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Naintara's body gets owned.


She raised a hand to her breast.

Billy caught her gently by the wrist and pulled it away. "I'll do that for you," he said. "This is a time for you to learn. Receive what is given. I can show you how to do it properly."

Olivia nodded.

"Soon enough you'll be properly trained and know what to do." His skillful hands explored her body in intimate detail. Billy was infinitely patient. His fingers felt out the sensitive curve at the underside of each breast with a feather-light touch. He traced the shape of her collarbone and the the hollow of her neck. Vulnerable skin. Sensitive. He squeezed her nipples.

The reporter moaned in wordless submission.

"I've never met a woman from the outside before," Billy told her.

"Oh . . . I . . ."

"Your body is very different from the girls who grew up here. So much restraint. So little experience." He lowered his head and flicked one nipple with his tongue. Flashing a smile to her he wrapped his lips around it to suckle it for just a moment. "I promise I won't let you be controlled by the lies you've been raised with."

Olivia felt her breathing growing deeper as she slipped further into a trance. His voice was so firm and reassuring. Everything he said sounded true. It made her smile to hear the truth. Living without thought was so incredibly easy, Billy did it for her.

"You act as though you've never been touched by a man before," said Billy. He reached lower with one hand while his other hand supported her and he continued to taste her skin.

"Wait . . ."

"No, this is good," he told her. "The first time always feels strange."

Olivia tried to shake her head but Billy's fingers were insistent and she was finding herself enjoying it too much. He was far more skillful than a boy his age had any right to be. That or she was just needier than she thought.

The food.

The food really was drugged.

It had made her into as desperate of a slut as he told her she was. Resistance was pointless. She couldn't make her body stop feeling so hot. She tried to distract him and regain some control. "Not my first time . . . before . . . on the . . . on the outside . . ."

"Yes, I'm sure he have, but only ever in ways that made you be ashamed of how you felt." He began to stroke her clit in a hypnotic rhythm. "Look at everyone watching you here. Open your eyes."

She did, unsure of when she had closed them. Several people were looking at them. They could see how vulnerable she was. "I . . ."

"You're enjoying it," he said. "Even though you think you don't want to. Even though you don't believe you should submit to me." His fingers dipped slightly inside of her sex. "Accept the lust and passion that you're experiencing right now. Pleasure is a divine gift. Enjoy it."

Olivia's head wobbled noncommittally.

"This is how you're supposed to feel."

"No, you . . ."

"Yes," he cooed, "this is right and don't let anyone tell you otherwise."

"N . . ."

He held his lips just against hers then pulled away to hover a fraction of an inch away. When he inhaled it stole the air from her lungs. When he exhaled his breath washed over her like a caress. After several seconds he moved back in to kiss her properly.

Olivia melted.

In response his fingers started to fuck her in earnest. She moaned into his mouth. Billy let her go only after she was so starved for air that she began to weakly struggle.

"I know you want my manhood inside of you, that's a natural way for a woman to feel when her body is used, but that might get you pregnant. Understand? Don't worry, though, there's all kind of other things a man can do for a woman."

Trying to regain some semblance of control over herself Oliva attempted to speak but only a moan came out. Her teeth chattered. All around no one seemed interested in her plight. Here and there other women were in the arms of men. Some were locked together in coitus, others were being taken care of like her. One girl, a tanned blond of maybe twenty, seemed to be struggling to escape her lovers hands.

She knew the face.


She was so close to her goal.

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