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He gently but firmly held them in place with his arms, continuing to kiss her skin, so soft and warm. Just touching her with his lips was quickly becoming not enough, and he began to lick her skin too. Still Noah wanted more. He pushed her shirt up to her stomach as he kissed further up her legs. By the time he had reached her vulva, Meredith was awakening, at first slowly, then abruptly becoming fully aware when his lips touched her labia and his tongue brushed her clit.

She moaned quietly. Noah ran his tongue from her clit to her pussy, exploring at his leisure. He intended to make her to pant and whimper and moan, and he would take his time to enjoy eliciting every noise with his mouth.

With the tip of his tongue, he licked the folds and made them wet, which in turn became wetter in response. Meredith squirmed, but her legs spread further apart, as far as they could go, and he kissed the lips in thanks. Noah used more of his tongue now, licking in slow, broad strokes along the sides, although whenever he came close to clit, he avoided directly touching it. The anticipation Noah built in her to have her clit touched was important. Nothing aroused her more than having that part of her body touched, and not touching it would make her that much more aware and responsive for when he finally did. Noah liked to make her wait, no, beg for it.

And she would beg for it. Noah kissed her skin just above her clit. Soon.

Every so often, he flicked his tongue over the nub, just barely. Flick. After the first few almost-touches, Meredith moaned - again, not nearly loudly enough for him, not nearly as loudly as she was going to moan, eventually - and reached down with her hand to hold open the lips so he could lick like she wanted him to; instead, he licked her fingers, wetly, saliva and her moisture mixed together.

"Jerk," Meredith said. He could hear the smile in her voice. Impatient as she was, she loved what he did on Wednesdays, loved what he did to her.

Flick, flick, right across her clit. And then Noah kissed her labia again, from where her fingers were, down to her pussy, which was so wet now, and slowly inserted his tongue inside her. She was so wet, Noah imagined that his cock would slide into her just as easily as his tongue. He fucked her with his tongue, darting it in and out of her.

Panting, Meredith squirmed again; her fingers spread the lips further apart, so he could mouth her more easily. Her pussy seemed to try to squeeze around his tongue the way it did around his cock. Noah felt himself grow harder, remembering how tight she could be, and as he licked her, he humped the bed a little.

Pulling away was hard, but pull away he did, and he said, close to her clit so she could feel the vibrations of his voice, "I love tasting you. You're so fucking wet. I just want to keep licking - all day long if you let me." And then he flicked his tongue against her clit again. Flick, flick, flick.

Meredith clutched Noah's head with both hands, grabbing his hair. She tried to push his face closer to her, smother him maybe, but Noah held back just enough, and flicked his tongue teasingly to show he wasn't going to give in. They were light licks. He exhaled on her, his warm breath against her hot flesh, and she trembled.

"Lick me there," she said, sounding breathless.

Noah shifted to get a better look at her face. Her eyes were closed and she was breathing heavily. Watching her, his mouth close to her clit, he pushed one finger inside her pussy. It was so tight, and tightened more when Meredith gasped.

He kissed her thigh. "Lick you where, babe?" he asked. Noah began drawing his finger in and out, allowing the wet noises to fill the brief silence as Meredith moaned, a little louder this time. "Where do you want to be licked, Meredith?" When she didn't answer immediately, Noah pushed a second finger inside her. Meredith was so slippery, it made his cock throb. He kissed her thigh repeatedly as he waited, and fucked her with his fingers.

"God, you know where.

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