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Elevators can bring people close together.

"Jessica!" She shouted down to me. "Are you going to order that worthless fucking cuckold of yours to get down on his knees so Carl can put his cock in his mouth?"

I was a bit taken aback by her question, but nonetheless adhered to her demand.

"Dan, you heard the woman, pull Carl's pants down and let him fuck your mouth you worthless piece of shit." I said, David was laughing his head off as he sat beside me.

Carl already had his pants down, he must have been anxious to put his cock in Dan's mouth. I was impressed by the length of his shaft as it popped out of his trousers semi erect and ready for Dan. He didn't have a bad sized dick for a submissive cuck.

Dan knelt down and grabbed hold of Carl's dick, looking at me as he did so. His gag still forcing his mouth open for Carl.

"Well, what are you waiting for, put it in your mouth." I instructed. David put his hand on my naked pussy as I watched on and Orlene continued to jerk the guy off above the shower.

Dan watched David's hand run over my cunt as Carl put his cock in his mouth, every so often he glanced up at me to see what I was doing.

I parted my legs to allow David's fingers to explore my pussy. Then I noticed The man Orlene was wanking off start to cum.

She jerked the big dick into the shower, missing Carl and landing on Dans head as Carl pushed his cock into Dan's mouth.

"Next" Orlene demanded, dismissing the previous cummer. Another man stepped up.

Meanwhile David's fingers were working wonders on my clit as I watched my little cuck boy.

It took about five minutes for Carl's breathing to increase, he started to moan loudly as he pushed his cock into Dan's open mouth. I could tell he was about to cum in my mans mouth.

Not before another man came on him though. Carl looked up and opened his mouth at Orlene's request, as she made another man cum with her hand, tossing him into Carl's open mouth from above.

Then Carl came, holding his hand on Dans head, forcing his cum down his throat he shot his load into Dans mouth. He took his cock out and wiped it round Dans face as his orgasm subsided, then stepped out of the shower leaving Dan alone in there.

Dan was a mess, his hair was wet and matted with cum, his face dripping and his abused mouth still forced open by his gag.

He went to get out of the shower behind Carl.

"Not so fucking fast cuck boy!" Orlene took the words out of my mouth as I put my hand up to usher Dan back into the cubicle.

"I have a queue of three more men here who need somewhere to dispose of their semen, now stand there, look up at me and I'll see if I can aim their cum into your mouth."

Dan did as he was told, he stood there with his hands behind his back, his gag still forcing his dirty mouth open, looking up at Orlene as she gathered all three men around her.

Orlene stood between two guys as the third jerked off his long dick.

"Don't forget to give me some warning before you cum boys." She said as she stroked the two hard cocks either side of her. "I want us to get as much as we can in that dirty little cunts mouth, understood?" The men all nodded in unison.

"Daniel, watch your friend play with your little whore of a girlfriend's cunt until I order you to look up and take one of these loads." Orlene instructed.

I thought I'd give Dan a bid of a show as he stood there watching David play with my pussy. I pulled David's big dick out again and played with it, not taking my eyes off Dan for a second.

"I love you!" I mouthed at Dan as I stroked his friends enormous cock. I'd never said it before, but it felt right at that moment. It felt weird being that I was behaving like such a slut, but strangely fitting for our very odd relationship. Obviously Dan couldn't mouth anything back as he still had his gag on.

After a minute or so one of the guys announced that he was cumming.

"Oh yeah.

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