothed of the common villages."

Now Erwynn assumed an impish grin.

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