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April continues her relationship after marriage.


I had my eyes shut, shaking my head. I murmured, "I can't believe where you're going, with this, Susan."

"Well, I thought Tommy must be jealous, too, I mean just holding onto Karla with both arms... I wanted so bad to see what Tommy had! I just dreamed about it! I kept stealing glances at his fly when he came to pick up Karla. I was trying to see some shape!"

"I'm getting a whole new image," said Stephanie respectfully. "I appreciate your being so open about this."

Susan turned and stared at her as though a traffic cop had said: Any way you want to drive is fine, miss. I would not dream of giving you a ticket.

Susan said, "Thank you, Steph. That really helps me, you know. I do care about you...

"Let me fast forward," said Susan with determination.

"Don't skip," said Sandra.

"Well, so Tommy joins a big fraternity. No names, here. No Greek letters. One of the really bad boys..." She frowned. "Actually, didn't State close that fraternity...?"

I nodded. "Out of control. I really joined only because of the ice hockey connection. I mean, you almost had to, right?"

"It gets bizarre," said Susan, with a wide smile. "So, you know, Alpha, Alpha, Alpha, or Delta, Delta, Delta, pledges agree to spin the bottle. Except, they aren't kissing. The penalty is, if you get the bottle, you donate your girlfriend to the fraternity's 'Ho House Night.'"

"Oh, my God," muttered Sandra. "I send my daughter to our state's university, and this sort of thing went on?"

"They did close us down," I said.

"Right on!" said Sandra.

"So, my best girlfriend, who is my model and my lead-except, of course, I'm Jennifer Anniston and she's...who was skinny and perfect, then?"

"Well, Jodie Foster..."

"Okay, good enough. Tommy tells her that either she goes along with this stunt, or he can't see her anymore. And she adores him!"

"You total shit!" said Stephanie incredulously, whirling to me.

I nodded.

"You did that, Tommy?" asked my mother in law.

I nodded.

"That's a side I never imagined," said Sandra coldly.

"Mom! He was a sophomore year frat guy!"

"I have never heard of such a thing," said Sandra icily. "Please go on."

"I mean, Karla is going nuts! She's saying, 'I'm not a virgin! Susan, I've fucked guys! And I can't live without Tommy! I should just do it, right?'"

"Asinine woman," declared Stephanie.

"Not helpful," said Sandra.

"So, Karla is weeping, and saying, 'I've got to lie on some bed in that frat house and maybe 30 guys come in that door! Then, what does Tommy think of me? I'm so scared, Susan!'

Susan recited pedantically: "Leave him? No, impossible. Reason with him? No impossible. I mean, today, I would refer her straight to a women's crisis center, maybe call the cops...

"So, eventually, I said, 'Let's do it together. I know that you're the designated prize, but maybe they'll let us do it together.'

"She was dubious, but I said, 'Take some pictures. Me, naked. Everything. Boobs, pussy, ass. Have Tommy show them. I bet they go for it.'

"Well, she comes and throws her arms around me, and she is weeping buckets, and she's kissing me right on the lips, kissing as though she's...

"Of course they went for it! Would they be interested in this sex bomb with boobs like blimps and the hourglass shape and this mysterious jungle of blond hair around her cunt?"

"Shit!" breathed Stephanie. "That's how you met Tommy? So romantic!"

"Yeah, all right, Stephe! You know what? I was a virgin. That's right. Never had a guy come in there. I was saving it, just like Mom did. Did I think about dick? Come on! And so, I'm thinking, oh, poor, poor Karla. My best friend! I'm sharing her martyrdom, tied down right beside her, the sisterhood of the helpless cunt! And I'm flying with my fantasies! I give up my cherry in one night to 20 State U. hockey players?"

"I wish I'd been there right beside you, Sis. The three Musketeers!"

"It was Saturday night. The fraternity guys were pledged to secrecy. I have no idea what threats were issued..."

"Oh, Jeez," I said, "you don't want to know."

"And they escort Karla and me into this nice bedr

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