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Reo flashed an insincere smile, trained his eyes from Tina's shoes to her forehead. "Your body looks amazing. How will it look without your clothes on?"

Tina turned off her cellphone, moved it into her school skirt pocket.

"You're weird. Can you please leave me alone?" Tina said before moving past Reo.

Reo turned, grabbed her wrist, slapped her ass.

"I can take you to the Empire State Building, honey!" the peeper said, sounding as odd as a lesbian licking a rock while dancing naked on a snow-covered meadow in West Virginia.

Tina resisted.

Reo slid his tongue along her cheek.

He had to be more repulsive than Wei was to him.

Reo had to make a girl so repulsed she would enter a stranger's car to escape.

Wei sped onto the street, brought the gray car to a stop beside Tina.

The Chinese gangster turned to Reo. He said, "Hey. If you don't want to find yourself in a ditch with your eyeballs taped to your hands, I suggest you leave this nice girl alone. Now."

Reo released Tina's wrist, stayed close to her.

"Get in. I'll get you away from this creep." Wei said to Tina.

Tina dashed to the car's passenger side, opened the door, entered the car.

When Wei drove off the street with Tina seated next near the Chinese gangster, the sunglasses on Reo's face hid his forming tears.

On the other street, Wei held the car's steering wheel as he drove.

Tina emitted a relieved sigh, shut her eyes.

"Thank you. You're Chinese, right?" Tina said, her eyes closed. "You're a good person."

Wei fought the deep urge to shake his head.

Tina believed Reo would kidnap her far more than she believed Wei would.

The truth was Reo and Wei were a team.

Neither boy was a savior.

"Where do you live?" Wei said as wind entered the car through its open driver side window. The wind rippled Wei's gray shirt.

"Same street you picked me up at." Tina said. "But that creepy guy is there."

"If I see him again, I'll hurt him." Wei said.

He parked the car behind an abandoned daycare.

The gangster turned his head to Tina, whose eyes were closed.

Wei reached into the car's backseat, pulled the blindfold and tape from a small, black plastic bag.

"Hey. What...?" Tina said when Wei put the items on his lap, the schoolgirl's eyes open.

Wei was the type of person parents warned their daughters about.

But parents' warnings didn't stop Wei from conducting the business that led to his financial success.

"It's strictly business, honey." Wei said when Tina was restrainted, locked inside the car's trunk. The girl made sounds, duct tape against her mouth. "Now, time to pick up that other Jap."

Wei found Reo walking on the sidewalk with the Chinese gangster's sunglasses in his hand.

"Get in. And I got the bitch's phone. She won't be needed it anymore." Wei said to Reo. The thug shook his head, laughed. "I had no fucking idea you would be this useful."

One hour later, the car Wei drove sat outside the Chinese boy's uncle's warehouse.

Inside the illuminated warehouse, Wei opened a tea-filled plastic bottle inside the office in the warehouse.

Reo sat in a chair in the room, his slim arms crossed, a frown on his face.

The sunglasses Wei gave him was in his pants pocket.

Wei's cap was no longer on his head. The cap sat on the table in the room.

The pants Reo had on was Wei's.

The outfit Reo donned was his kidnapping clothes.

Wei had refused to let Tina have the chance at identifying Reo as a Masato High School student.

Reo had to give the impression he was a to-be rapist who never graduated high school.

Wei had to hide the fact he was a Masato High School student too.

If Tina had managed to avoid the two boys' kidnapping plot, it would have been horrible if she identified Wei and Reo as Masato High School students to the police.

Tina, the kidnapped girl who tried learning Korean, was restrained to a chair as she kept her eyes trained on the floor.

The duct tape was still against her mouth.

Reo fiddled with his fingers.

He was not the girl restrained to a chair with two non-related teenage males in the same room with her, but Reo couldn't s

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