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The Devil's Whore: Kuwaiti girl, American man, Sex Dungeon.

Maybe she had an exhibitionist streak; maybe it was simply the ritualistic side of things, but, whatever the reason, it was clear that she was far from unwilling.

At first she sucked the tip of the vibrator, ostensibly so as to lubricate it for use, but she certainly made a meal of it, looking up coyly from under lowered eyelashes as she fellated the plastic phallus.

However, after a couple of licks, she took the vibrator from one set of lips and applied it to the other. At first she just used it to stroke up and down the outside but, with each downward movement, she pushed the tip ever nearer the actual entrance until, with one smooth movement, she slid the monster inside her.

There was a collective sigh from the ten spectators. Each one of them had, in her own way, felt every inch of the intruder. As far as Tamsin was concerned it spoke quite a bit about Fiona's level of arousal that she was able to take so much so smoothly. After all, there had hardly been enough mechanical arousal to make her so receptive. Tamsin wondered just how much was genuine or whether Fiona had grabbed the chance to use a little lube when she had gone for the vibrator.

Indeed, it was hard to tell just how much of any aspect of Fiona's 'show' was genuine. She could, of course, have been a rampant exhibitionist who got her kicks from performing like this but, more likely, she knew what was expected of her and was playing to the script. Whichever, she gave every appearance of approaching a significant orgasm, groaning and writhing as she worked the vibrator inside her when, suddenly...

"OK, you can stop now. Stop what you're doing. Now! That's better. Switch off the vibrator and hand it over."

From the look on Fiona's face, either she was a consummate actress or there hadn't been that much faked about her level or arousal. Biting her lower lip she removed the vibrator, switched it off and handed it to Felicity who was careful to hold it by the clean end and use the tips of her fingers.

"Well, ladies," she said to the assembly at large. "The big question is whether we feel that slave Fiona showed sufficient passion in her demonstration. We all know the high standards that have been set in the past; did she meet them. Is she to be allowed relief or is a punishment in order? Thumbs up or thumbs down?"

She held out her fist like a Roman emperor and extended her thumb holding it parallel to the ground. The other four Dommes did the same. There was a pause before, to nobody's surprise, all five gave thumbs down.

"Stand up and assume the position," Felicity ordered and, with a wry smile, Fiona obeyed, turning towards the fireplace, standing with her legs apart, leaning forward and grasping her ankles.

"Justina, can I be so bold as to ask to borrow slave Barbara from you for a moment or two," Felicity continued. "Thank you. Slave Barbara, go and fetch something appropriate for reminding this slave how to show passion. I leave the selection up to you but I'm sure Mistress Justina would not be pleased if you returned with something that didn't meet with our approval."

Barbara got to her feet and hurried off. Meanwhile Felicity chided Fiona over the amount of 'padding' her backside seemed to have gained. Barbara returned carrying a paddle made from twelve inches of four-inch wide leather with a wooden handle attached. Felicity told Barbara to bend over while she 'tested the suitability'. The flat leather obviously stung but was designed to make more noise than heat; even so, Felicity deemed it tolerable.

Making the most of it Felicity got up out of her armchair and went over to where Fiona was still waiting.

"I remember when you were head prefect.

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